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General Race Information

Race: Clyde's American 10K
Location: Columbia, MD
Type: Run - 10 km
Comment: The Clyde's American 10K has been a fixture in Howard County for over 30 years. Whether racing through the idyllic streets of Columbia's Town Center and adjoining neighborhoods, enjoying the Lakefront setting, or partaking in the hearty post-race brunch supplied by Clyde's itself, runners have continued to flock to this event.

Comments from Club Members

1. Sadj Bartolo: Good race for me. It was my fastest 10K time in four years. 58:04 (gun time)was good enough to get me first in my age group. I think the improvement comes from being coached, our Club coached speedworkouts and a mental switch. For a few years I felt resigned to running slower because I was getting older and this year I just decided to run faster and looked to see how I could get get help in doing that.
2. Bill Wheeler: Great Race
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Sunday, April 17, 2016
Richard Dollins
Cabell Greenwood 0:47:53 (View Report)
Alex Howe
Rafael Matos
Anne Wood

Sunday, April 19, 2015
Deb Cooley 1:07:23 (View Report) training run!
Richard Dollins
Cabell Greenwood 0:48:31 (View Report)
Samantha Kieley
Gregory Leger
Tammy Liu
Alice Massey
Bob Reid 0:49:14 (View Report)
Matthew Schell
Dean Siedlecki
Laura Yingling
Christina Yuknis

Sunday, April 13, 2014
Sadj Bartolo 1:13:00 (View Report) Prepare for a Miracle
James Blackwood
Safari Charles
Cabell Greenwood 0:48:32 (View Report)
Peggy Hoffman 1:23:28 (View Report) Fun, relaxed
Samantha Kieley 0:51:54 (View Report)
Kevin Lascola 0:47:16 (View Report) Great day for a race!
Rafael Matos
Bryan McMillan
Bob Reid 0:49:20 (View Report)
Scott Sokolowski 0:52:22 (View Report)
Deb Taylor 42:28:02 (View Report)
Anne Wood
Rhonda Workman

Sunday, April 14, 2013
Lynda Allera
Lara Blatchford
Emily Bonham 0:45:45 (View Report) First Clyde's!
Deb Cooley 1:04:29 (View Report) PR by 7 min!
Jennifer Dustin
Samantha Kieley 0:53:35 (View Report)
Gregory Leger 0:42:52 (View Report)
Tanya Martof 0:58:00 (View Report)
Rafael Matos 0:43:23 (View Report)
Rob McCormick
Dan Mooney 0:42:19 (View Report)
Bob Mullen 0:47:57 (View Report)
Gary Pattik
Elisha Peterson 0:37:02 (View Report)
Jonathan Porwick 48:13:25 (View Report)
Bob Reid 0:51:25 (View Report)
Julie Rosicky
Jack Sheffrin 0:54:52 (View Report)
Dean Siedlecki 0:48:42 (View Report) cool pre-race morning, but warmed nicely, Gr8 weather and post-race
Jeff Smith 0:39:34 (View Report) Good confidence builder after coming off an injury
Melissa Spaid-Decker
Theresa Symonds
Greg Thomas
Susan Watson 1:13:00 (View Report) Training Race
Faye Weaver
Rhonda Workman

Sunday, April 15, 2012
Lynda Allera
Dave Blair
Lizzy Cowan 0:49:38 (View Report)
Jennifer Dustin
John Eckstrom 1:03:18 (View Report)
Sharon Edelson-Mammel 0:47:34 (View Report) Some how I still managed to place after stopping to tie my shoe's
Jill Eisenberg
Lisa Farias
Dan Goodwin
Art Henry
Kevin Lascola 0:48:36 (View Report) First time--great race
John Lopez
Tanya Martof 1:01:00 (View Report)
Adrian Matthews
Todd Matthiesen
Ken Maynor
Marijke McMillan
Scott Moffet
Dan Mooney 0:41:17 (View Report)
Cecilia Murach
Jeanine Murphy-Morris 0:57:13 (View Report)
Gwen Musk 0:54:18 (View Report)
Laura Parsons 0:59:32 (View Report)
Bob Reid 0:48:43 (View Report)
Allyson Rogan
Julie Rosicky 0:51:58 (View Report)
Rick Schofield
Dean Siedlecki 0:47:25 (View Report) Good weather, GR8 race, lots of MMTCers, & Best Post-Race in MD!!!
Tracy Sinclair 1:21:21 (View Report)
Mary Pat Smith 0:54:57 (View Report)
Jill Smulson 0:57:43 (View Report) Ran on a hurt foot
Scott Sokolowski 0:49:11 (View Report) A great race as always - a PR for me this year.
Theresa Symonds
Deb Taylor 0:45:15 (View Report) Clydes PR!
George Thomas
Greg Thomas
Cathy Tucker
Tiffani Tyer
Faye Weaver 0:51:46 (View Report) 10k course PR
Bill Woodcock
Rhonda Workman
Kathie Zarzecki 1:14:27 (View Report)
Aleah Zinalabedini

Sunday, April 17, 2011
Bram Arrington 0:46:27 (View Report)
Karl Barrus 0:54:39 (View Report)
Bruce Chambliss
Maurice Emery
Lisa Farias
Christi Horton
Dane Jeeter 0:52:34 (View Report)
Kristin Johnson
Mark Lamont 0:49:19 (View Report) first race this year!
Rafael Matos 0:43:14 (View Report)
Todd Matthiesen 0:38:58 (View Report)
Jason Miller
Jim Mitchell
Kimberly Mitchell 1:06:06 (View Report)
Scott Moffet 0:45:51 (View Report)
Heather Moldenhauer
Dan Mooney 0:42:44 (View Report) Windy day...wind in the face up 108 hill. Didn't feel strong. Maybe too fast at start.
Bob Mullen 0:53:20 (View Report)
Amy Petersen-Smith 0:57:13 (View Report) PR
Karen Pluebell 0:55:12 (View Report) Windy
Rick Schofield
Scott Sokolowski 0:51:44 (View Report)
Stuart TenHoor 52:28:00 (View Report) Hard to figure out my age group place
George Thomas 0:47:33 (View Report)
Greg Thomas 1:00:58 (View Report)
Sarah Thomas
Sergio Vazquez

Sunday, April 18, 2010
Laura Allred 1:00:18 (View Report)
Kathy Barnett
Karl Barrus 0:53:05 (View Report)
Heather Beutel 0:51:44 (View Report) My First Race Report!
Laura Canon
Michael Colohan
Michael D'Angelo 0:41:37 (View Report)
Paula Henry 0:54:09 (View Report)
Jen Heron 0:52:42 (View Report)
Brian Hochheimer 0:58:00 (View Report)
Dane Jeeter 0:57:21 (View Report)
Robin Kovach 0:50:52 (View Report) Cold But Fun
Todd Matthiesen 0:37:51 (View Report) Thanks to the Iceland volcanic ash cloud...
Kimberly Mitchell 1:05:36 (View Report)
Heather Moldenhauer 0:56:40 (View Report)
Dan Mooney 0:41:12 (View Report)
Bob Mullen 1:00:52 (View Report)
Fitim Mulosmanaj
Gwen Musk 1:01:43 (View Report)
Marainne Myrtue 0:48:05 (View Report)
Leslie Nissenberg
Lindsay O'Steen 59:27:55 (View Report) So much for chip timing
Laura Parsons 0:59:40 (View Report)
Jonathan Profili 46:48:15 (View Report)
Kristin Royer 0:56:14 (View Report)
Hanna Sheffrin 0:56:47 (View Report)
Jack Sheffrin
Dean Siedlecki 0:48:51 (View Report) Clydes 10k - Great Race and Gr8 post-race party - but chilly
Tracy Sinclair 1:19:30 (View Report) PR by 13 minutes!!
Scott Sokolowski 0:52:26 (View Report) First race effort of 2010
Deb Taylor 0:47:40 (View Report)
Stuart TenHoor 46:55:25 (View Report) Good, cool day for the race; best 10k ever as I prep for the May 23 CT (my birthday!).
George Thomas 0:48:45 (View Report) 1st 10k
Michele Tuttle
Scott Walton 0:48:14 (View Report) Not bad considering an asthma attack...
Bill Wheeler 0:40:47 (View Report) Best 10K Around Clyde's!

Sunday, April 19, 2009
Sadj Bartolo
Rachael Brown 1:02:00 (View Report)
Michael D'Angelo 0:42:41 (View Report)
David Dash 0:40:37 (View Report)
Jon Dill 0:52:06 (View Report)
Tom Dohler
Michael Draminski 0:43:56 (View Report)
Carin Ganjon
Aldona Glemza 0:58:53 (View Report) first 10k. never thought I could do it in under an hour. I'm ecstatic!
Phil Masiello
Rafael Matos
Todd Matthiesen 0:37:40 (View Report) Good race, great weather
Bryan McMillan (DNF) (View Report)
Heather Moldenhauer
Dan Mooney 0:42:55 (View Report) Great day no rain this year - slowed down from last year
Marainne Myrtue 0:49:39 (View Report)
Leslie Nissenberg
Catherine Paquin 1:09:18 (View Report) Perfect day for Clydes!
Terri Pazornick 1:02:06 (View Report)
Eriks Richters
Greg Schuler 0:41:07 (View Report)
Jack Sheffrin 0:52:48 (View Report) time from an earlier race 2002!
Kim Sheridan 0:54:01 (View Report)
Dean Siedlecki
Lesley Smith 0:57:50 (View Report)
Deb Taylor 0:46:24 (View Report)
Sarah Thomas
Grace Tran 0:49:06 (View Report)
Michele Tuttle 0:48:20 (View Report)
Tiffani Tyer
Bill Wheeler 0:41:35 (View Report) RR: Unlikely PR For Clyde's 10K

Sunday, April 20, 2008
Sadj Bartolo
Kristina Bennett 1:01:17 (View Report) Another cold, rainy race!
Susan Boswell
Tom Dohler 0:50:51 (View Report)
Holly Gillum
Brian Hochheimer 0:59:44 (View Report)
Rafael Matos
Todd Matthiesen 0:39:50 (View Report)
Leslie Nissenberg
Terri Pazornick
Terri Pazornick 59:59:10 (View Report)
Dawn Rudolph
Debra Saltz 1:00:27 (View Report)
Greg Schuler 0:39:08 (View Report)
Gloria Serrao
Gloria Serrao
Deb Taylor 0:45:58 (View Report)
Sarah Thomas
Tiffani Tyer
Dave Vess
Missie Vess 0:50:33 (View Report)

Sunday, April 15, 2007
Kristina Adams 0:45:30 (View Report) A cold jog in the rain
Sadj Bartolo 1:00:02 (View Report) Hard to get out of bed for/great to finish!
Kristina Bennett 0:57:12 (View Report) Rain and more rain!
David Dash
Jon Dill 0:48:09 (View Report)
Kevin Jones 0:56:09 (View Report) Half swim, half run with the amount of rain coming down...
Stephen Levickas (View Report)
Buzz Loftus 0:56:32 (View Report)
Rafael Matos
Marcos Otazo 49:23:20 (View Report)
Catherine Paquin 1:21:12 (View Report) My sister and I finished our first 10K together!
Bob Reid (DNF) (View Report) did not start due to pneumonia
Jennifer Rutz 0:59:02 (View Report)
Dean Siedlecki 0:46:12 (View Report) Nice Cold, Wet race and still GREAT food....
Cathy Tucker
Bill Wheeler 0:43:04 (View Report) FRIGGIN RAIN and COLD!
Dave Wheeler 56:11:10 (View Report) First 6 mile run of the year

Sunday, April 9, 2006
Marc Applegate 0:39:13 (View Report)
Sadj Bartolo (View Report) DNS ---- Did not start! (this is a PR)
David Dash
Eric Garges 0:39:52 (View Report) Well organized race, good post-race party, fun group of runners.
Stephen Levickas 0:41:26 (View Report) PR for a 10K
Buzz Loftus 0:52:19 (View Report)
Geoff Matrangola 49:05:00 (View Report) Hilly
Todd Matthiesen 0:38:50 (View Report)
Bob Reid 0:50:16 (View Report)
Jack Sheffrin
Dean Siedlecki
Sarah Thomas
Arnat Vale 0:45:47 (View Report)
Bill Wheeler 43:25:00 (View Report) Cold start
Bill Wheeler
Dave Wheeler 48:31:45 (View Report) Good Race

Sunday, April 17, 2005
Rusty Allwein
Sadj Bartolo (View Report) Clyde's 10K
David Dash
Ray Lake 0:46:25 (View Report)
Geoff Matrangola 0:49:05 (View Report) Wore too many cloths
Todd Matthiesen 0:40:26 (View Report)
Jack Sheffrin
Sarah Thomas
Dave Wheeler 53:55:40 (View Report) Felt strong through race and enjoyed the crowd. Fun Race!