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General Race Information

Race: IronGirl Columbia
Location: Columbia, MD
Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Comment: 1K Swim - 30K Bike - 5K Run

Comments from Club Members

1. Catherine Paquin: Named "Best Women's Event" in the Mid-Atlantic by Competitor Magazine

Sunday, August 7, 2016
Stephanie Blades
Brittany Ebbertt
Meg Jenkins
Kerry Lenny
Patricia MacNabb
Pat McKeldin

Sunday, August 16, 2015
Stephanie Blades
Alice Burnett
Meghan Butler
Jill Calhoun
Christina Cather
Lisa Church
Mary Ciesluk 2:44:06 (View Report) A surprise PR for IGC and a great race day!
Marni Cooper
Brittany Ebbertt
Patricia Ford 2:49:22 (View Report) Goal was to get out of the water faster than last year!
Lynne Galiatsatos 2:59:23 (View Report) Not last and hit my goals
Valerie Hall
Keely Ireland
Meg Jenkins
Marcia Kelmenson
Kerry Lenny 2:14:09 (View Report) SURPRISE!
Tammy Liu
Shuntae McKelvin 2:45:27 (View Report) Goal smashing is goal smashing, even if you are slow :-)
Sheila Mongeon 2:11:56 (View Report) Progress after 4 years but still have work to do!
Jeanine Murphy-Morris 2:00:21 (View Report)
Wendy Newton
Kim Sheridan
Gillian Sturdivant
Megan Sullivan
Nicole Thomas
Missie Vess 1:30:51 (View Report) Last Race Before Worlds

Sunday, August 17, 2014
Lynda Allera
Alice Burnett
Mary Jane Chapline
Gwendolyn Clemens
Deb Cooley 2:11:01 (View Report) First Iron Girl!
Marni Cooper 3:07:24 (View Report)
Kristin Duda
Beth Hancock
Meg Jenkins
Samantha Kieley 2:01:13 (View Report)
Lynn Lascola (View Report) Relay
Tanya Martof
Pat McKeldin
Jeanine Murphy-Morris 1:59:44 (View Report)
Laura Parsons
Melissa Spaid-Decker
Amy Stern
Megan Sullivan

Sunday, August 18, 2013
Lynda Allera
Joanne Alme
Sarah Baker
Judi Baldwin
Aimee Becker
Debrah Bell
Lori Bentley
Rebecca Bollweg
Jean Bunker
Cassandra Burke
Karen Cherry
Mary Ciesluk 2:51:46 (View Report) Surprised myself!
Susan Coghlan
Jacqueline Cooper 1:57:52 (View Report)
Danielle Crump
Cara Diaz
Katie Dragos
Jill Eisenberg
Lynne Galiatsatos 2:47:13 (View Report)
Aldona Glemza
Deborah Hemingway
Faith Hites
Kathi Hoke
Jen Jardeleza
Meg Jenkins
Nicole Johnson
Samantha Kieley 2:01:16 (View Report)
Suellen Kneller
Diana Kurcfeld 2:56:44 (View Report) I finished my first full Sprint triathlon!!
Meaghan Lamarre
Lynn Lascola (View Report) Relay
April Lee (DNF) (View Report)
Laura Leffner
Kerry Lenny
Patricia MacNabb
Lynn Marion 2:28:15 (View Report)
Irene Marquez
Tanya Martof
Pat McKeldin
Shuntae McKelvin
Erin Meyer
Sheila Mongeon
Jeanine Murphy-Morris 1:59:20 (View Report) I've got that lovin' feelin'
Wendy Newton
Laura Parsons
Patricia Payne
Mary Podbielski
Faith Rhodes
Elysia Roser 2:02:33 (View Report)
Stephanie Schneider
Marla Shapiro
Ayumi Smith 0:23:55 (View Report) Only swim part a relay
Dawn Smyers
Melissa Spaid-Decker
Christina Stanley
Meredith Stebbing
Gillian Sturdivant 1:49:20 (View Report)
Megan Sullivan 2:34:15 (View Report) Couldn't have done it without MMTC and Team Fight
Tara Trout
Michele Tuttle
Heather Vahovich
Susan Watson
Faye Weaver
Anne Wood
Rhonda Workman 1:46:23 (View Report) IG - AG 3rd place
Kristin Wowak 3:05:06 (View Report)
Kathie Zarzecki 2:44:25 (View Report)

Sunday, August 19, 2012
Lynda Allera
Joanne Alme
Lisa Amaral
Andrea Ball
Aimee Becker
Lori Bentley
Lara Blatchford 2:00:03 (View Report) one last Iron Girl
Emily Bonham 0:25:09 (View Report) Go team!
Mary Jane Chapline
Mary Ciesluk 2:58:46 (View Report) First Full Sprint!!! I am and Iron Girl!!!
Kelly Collins
Lizzy Cowan 1:45:40 (View Report)
Danielle Crump 2:12:26 (View Report)
Brittany Ebbertt 2:19:59 (View Report)
Sharon Edelson-Mammel
Jill Eisenberg
Sherri Feldman
Jenni Ferguson
Lynne Galiatsatos 3:01:03 (View Report) I finished and wasn't last
Taryn Giza
Aldona Glemza
Kim Gurski
Ann Guy
Mary Lynn Hansen
Laura Hartman 1:50:44 (View Report) Not bad for just having a baby.
Keely Ireland
Elisabeth Jakobsen
Jen Jardeleza 1:56:01 (View Report)
Lynn Lascola (View Report) Relay
Sarah Lichenstein
Michelle Macurak
Teresa Margerum
Lynn Marion 2:36:59 (View Report)
Tanya Martof 2:09:27 (View Report)
Tricia McCarthy
Kate McDowell
Pat McKeldin 2:08:16 (View Report)
Sheila Mongeon 2:23:22 (View Report) Defeat one weekend = Success the next weekend :-)
Anna Muench
Cecilia Murach
Jeanine Murphy-Morris 2:01:35 (View Report)
Leslie Nissenberg
Laura Parsons
Mary Podbielski
Terri Ray
Nicole Remeikis-Bishop
Elysia Roser (DNF) (View Report) Broken Arm - Did not race
Maura Rossman
Marla Shapiro
Dawn Smyers
Melissa Spaid-Decker
Regina Spallone
Christina Stanley 2:03:40 (View Report)
Shannon Stevens
Deb Taylor 1:48:57 (View Report) Glad to be back..with a PR!
Tiffani Tyer
Heather Vahovich
Erin Villard
Susan Watson 2:20:08 (View Report) It doesn't get easier
Faye Weaver 2:02:11 (View Report)
Rhonda Workman 1:51:24 (View Report)
Kristin Wowak 3:07:12 (View Report)
Kathie Zarzecki 2:48:57 (View Report)
Aleah Zinalabedini

Sunday, August 21, 2011
Sandy Abel
Lynda Allera
Aimee Becker
Stacey Belsky
Helen Best
Ilana Bittner
Lara Blatchford
Kati Campbell
Kelly Collins 2:23:03 (View Report) Finished my FIRST TRI--- ready for more!
Angela Dalton
Tiffany Dorsey
Brittany Ebbertt 2:16:51 (View Report)
Claudia Eckstrom
Jill Eisenberg 2:37:04 (View Report)
Melissa Emery
Taryn Giza 1:59:39 (View Report)
Aldona Glemza
Raminta Glemza
Jen Hayashi
Debra Holley 2:35:30 (View Report)
Keely Ireland
Lisa Jacobson
Elisabeth Jakobsen
Jen Jardeleza 1:55:09 (View Report) A new PR...what a great season so far!
Kristin Johnson 2:23:24 (View Report) almost 5 min better than last year! Very happy I copied this before I hit "send" since I didn't read the disclaimer saying there was a time limit!!
Michele Keeler
Suellen Kneller
Robin Kovach 2:01:57 (View Report) Good solid race
Marcie Lovell
Teresa Margerum
Marijke McMillan
Janet Menton
Heather Moldenhauer
Sheila Mongeon 2:47:34 (View Report) Don't change things within 1 week of the race! Still a PR !
Susie Montoya
Melissa Mulreany
Jeanine Murphy-Morris 2:04:57 (View Report) Another great IG in the books
Nicol Newell-Bell
Beth Olvey
Catherine Paquin
Jessica Pearsall
Karen Pluebell 2:10:30 (View Report) Great event!
Mary Podbielski 2:14:59 (View Report)
Judy Pohl
Nicole Remeikis-Bishop
Allyson Rogan
Judita Ruskyte
Gloria Serrao
Marla Shapiro
Hanna Sheffrin 1:48:48 (View Report) Best Iron Girl Ever!!!
Tracy Sinclair
Jill Smulson 1:59:45 (View Report) Finally Broke 2 Hours!
Lisa Steptoe
Theresa Symonds
Katie Tran
Michele Tuttle 1:43:23 (View Report)
Tiffani Tyer
Melissa Varga
Julie Whalen
Sara Wolfson
Anne Wood
Susanne Woodlan
Liz Yankle
Aleah Zinalabedini 1:59:27 (View Report) PR and amazing day!

Sunday, August 22, 2010
Sandy Abel 2:27:08 (View Report) Wow, I just recovered from bronchitis and performed better than my previous sprint. Go figure. Had a blast thought despite a little emergency at the end.
Laura Allred 2:02:01 (View Report)
Lisa Amaral 2:40:13 (View Report)
Kathy Barnett
Aimee Becker
Kerry Birney
Amberly Boyle 2:17:55 (View Report)
Susanne Breeback 2:48:41 (View Report)
Laura Canon
Nadia Chevalier
Lizzy Cowan 2:00:45 (View Report)
Angela Dalton
Suzanne Danner
Tiffany Dorsey
Melody Drum 2:22:38 (View Report)
Brittany Ebbertt 2:25:17 (View Report)
Sharon Edelson-Mammel 2:05:05 (View Report) Very wet and humid
Jill Eisenberg
Sue Emerson
Shannon Foster
Veronica Galindo-Otazo
Linda Giampalmo
Taryn Giza 2:07:44 (View Report)
Raminta Glemza 2:22:31 (View Report) My best time for this course!!
Ashli Greenwald 2:01:29 (View Report)
Amy Healy
Carole Heiss
Kiersten Henry 2:00:38 (View Report) Things didn't start according to plan, but happy to finish!
Paula Henry 2:13:38 (View Report)
Jen Heron 1:54:42 (View Report) My best time ever!!!
Elisabeth Huff
Keely Ireland
Heather Jacobsen 2:10:27 (View Report)
Cary Jacobson 2:03:14 (View Report)
Lisa Jacobson
Jen Jardeleza 2:03:16 (View Report)
Kristin Johnson 2:28:16 (View Report) my FIRST TRI
Brijan Knaap 2:06:09 (View Report)
Suellen Kneller
Robin Kovach 2:12:59 (View Report)
Kathie Krieger 2:24:41 (View Report)
Lynne Layug
Alice Massey
Heather Moldenhauer
Melanie Moraza 2:42:47 (View Report)
Jeanine Murphy-Morris 2:11:01 (View Report)
Gwen Musk 2:13:01 (View Report) Rain at all 3 Tri's I did this year
Nicol Newell-Bell 2:28:07 (View Report) Good Race despite Rain
Leslie Nissenberg
Catherine Paquin
Laura Parsons 2:10:11 (View Report) Good race...9 minutes faster than last year!
Jennifer Perkins-Frantz
Karen Pluebell 2:12:25 (View Report) First Triathlon, transition improvement needed!
Judy Pohl
Crystal Ray
Barb Reeser
Marni Rosenbaum
Jennifer Rutz
Nancy Santiago (View Report)
Suzanne Serpcio
Marla Shapiro 2:22:23 (View Report) Beat all my CB times - felt great for my 2nd tri
Hanna Sheffrin 1:58:12 (View Report) Took off 3 minutes from last year!
Kim Sheridan
Mona Shroff 4:10:39 (View Report)
Tracy Sinclair 3:35:14 (View Report) I finished the swim under an hour!!
Jill Smulson 2:17:28 (View Report)
Theresa Symonds
Nicole Thomas 2:06:42 (View Report) My best race ever!
Loretta Trumble
Michele Tuttle 1:44:30 (View Report)
Melissa Varga
Julie Whalen
Sara Wolfson 2:07:10 (View Report)
Susanne Woodlan
Liz Yankle
Cara Zaller 1:47:20 (View Report) I wish I didn't have to always race so sleepy.
Heather Zoller-Gritz

Sunday, August 23, 2009
Sadj Bartolo
Lara Blatchford
Rachael Brown 2:23:51 (View Report)
Michele Bull 1:54:59 (View Report) Stuck in traffic on the bike, but gave the run everything I had!
Deborah Davis
Tiffany Dorsey
Brittany Ebbertt 2:26:56 (View Report)
Sharon Edelson-Mammel 2:18:22 (View Report)
Jill Eisenberg 2:50:49 (View Report)
Melissa Emery 2:52:49 (View Report) Relay With Stacie Ataras
Jenna Estep
Lisa Farias
Kimberly Fusco
Veronica Galindo-Otazo 2:07:22 (View Report)
Carin Ganjon
Aldona Glemza 2:12:21 (View Report) Beautiful day for a race
Ashli Greenwald 2:07:02 (View Report)
Keri Hammel 2:40:01 (View Report)
Mary Lynn Hansen
Karen Hatwell 2:12:57 (View Report)
Laura Jackson
Jen Jardeleza 2:08:20 (View Report)
Amy Johnson
Michele Keeler 2:55:01 (View Report) I've learned so much, met new friends, and so thankful that I made it w/o injuries
Robin Kovach 2:05:05 (View Report) My First IronGirl
Lynne Layug 2:28:32 (View Report) No train, big pain!
Toby Lowe 2:30:15 (View Report) That swim must have been longer than last year!
Teresa Margerum 2:22:04 (View Report)
Kathy Meyer
Michelle Motsko
Melissa Mulreany
Jeanine Murphy-Morris 2:09:49 (View Report) An extra long swim - that's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Leslie Nissenberg 2:10:15 (View Report)
Catherine Paquin
Laura Parsons 2:19:45 (View Report)
Terri Pazornick
Wendy Ray
Dawn Rudolph
Katie Schofield
Hanna Sheffrin 2:03:45 (View Report) My first Iron Girl!
Kim Sheridan 2:14:16 (View Report)
Mona Shroff 2:33:33 (View Report)
Mehgan Sidhu
Tracy Sinclair (View Report) DNF
Larakay Skinner 2:25:42 (View Report) Slower than last year...
Lesley Smith 2:10:31 (View Report)
Jill Smulson 2:20:38 (View Report)
Sara Sturgess
Theresa Symonds
Deb Taylor 1:58:41 (View Report)
Nicole Thomas 2:08:36 (View Report) "I love that dirty water"
Anna Cherie Thompson
Grace Tran
Loretta Trumble 2:09:52 (View Report) Definitely my A+ race
Michele Tuttle
Tiffani Tyer
Melissa Varga
Carole Veihmeyer
Sara Wolfson 2:19:21 (View Report)
Susanne Woodlan
Heather Zoller-Gritz 2:57:38 (View Report) Some days just starting is winning

Sunday, August 24, 2008
Stacey Allwein
Anastasia Ataras
Sadj Bartolo
Kelsie Bernot 1:55:42 (View Report)
Kathi Cover 2:14:50 (View Report)
Tiffany Dorsey 2:04:18 (View Report)
Maura Dunnigan
Brittany Ebbertt 2:32:58 (View Report)
Erin Eckert
Melissa Emery 2:59:50 (View Report)
Veronica Galindo-Otazo 2:01:48 (View Report)
Carin Ganjon
Holly Gillum
Aldona Glemza 2:14:17 (View Report)
Mary Lynn Hansen
Karen Hatwell 2:00:30 (View Report)
Jen Jardeleza 2:05:43 (View Report)
Jean Kreis
Toby Lowe 2:29:25 (View Report) My first triathlon :-)
Elizabeth Manne
Michelle Miller
Jeanine Murphy-Morris 2:10:54 (View Report)
Wendy Newton
Leslie Nissenberg
Catherine Paquin 2:22:45 (View Report) Head in the clouds ...
Terri Pazornick 2:09:46 (View Report)
Danica Pelgrim
Megan Ressler
Dawn Rudolph
Carolyn Sherwood 1:48:19 (View Report)
Melissa Simmens
Patricia Sims 2:19:06 (View Report)
Deb Taylor 1:57:36 (View Report)
Grace Tran
Tiffani Tyer
Carole Veihmeyer
Susanne Woodlan
Heather Zoller-Gritz 2:43:47 (View Report)

Sunday, August 19, 2007
Anne Barkett
Kristina Bennett 2:00:45 (View Report) Third triathlon a success--and such a fun race!
Kelsie Bernot 1:45:49 (View Report) Great Race...Awesome MMTC Volunteers
Michele Bull 1:54:30 (View Report) A finish hard-fought for...
Tiffany Dorsey 2:07:10 (View Report)
Maura Dunnigan
Winsome Eu
Karen Hatwell 2:34:52 (View Report) First Tri
Amy Johnson
Jean Kreis
Jeanine Murphy-Morris 2:17:56 (View Report)
Catherine Paquin 2:15:56 (View Report) Great one-year anniversary for triathlon!
Terri Pazornick 2:16:58 (View Report)
Dawn Rudolph
Jennifer Rutz 2:04:12 (View Report)
Debra Saltz 2:10:16 (View Report)
Carolyn Sherwood 1:50:47 (View Report)
Nicole Thomas 2:22:09 (View Report)
Sarah Thomas

Sunday, August 27, 2006
Kristina Adams 1:52:14 (View Report) My first triathlon!
Sadj Bartolo 2:10:48 (View Report) A Magical Day!!!!!
Kristina Bennett 2:14:13 (View Report)
Kelsie Bernot 1:49:39 (View Report)
Michele Bull 1:58:20 (View Report) Raced better than I could have hoped for!
Tiffany Dorsey 2:15:58 (View Report)
Melissa Emery 2:48:45 (View Report) TOUGH Course for a Sprint Tri!
Jean Kreis
Kathy Meyer
Jeanine Murphy-Morris 2:22:33 (View Report)
Catherine Paquin 2:26:23 (View Report) Finished first triathlon!!
Dawn Rudolph 2:03:05 (View Report) 2 reports for the price of 1 !!
Debra Saltz 2:15:59 (View Report)