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General Race Information

Race: North East MD Triathlon
Location: North East,, MD
Type: Triathlon - International Distance

Sunday, August 25, 2013
Louise Buchenhorst 2:58:18 (View Report) Not exactly a close race, but I'll take that podium spot!
Michael D'Angelo 2:25:16 (View Report)
David Dash 2:22:00 (View Report)
Nick Shmel
Nicole Thomas 3:04:49 (View Report) Not the race I wanted

Sunday, August 15, 2010
Bruce Chambliss
Michael Colohan
Michael Duffy 2:42:30 (View Report) Almost 9:00 faster than last week.
Kimberly Fusco
Mike Harrington 2:46:20 (View Report)
Matthew Jacobson 2:29:42 (View Report)
Timothy Keefe
Jim Mitchell 2:58:25 (View Report) Good race with great friends
Lindsay O'Steen
Shari Parks
Jonathan Profili 2:31:42 (View Report)
Arpad Romandy 2:29:10 (View Report) Lovely weather
Dawn Rudolph
Suzanne Serpcio
Nicole Thomas 2:38:37 (View Report) Relay!

Sunday, August 16, 2009
Bryant Carter
Bruce Chambliss
Jon Dill 3:19:08 (View Report)
William Erle 2:36:47 (View Report)
Jenna Estep
Tim Goetzinger (View Report) 4 hours of flag football the day before and way too sunburned to compete
Mike Harrington 3:07:58 (View Report)
Phil Masiello
Jim Mitchell 1:43:33 (View Report) Strong and fast after weak and irregular
Dan Mooney 2:47:59 (View Report)
Anthony Perillo
Jennifer Ruch 2:34:09 (View Report) Fun in the sun....
Travis Ruch
Walter Smith 2:51:28 (View Report) Is it hot in here??
Deb Taylor 2:58:56 (View Report) Just call me Jill:)

Sunday, August 17, 2008
Hector Garcia
Jennifer Ruch 2:38:44 (View Report) Nice race location and fair race.
Travis Ruch
Gloria Serrao
Doug Sullivan 3:14:03 (View Report) totally unprepared after taking too much time away from the swim post Tinman

Sunday, August 26, 2007
Jon Dill 2:51:32 (View Report)
Hector Garcia

Sunday, August 27, 2006
Brian Hochheimer 2:58:28 (View Report) Swim Cancelled Due to Storm
David Matusow
Matthew Zuiderhof 2:25:15 (View Report) coulda used that swim