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General Race Information

Race: Run Through The Grapevine
Location: Mt. Airy, MD
Type: Run - 8 km
Comment: 8k + Trail Run, Incredibly challenging. If you think you've run hills think again.

Sunday, November 4, 2012
Stacey Belsky
Bruce Chambliss
Lizzy Cowan 0:42:54 (View Report) Hills!
Meg Jenkins
Bob Mullen 0:43:55 (View Report)
Mary Podbielski
Bob Reid 0:43:32 (View Report)
Brian Richards 0:33:05 (View Report) Will Run For Wine?
John Stanmore
Greg Thomas 0:54:12 (View Report) lots of hills!

Sunday, November 1, 2009
Marc Applegate
Rachael Brown
Michael Colohan 0:45:49 (View Report) First time, loved it. Challenging hills beautiful scenery. Great fall trail run.
David Dash 0:38:29 (View Report)
Karyn Dulaney
Aldona Glemza 0:55:26 (View Report)
Ashli Greenwald 0:51:15 (View Report)
Keri Hammel 0:57:46 (View Report)
Robin Kovach 0:49:01 (View Report)
Dan Mooney 0:38:52 (View Report)
Bob Reid 0:45:43 (View Report)
Eriks Richters
Philip Rupp 0:40:37 (View Report)
Mehgan Sidhu
Lesley Smith
Sara Wolfson

Sunday, November 2, 2008
Marainne Myrtue 0:45:46 (View Report)