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General Race Information

Race: Ironman Mont-Tremblant
Location: , --
Type: Triathlon - Ironman

Comments from Club Members

1. Amy Petersen-Smith: Race Report LONG LONG LONG Scroll to the bottom if you just want the tips for the race venue This journey begin in July 2013 after an inspirational brunch and a few bloody Mary’s with the Weiderholds who convinced me to join them and a few others in Mont Tremblant for what would be my first Ironman. Of course, every other person in my life thought I was nuts, but 2014 was supposed to be a light year of travel for work so, on August 17, 2013 my bank account became a bit smaller and my nerves got a bit more jittery. Fast forward to January 2014 when the training truly started, yes I was running, biking and swimming but the Ironman specific training plan officially kicked off on January 3. I was registered for the Shamrock Half and started having some issues with my feet (chronic plantar fasciitis) so started seeing Josh and Jake at Elite. All seemed to be going well until two weeks before the Shamrock when I injured my shin. Bailed on Shamrock and started to really freak out about my ability to get trained properly to run a marathon in an Ironman. Luckily I had a coach who calmed me down and together we agreed that the goal was to finish the IM even if I had to walk the marathon so the plan was to build my endurance by having more saddle time then originally planned. Once I was able to run we started to build some volume but kept it all below two hours in a long session as we did not want to risk a re-injury So when everyone else was out running 15 miles I was riding another 4 hours after riding 6 the day before and doing a brick run. By the time I got to the peak of training I knew I was ready to finish an IM, but I was not going to be “racing” an IM. Came to terms with it and adjusted my goal for the day to spend the day enjoying the party that was being thrown for all my months of training (insert giggle). Race week Because of my work schedule we knew we would need to fly to Quebec, which worked out great. Got into town on Thursday and just spent the day getting a lay of the land and checking in. Did have a super cool opportunity to feed a deer that was more like a dog. Friday decided I needed to get in the water. I am a strong swimmer, but still have major issues with open water and continue to freak out the entire week leading up any race, and with this one being rather long I was super freakish. Since I was not seeing this as a race I figured I would not be a freak WRONG! Spent the week worrying about my swim as usually. Lac Tremblant was super clear and fairly easy to use the village to site off of, practice swim did ease me a bit, but come race day I knew having so many women in the water with me at the same time would likely bring the panic. So I planned on waiting and starting a few seconds behind everyone. Friday spent the day just preparing for getting everything to transition. The weather in MT was a bit chiller then expected and the weather called for rain up until the day before race. Adjusted plan of what to wear, what to have in special needs etc. quite a few times. On Friday njght they had fireworks and a band playing so the group hung out there for a bit. It really did feel like “my Ironman” party was finally starting ☺ They do require you to drop off your bags in advance of the race, but you can get in them on race day. Dropped everything off and finally felt like my head was in the game…was so pumped and ready to just roll, but still had one more sleep. I had put everything into a ziplock bag just in case the SN bags sat somewhere when it was raining (happy I did that for run SN as it did end up raining and some of my stuff was wet.). After dropping everything off we went back to the house ate the last supper and chilled for the night. Race morning Up at tri-o’clock (code for tossed and turned all night and still out of bed too darn early). Ate a sweet potato, mashed banana topped with a little gluten free granola and honey and a cup of coffee. Headed to the transition area to drop off bottles and pump tires. I used a tire pump that was not mine and ended up breaking my stem valve. I had mentally prepared myself that I could expect 5 tough things to happen on race day and my job was to figure out the best solution rather then having a melt down. So I considered this my first issue and grabbed the bike and went to bike tent. They quickly changed the tube, pumped the tire and off I went. Found Mike Petersen and Heather Jacobsen and waiting in a crazy line for the port o pot before going to the swim start. Walked down and decided to put on wetsuits before going to the beach start. Glad we did as it was a madhouse on the beach. Ended up losing my pals, but found my hubby who helped me calm down. They announced that it was time to get in the water. I walked down to where I thought we would be entering, based on swim practice, only to find out that it was on the other side of the beach. Had to beeline it over and got on the beach as the gun went off. Thankfully I planned to get in late, because I didn't even have my goggles on. Got in and situated and off I went. Once in the water I finally realized that yes I am a strong swimmer as I quickly got mixed up with a bunch of swimmers, but the first miracle of the day happened and I did not have a panic attack as I was getting kicked, elbowed, swam into. Instead the aggressive Amy came out and went back at em…found a good groove and focused on swimming buoy to buoy. Got about half way out and the chop picked up which caused my googles to loosen a bit. Could not get them back on so paused at a kayak and fixed them and off I went again. This happened two more times, but overall the swim was fairly good. Got out of the water feeling really good and realized that 1 of 3 was DONE. Took wetsuit half way off and let the strippers do their job! Ran up and saw my hubby who said wow “big smile” must have been a good swim, that's great but now go get on your bike, which of course left me laughing. Ran what felt like a mile to T1 with cold feet on cement which I was not ready for it and just kept complaining to myself (where the hell is my red carpet, don't they know I am doing an Ironman), but then remembered that I was doing a flipping IM how could be complaining about running barefoot (SUCK IT UP-entered my thoughts). I did not race with any type of GPS/HR/device since I only had the goal of finishing and having fun. I did have the bike computer so that I could monitor pace and ensure I stuck with nutrition plan. I took that “have fun and be chill” a bit far in T1 and had tea with the volunteers, brushed my hair, put on some makeup, changed out of my suit and put on a bike jersey and shorts. I had not trained in my tri top with that distance so I was worried about wearing it on race day. Glad I went with the bike jersey as it was really chilly on the course. Had to grab the arm warmers too. Grabbed my bike and off I went. Bike focus was to stick to the pace I trained out which was 15-17 MPH. My stomach was a little upset when I got on the bike and couldn't take much in until about 40 min into the ride. Was a little concerned because breakfast was over fours before and I did not have anything at swim start, but did not fret too much, it's a long day. Started off with no problems sticking to that pace but then the headwind hit, following by a nice series of hills. Just stayed in the moment and tried to stick to my nutrition plan the best I could which was to eat/drink every twenty minutes with a rotation of 2 honey stinger chews, 1-2 bite size pieces of bonk bar, gulps of 2 hour bottle of carbo pro/scratch with salt tabs every hour. Stopped twice to use the potty on the first loop. After the first loop I could feel myself starting to bonk so had to push more nutrition in then normal, but knew I needed to be fueled for the run. Wind picked up on the second loop and my speed went down the tank. Stopped two more times on the second loop to get bananas and switched to straight salt on the tongue rather then tabs to try and stop the cramping in my quads. Cramps finally stopped at about mile 90, but my quad was fried (still hurts a little today). Got to the last 5 mile climb and just rode like someone was trying to steal my bike. Took every down hill as fast I could and was ready to be off my bike! T2 again decided that I wanted to be comfortable on the run since I wasn't sure how long I would be running over walking so did a complete outfit change. Plan was to run aid station to aid station and walk the aid stations. Got to the first station and felt good so I just kept running. Did this until mile 6 and then had to switch to the aid station to aid station. The run to me was fairly easy, there are three rollers on the way out of transition and one leading up to the finish and then it is fairly flat with the majority of the run on the trail that was just paved. There was so much energy and excitement that it was hard not to keep going. Since it is an out and back with two loops you get to see people quite a few times. Must say it was so nice to see all the MMTC folks throughout the night. Got to the run SN spot and since I was not sure how I would feel about the shoes I decided to run in so threw extra shoes in SN. Since I had not run in either running shoe for any longer then 2 hours. Glad I did as I was sick of the Newtons and my feet were really wet. Sat down to change but rookie move…I had to go from regular socks to compression socks because that is what I thought I would need after 13.1 miles. Yes you can laugh now because it took me several minutes to just get the socks on. The volunteers asked 5 times do you want some help? What I wanted to say was “yeah can you give me your socks please”. So I chalked this up to my third issue of the day and the solution was just get them on and get moving again. Socks on, shoes on, special treat one down the hatch, special treat 2 in hand and off I went. The second loop takes you down part of the finishers row and then loops you back around, but I didn't know this so I thought I was off course and got off the course and went back to the aid station who reassured I was in the running the right way. So I slowed down and high fived everyone and went off to the right for the second loop, dreaming of the finish line. I quickly realized that I had obviously sat too long as my legs were feeling wacky. So changed my plan for the second loop and decided to walk aid stations and hills. Walked and talked to a few folks on the hills, talked to the volunteers, stopped and danced at Team Z tent, did a little Jump Around to Van Halen and just had fun on the second loop. Saw Heather on the other side of the trail on the second loop who was walking pretty fast. Decided to pick up the pace for some intervals of 120 seconds at a 10k pace and walk 60 seconds so that I could catch up to her. Got to her and walked a bit with her and then started to cramp again and had to run very slow to get the finish. Got to the finish shoot and a burst of energy went through and off I went. I almost missed hearing “Amy Petersen-Smith YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!” Chad and Mike were at the finish line and boy what a joy it was to see them! It started as a one race journey but became so much more then that. Can’t wait to do my next one! IM lessons 1. Enjoy every moment you only get one chance to do your first Ironman. 2. Chicken broth and coke really do taste good during a marathon! 3. Straight lick of salt works so much faster then a salt tab. 4. Racing naked (no electronics) has its advantages MT Tips 1. Be prepared for any type of weather. 2. Do not forget your headlamp if you think you will be running at night. The trail is great, but it is very dark. 3. Be mentally prepared to run barefoot for ¼ mile on cement with cold feet 4. For some reason the volunteers were not able to really help. When asked they said all we can do is take your bags away. Be prepared for that especially if you tend to get frazzled. 5. Hills on the bike are manageable, but be ready to climb for 5 miles. Hill repeats would be a good thing to throw into your training plan especially at the end of a long ride. 6. We stayed at a house that is not too far from transition which I highly suggest, but be prepared to have a good Sherpa who will bring your bike back for you, or be prepared to walk. It’s hilly in MT. 7. Control yourself on the first part of the bike. Very easy to lose control with speed and fry yourself. 8. As Michelle said the bike is not as pretty in sections as you would think, considering how gorgeous the area is in general. 9. Got to the Scandiavan spa on Monday for the Nordic baths. My body felt pretty recovered by Weds and I attribute it to the baths. Great way to soothe the aching muscles. 10. Do not get intimidated by the 5 mile climb, but be ready to gear down. Saw so many people having to walk up

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