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General Race Information

Race: Columbia Triathlon
Location: Columbia,
Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Comment: Olympic (1.5K Swim, 41K Bike, 10K Run)

Comments from Club Members

1. Kristen Mylotte: The best advice I have is to train the run course as much as possible. We trained backwards and forwards several times, which totally helped.And remember: this is our club's home race...have fun with it and know the club will be out there for you!

Sunday, May 15, 2016
Stephanie Blades
Rebecca Bollweg
Donald Brinkley 3:46:41 (View Report) First Oly Down
Casey Cochran
Wendy Crockett
Brittany Ebbertt
Jeannie Finan
Lynne Galiatsatos 4:21:34 (View Report) Training Works
Cabell Greenwood 2:56:47 (View Report) Silver Lining
Valerie Hall
Nicholas Heitjan
Robert Hooten
Jim Kaufmann 3:10:49 (View Report)
Anthony Krohn
Kerry Lenny 3:41:01 (View Report) BRRRRRRRRRRRR
Kiki Li
Patricia MacNabb
Rafael Matos
Dean Siedlecki

Sunday, May 17, 2015
Rusty Allwein
Felipe Arzayus
Sarah Baker 3:27:28 (View Report) First Olympic—I finished!
Stephanie Blades
Dan Brethauer
Deb Cooley 3:34:38 (View Report) First Olympic Tri in 3 years!
Michael D'Angelo
Brady Decker 3:27:11 (View Report) If a mistake can be made, it will be made:
Brittany Ebbertt
Brian Eisentraut (View Report)
Jeannie Finan 3:29:03 (View Report)
Jack Foley
Wade Gaasch
Daniel Gaughan
Cabell Greenwood 2:55:34 (View Report)
Art Henry
Jim Kaufmann 3:02:33 (View Report)
Anthony Krohn
Vita Laignel
Christina Lewis
Jay Lochhead
Alice Massey
Rafael Matos
Kelly McCullough
Dan Mooney 2:31:37 (View Report)
Jeanine Murphy-Morris 3:26:45 (View Report)
Wendy Newton
Efram Perry
Blake Sajonia 2:27:00 (View Report) Fun day at 2015 Columbia Triathlon
Matthew Schell
Bart Scully 2:53:04 (View Report) First Triathlon!
Deb Taylor
Susan Watson
Christina Yuknis

Sunday, May 18, 2014
Felipe Arzayus
Aimee Becker
Jeffrey Berger
James Blackwood
Rebecca Bollweg 2:38:32 (View Report) Great race for what it was...
Alice Burnett
Mary Jane Chapline
Safari Charles
Jacqueline Cooper 2:34:56 (View Report) Correction on time! No way could I do one hour, thanks Mary for picking that up!! Report is the same.
Michael Crouch
Joanne Davis
Sandi Delcore
Kristin Duda
David Dushkin
Jennifer Dustin
David Francis
Dan Fulk
Wade Gaasch
Lynne Galiatsatos 3:31:13 (View Report) A Most Awesome Race
Scott Goldblatt
Laura Goodman 2:22:49 (View Report)
Cabell Greenwood 2:21:02 (View Report)
Beth Hancock
Art Henry 2:49:48 (View Report) More Bike Volume
Grant Herdrich 1:52:57 (View Report) RR for Columbia Tri 2014 (Sorry it's long)
Faith Hites
Charles Hoopes
Timothy Jardeleza 1:59:45 (View Report) That race left me with questions
Nicole Johnson
Jim Kaufmann 2:30:37 (View Report) Best Swim I ever had!!
Samantha Kieley 2:33:53 (View Report)
Warren Kim 2:22:31 (View Report) my first triathlon and first report
Michelle Kiser 1:27:17 (View Report) Who knew my legs could do this!
Anthony Krohn
Kevin Lascola 2:05:18 (View Report)
Mark Lash
Lindsay Markwart 2:21:46 (View Report)
Rafael Matos
Bryan McMillan
Brian Meck
Laura Parsons
Elisha Peterson 1:50:28 (View Report) Nothing a quick trip to the port-a-johns couldn't fix.
Tyler Price
John Rego
Blake Sajonia 1:57:03 (View Report)
Herman Schumacher
Hanna Sheffrin 2:15:38 (View Report) No swim for this one
Dean Siedlecki
Ayumi Smith 2:15:04 (View Report) Swim was cancelled
Douglas Smith 1:57:12 (View Report) snuck through transitions to the podium!
Lisa Steptoe
Gillian Sturdivant 2:33:46 (View Report) swim cancelled
Missie Vess 2:05:15 (View Report) No Swim. No Problem.
Susan Watson
Robert Weddle

Sunday, May 19, 2013
Lynda Allera
Rusty Allwein
Joanne Alme
Judi Baldwin
Andrea Ball
Michael Barone
Aimee Becker
Stacey Belsky
Jeffrey Berger
Carl Blake
Lara Blatchford
Rebecca Bollweg
Emily Bonham
Bruce Chambliss
Doug Closter
Jeff Colburn
Michael Colohan
Lizzy Cowan 2:45:00 (View Report) Happy to be back after a foot injury!
Danielle Crump
Tim Delss
Ryan Dietrich
David Dundas
David Dushkin
Brittany Ebbertt 3:46:29 (View Report)
Maurice Emery
David Francis
Lynne Galiatsatos 5:04:00 (View Report) Finishing = Success
Gary Gettier
Ashli Greenwald
Art Henry 3:30:22 (View Report) This time there was a Plan B and more Endurance.
Matthew Jacobson 2:26:17 (View Report)
Timothy Jardeleza
Eric Johnson
Anthony Krohn
Mark Lamont
Kevin Lascola 2:40:26 (View Report) First Columbia Tri
Mark Lash
Gregory Leger 2:28:52 (View Report)
Christina Lewis
Noel MacGrath
Tanya Martof 3:29:00 (View Report) third one
Rafael Matos 3:02:06 (View Report)
Rob McCormick
Bryan McMillan
Erin Meyer 4:28:53 (View Report)
Dan Mooney 2:25:44 (View Report) PR on Wet Bike Course on New TT Bike - Orbea Love it
Anna Muench
Bob Mullen 3:12:21 (View Report)
Ed Murphy
Jeanine Murphy-Morris 3:16:47 (View Report)
Gwen Musk 3:13:59 (View Report)
John Newman
Wendy Newton 3:38:04 (View Report) Talk about confidence building!
Chad Nordby
Ed O'Malley
Dave Orlik
Gary Pattik
Todd Pearsall 2:45:07 (View Report)
Elisha Peterson 2:17:49 (View Report) consistent training + new stuff + want a bike!
Mary Podbielski
Jonathan Porwick 2:56:00 (View Report)
Tyler Price
Nicole Remeikis-Bishop
Eric Remoy
Chris Rohde
Julie Rosicky
Philip Rupp
Adam Ruther
Rick Schofield
Marla Shapiro
Hanna Sheffrin (View Report) I did two legs of a relay: swim & bike
Dean Siedlecki
Ben Skowronski
Ayumi Smith 2:55:41 (View Report)
Jeff Smith 2:26:58 (View Report) Fun race especially if you are in MMTC
Scott Sokolowski 2:55:13 (View Report)
Regina Spallone
John Stanmore
Deb Taylor 2:44:55 (View Report)
Greg Thomas
Michele Tuttle
Heather Vahovich
Nicole Valentine
Susan Watson
Faye Weaver
Robert Weddle
Mark Wittholz
Rhonda Workman 2:57:00 (View Report)
Kristin Wowak
Mark Yost 2:29:35 (View Report) The race I deserved, not the one I hoped for.

Sunday, May 20, 2012
Lynda Allera
Lisa Amaral 4:04:38 (View Report)
David Anderson 2:32:02 (View Report) Great Support and an unexpected PR
Michael Barone
Stacey Belsky
Jeffrey Berger
Dave Blair
Carl Blake
Lara Blatchford
Bruce Chambliss 2:35:49 (View Report) If only I could run
Mary Jane Chapline
Jeff Colburn 3:17:52 (View Report) First Triathlon
Kelly Collins 4:06:13 (View Report) Felt good even though final time was more than I had hoped for!
Deb Cooley 3:30:48 (View Report) PR - by 22 minutes!!!
Lizzy Cowan 2:40:32 (View Report)
Danielle Crump 3:50:23 (View Report)
Michael D'Angelo 2:28:00 (View Report) Hoped for better, but not bad considering ITB injury
Angela Dalton 2:49:20 (View Report) A PR, but unofficial results because of chip problems
Sandi Delcore 2:36:12 (View Report) relay
Michael Duffy
David Dundas
Jennifer Dustin
Brittany Ebbertt 3:54:47 (View Report)
Sharon Edelson-Mammel 3:04:09 (View Report) No swim panic, no leg cramps and Active Duty/Military Female Champion!
Maurice Emery
Lisa Farias
Wade Gaasch 2:38:20 (View Report)
Hector Garcia 2:42:51 (View Report) Training is more important than resting......
Mario Garcia 3:08:45 (View Report) One tough run
Gary Gettier 3:16:54 (View Report) Best time for swim, bike, and transitions. Bonked the run.
Taryn Giza
Dan Goodwin
Christina Harvey
Lindsay Hebert
Art Henry 3:44:59 (View Report) More gatorade
Jeffrey Hines
Debra Holley
Keely Ireland 4:31:51 (View Report) My first Olympic Tri
Heather Jacobsen 3:09:42 (View Report)
Matthew Jacobson 2:29:35 (View Report)
Elisabeth Jakobsen
Timothy Jardeleza 2:27:25 (View Report)
Eric Johnson 2:28:41 (View Report)
Scott Kallmeyer 2:45:00 (View Report)
Victoria Kirby
Robin Kovach 2:53:07 (View Report)
Anthony Krohn
Mark Lamont 2:46:41 (View Report) Fun day Fun people Great Weather
Bill Liguori
John Lopez
Mark Mammel 3:24:49 (View Report)
Tanya Martof 3:37:09 (View Report) first olympic was 10 years ago...
Geoff Matrangola 2:40:45 (View Report) Race like you've never been hurt before
Adrian Matthews 2:22:59 (View Report) Last Columbia. Brits sprinting at the finish. Olympics preview ?
Todd Matthiesen
Tricia McCarthy
Donta McEachern
Bill McMahon 3:03:59 (View Report)
Lon Meier
Janet Menton
Ben Mertes 2:26:27 (View Report) Last Columbia as individual, relay I'll do it!
Joshua Meyers
Scott Moffet 2:26:47 (View Report)
Sheila Mongeon 3:43:04 (View Report) My 1st Oly; All 3 goals achieved!
Dan Mooney 2:30:31 (View Report)
Amy Moore
Anna Muench 2:52:52 (View Report) First Olympic
Ed Murphy
Jeanine Murphy-Morris 3:08:50 (View Report) Repeat after me ... be careful in setting those goals!
Gwen Musk 3:10:45 (View Report) 15 minute PR!
Marainne Myrtue 2:47:02 (View Report)
Wendy Newton
Chad Nordby
Jake Oergel 2:18:51 (View Report) Phantom foot pain and getting the cobwebs of for Eagleman...
Michael Oliveira 2:22:46 (View Report) Beautiful day on terrific race - as always
Beth Olvey
Laura Parsons 3:07:27 (View Report)
Nicole Remeikis-Bishop
Megan Ressler
Allyson Rogan 3:38:26 (View Report) oh, the swim pace is per 100 m not 100 yds!
Julie Rosicky 2:55:48 (View Report)
Philip Rupp 2:35:36 (View Report)
Rick Schofield
Herman Schumacher
Marla Shapiro 3:52:18 (View Report) it just keeps getting better & better, with a little help from my friends
Dean Siedlecki 2:47:11 (View Report) Great weather, great “Tent” and Great improvement over 2011 / 4th Place
Walter Smith 2:46:58 (View Report) T2
Jill Smulson 3:12:18 (View Report) I think I like this distance best.
Scott Sokolowski 2:50:41 (View Report) PR'd by 10 minutes (2 from transition), fantastic weather
Amy Somerville 3:15:46 (View Report) Fell apart on the run:(
John Stanmore
Nicole Tasin
Deb Taylor 2:50:06 (View Report)
George Thomas
Greg Thomas 3:32:28 (View Report)
Nicole Thomas 3:05:20 (View Report) To run Columbia is to SUFFER
Tiffani Tyer
Stephan Uzzell 2:38:14 (View Report) I'm in the wrong age group...
Heather Vahovich
Paul Varga 2:54:21 (View Report) Swim getting slower but still PR'd (?)
Sergio Vazquez (View Report) All Three Goals Accomplished
William Veihmeyer (View Report) 1 Bad, 2 Good
Missie Vess 2:36:24 (View Report) Love this race!
Robert Villanueva 2:30:02 (View Report) Goonies Never Say Die!
Erin Villard
Susan Watson 3:30:25 (View Report) "When I'm 64!" My theme song for 2012
Faye Weaver 3:16:18 (View Report) First Olympix distance.
Robert Weddle 2:53:59 (View Report)
Rachel Wiederhold 2:50:50 (View Report) While I didn't beat Steve I still PR'd this course
Paul Wilner 2:41:52 (View Report) MMTC Prepared Me Well For My First Columbia Tri
Mark Wittholz
Rhonda Workman 3:02:50 (View Report)
Jerry Yetter
Mark Yost 2:20:54 (View Report) It's better to be rested than overtrained.
Aleah Zinalabedini 2:58:14 (View Report) What a day!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011
Sandy Abel
Lynda Allera
Laura Allred 3:15:31 (View Report)
Lisa Amaral 4:34:03 (View Report)
Bram Arrington 2:44:12 (View Report)
Anastasia Ataras
Michael Barone
Karl Barrus 3:18:43 (View Report)
Sadj Bartolo
Aimee Becker
Stacey Belsky
Heather Beutel
Ilana Bittner
Carl Blake 2:32:48 (View Report)
Lara Blatchford
Shane Bogan 3:14:44 (View Report)
Amberly Boyle 3:24:00 (View Report)
Bruce Chambliss 2:41:16 (View Report) Better than last year, lots of room for improvement
Roy Cheeks
Jim Cioffi
Michael Colohan
Deb Cooley 3:52:26 (View Report) First Olympic and first Columbia
Lizzy Cowan 2:57:35 (View Report)
Michael D'Angelo 2:28:28 (View Report) Blew it on the bike
Kathleen Dachille
Emily Dahlgren
Angela Dalton
Damian Danowski
David Dash 2:32:16 (View Report)
Sandi Delcore 2:56:00 (View Report)
Tim Delss
Tom Dohler
Alan Doucette
Melody Drum
Michael Duffy
David Dundas 2:57:30 (View Report) Run got me again
Brittany Ebbertt
Sharon Edelson-Mammel 3:05:21 (View Report) My nemisis the swim and the wait for my wave.
Maurice Emery 3:11:41 (View Report) First Triathlon, can't wait for the next one!!
Lisa Farias
Wade Gaasch 2:41:42 (View Report)
Hector Garcia 2:34:11 (View Report) Smoothies...shaken not stirred.
Linda Giampalmo 3:08:17 (View Report) Enjoyed the bike most of all!
Taryn Giza 3:17:00 (View Report)
Raminta Glemza
Renee Godinez
Lisa Goines
Dan Goodwin
Mike Harrington
Christina Harvey
Brian Hochheimer
Meghan Hornbacher 4:16:25 (View Report)
Robert Hornbacher 3:49:40 (View Report)
Heather Jacobsen 3:12:38 (View Report) First Oly!
Cary Jacobson
Matthew Jacobson 2:27:36 (View Report) PR - great swim and bike
Elisabeth Jakobsen
Jen Jardeleza
Timothy Jardeleza 2:29:06 (View Report)
Dane Jeeter 3:17:15 (View Report) Flat tires
Kristin Johnson
Douglas Jones
Lance Jones 2:36:57 (View Report) Who Says You Can't PR at Columbia?
Scott Kallmeyer 2:42:39 (View Report) Is 6 minutes > 40 seconds?
Thomas Kish
Don Klein
Don Knott
Robin Kovach
Mark Lash
Stephen Levickas 2:09:54 (View Report) Super competitive beautiful day, great race, PR!!
Jeff Lopez 3:15:22 (View Report) RR: Columbia Triathlon 2011- (Implementing The Big Plan)
Teresa Margerum
Alice Massey
Geoff Matrangola
Adrian Matthews 2:23:32 (View Report) Exorcising the demons from last year ....
Todd Matthiesen 2:21:22 (View Report) Fast conditions
Steve Meininger
Ben Mertes 2:50:59 (View Report)
Joshua Meyers 2:31:40 (View Report)
Jason Miller
Jim Mitchell 2:55:36 (View Report)
Kimberly Mitchell
Heather Moldenhauer
Susie Montoya
Melissa Mulreany
Gwen Musk 3:25:48 (View Report)
Marainne Myrtue 2:49:42 (View Report)
Wendy Newton 3:30:29 (View Report) Panic Free! Best. Race. Ever.
Chad Nordby 3:29:00 (View Report) First triathlon ever!
Peter Odunne
Michael Oliveira 2:33:42 (View Report)
Ben Olvey
Beth Olvey
Dave Orlik
Marcos Otazo
Laura Parsons 3:04:00 (View Report)
Jessica Pearsall
Todd Pearsall
Melinda Peters
Michael Petersen
Amy Petersen-Smith 3:17:49 (View Report) No panic attack in water...goal accomplished..short race report...goal not accomplished..
Karen Pluebell 3:27:18 (View Report) First Olympic
Bob Reid 2:54:12 (View Report)
Nicole Remeikis-Bishop
Brian Richards 2:56:01 (View Report)
Philip Rupp 2:33:06 (View Report)
Debra Saltz
George Schlossnagle 2:35:24 (View Report) Beat my goal, and beat my friend - what better day could you ask for?
Rick Schofield
Herman Schumacher
Marla Shapiro 4:04:51 (View Report) acepting the body I have, and not the one I'd planned to race with
Hanna Sheffrin 3:06:16 (View Report) My first olympic distance triathlon! :)
Jack Sheffrin 3:16:07 (View Report) first international distance. First wet suit ows. joined my daughter for her first international distance where she got 1/7 AG
Carolyn Sherwood
Dean Siedlecki
Erin Smith
Mary Pat Smith 3:32:54 (View Report)
Dawn Smyers
Scott Sokolowski 3:00:31 (View Report)
Amy Somerville 3:17:56 (View Report) Better then last year despite injury-have to be happy with that!
Sara Sturgess
Nick Tarmey 2:16:20 (View Report)
Deb Taylor (View Report) Unable to race due to Taylor's MVA
Stuart TenHoor 2:50:20 (View Report) 3 seconds slower than last year!
George Thomas 3:15:46 (View Report) First Olymplic Distance.
Greg Thomas
Nicole Thomas 3:12:13 (View Report) First Columbia Tri, First Oly Tri
Sarah Thomas
Michele Tuttle 2:43:16 (View Report)
Paul Varga 2:57:07 (View Report) Beat my time from last year by 5 min 55 sec
Sergio Vazquez
Missie Vess
Dan Voeltner 3:05:57 (View Report)
Chip Warfel
Adam Weddington
Robert Weddle 2:55:43 (View Report)
Julie Whalen
Benjamin Winterroth 2:05:51 (View Report)
Sara Wolfson
Chris Wolven 3:24:21 (View Report) 2/3 race executed to plan, run hurt hard
Jerry Yetter
Mark Yost 2:23:37 (View Report) A day to race and learn.
Aleah Zinalabedini 3:19:11 (View Report) First Olympic Distance tri

Sunday, May 23, 2010
Carlos Acaron
David Anderson 2:43:34 (View Report) An unexpected CT PR!
Anastasia Ataras 3:52:00 (View Report) Lots of firsts on this race!
Kathy Barnett
Sadj Bartolo
Heather Beutel 3:18:37 (View Report)
Carl Blake 2:39:54 (View Report) my second olympic distance tri
Bruce Chambliss
Erik Cohen
Michael Colohan
Michael D'Angelo 2:31:00 (View Report)
Angela Dalton
Suzanne Danner
David Dash 2:34:01 (View Report)
Tom Dohler
David Dundas
Brittany Ebbertt
Erika Ebright 3:08:07 (View Report)
Lisa Farias
Kimberly Fusco
Wade Gaasch 2:51:31 (View Report)
Hector Garcia 2:50:59 (View Report) I am so, so grateful!
Tim Goetzinger 2:43:51 (View Report) Olympic PR!
Mike Harrington 2:58:39 (View Report) Finally did Columbia!
Curtis Henry (View Report)
Kiersten Henry 3:09:06 (View Report) First Columbia, Frustrating swim!!!!
Paula Henry 3:18:48 (View Report)
Erik Hill 3:23:18 (View Report)
Ed Hollar 3:30:56 (View Report) Better days are still to come!!!
Elisabeth Huff
Brian Jackson
George Jacobs
Matthew Jacobson 2:36:32 (View Report)
Jen Jardeleza 3:21:48 (View Report)
Timothy Jardeleza 2:44:51 (View Report)
Dane Jeeter 3:03:06 (View Report) First Triathlon Experience... Awesome!
Scott Kallmeyer 2:48:05 (View Report)
Don Knott
Robin Kovach 3:24:20 (View Report) Tough Race
Lynne Layug 3:39:42 (View Report) Singing in the Rain
Stephen Levickas 0:21:15 (View Report) Training day
Angela Lim
Phil Masiello
Geoff Matrangola
Todd Matthiesen 2:27:33 (View Report)
Bill McMahon 2:53:25 (View Report)
Bryan McMillan 3:17:25 (View Report) Elation, deflation, celebration.
Joshua Meyers 2:42:01 (View Report) It long (no apologies), I was excited, it was my first!
Jim Mitchell 3:02:08 (View Report) 1st's were great!
Scott Moffet 2:34:46 (View Report)
Dan Mooney 2:37:54 (View Report)
Jeanine Murphy-Morris 3:21:41 (View Report) An experiment in pacing
Gwen Musk 3:29:26 (View Report) First Columbia Tri and the ghastly abrasion
Marainne Myrtue 2:58:56 (View Report)
Leslie Nissenberg
Lindsay O'Steen 3:16:57 (View Report) I finished my first Olympic Tri! And caution this is a long RR.
Michael Oliveira 2:29:48 (View Report)
Marcos Otazo
Laura Parsons 3:39:25 (View Report)
Melinda Peters
Michael Petersen 2:56:36 (View Report) 1st Olympic Tri
Brian Powers 3:12:50 (View Report)
John Ratz 3:41:26 (View Report)
Bob Reid 2:55:04 (View Report) PR got washed away...
Eriks Richters
Kara Rogich 4:26:00 (View Report) I may be slow, but I tough it out :)
Arpad Romandy 2:33:13 (View Report) Columbia Tri - can't wait to sign up for next year
Marni Rosenbaum
Phil Roth
Jennifer Ruch
Travis Ruch
Dawn Rudolph 3:00:51 (View Report) Had a blast!
Philip Rupp 2:47:09 (View Report)
George Schlossnagle 2:52:08 (View Report) I love it when a plan comes together.
Rick Schofield
Herman Schumacher
Suzanne Serpcio 2:21:31 (View Report)
Gloria Serrao 3:25:04 (View Report) PR for This Distance!
Kim Sheridan 3:17:03 (View Report) Sometimes, change is good!
Carolyn Sherwood 3:00:14 (View Report) Grateful for my health!
Mona Shroff 4:10:39 (View Report) What a blast!!
Mehgan Sidhu
Dean Siedlecki 2:53:47 (View Report) Wet Day, GR8 MMTC Tent / Support - 21st Columbia - Crashed
Patricia Sims 3:21:05 (View Report) Hey, 14 seconds is 14 seconds!
Scott Sokolowski 3:09:13 (View Report) A collection of firsts
Andrew Sorkin
Alice Spriesterbach
Doug Sullivan
Deb Taylor 3:05:56 (View Report)
Richard Taylor
Stuart TenHoor 2:50:17 (View Report) Knocked 16 minutes off last year--check me for doping (I was a dope to use the bike I did last year!)
Anna Cherie Thompson
Erik Thompson
Loretta Trumble 3:22:14 (View Report) Using my newbie card....
Michele Tuttle 2:49:59 (View Report)
Paul Varga 3:03:02 (View Report)
William Veihmeyer
Dave Vess
Missie Vess 2:47:12 (View Report) Wet, wet, wet
Dan Voeltner 3:22:50 (View Report)
Scott Walton
Adam Weddington 2:37:46 (View Report) Triathlon cures colds?
Julie Whalen
Benjamin Winterroth 2:18:25 (View Report)
Chris Wolven 3:18:44 (View Report)
Susanne Woodlan
Mark Yost 2:25:54 (View Report) This is one tough course! And we have one great club!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009
Carlos Acaron
Rusty Allwein
David Anderson 2:51:55 (View Report) My first outdoor tri!!!
Sadj Bartolo 3:28:00 (View Report) Always a surprise at Columbia
Kelsie Bernot
Michele Bull 2:57:38 (View Report) Not nearly enough training to even think about "racing"!
Bryant Carter
Jim Cioffi
Erik Cohen
Michael D'Angelo 2:31:33 (View Report)
David Dash 2:40:32 (View Report)
Tom Dohler
Mike Dori 2:46:55 (View Report)
Alan Doucette 2:45:17 (View Report) Went in with no pressure and had a good time--in general and on the clock.
Michael Draminski 2:45:19 (View Report)
William Erle 2:40:39 (View Report) 1st Olympic Distance Triathlon
Lisa Farias
Kimberly Fusco
Wade Gaasch 2:44:32 (View Report)
Carin Ganjon
Hector Garcia
Linda Giampalmo 3:25:15 (View Report) being local is great!
Aldona Glemza 3:21:44 (View Report) first time - awesome time!
Todd Gunderson
Mary Lynn Hansen
Harold Harris
Karen Hatwell 3:29:09 (View Report)
Evelyn Henderson
Brian Hochheimer 3:13:50 (View Report) A great way to begin the 2009 season!
Matthew Jacobson 3:02:40 (View Report)
Jen Jardeleza 3:22:58 (View Report)
Timothy Jardeleza 2:47:52 (View Report)
Scott Kallmeyer 2:59:59 (View Report)
Don Knott
Lynne Layug
Stephen Levickas 2:15:35 (View Report) Get to the race healthy!
Phil Masiello
Michael Matney 2:20:41 (View Report) First timer at Columbia - Thanks to MMTC for the great support!
Geoff Matrangola
Todd Matthiesen 2:29:22 (View Report)
Sonya McFarland
Bill McMahon 3:04:42 (View Report)
Bryan McMillan 3:27:09 (View Report) First year as a triathlete and first outdoor triathlon (did two indoor this year). Crossed the finish line with my 8 year old daughter (sniff!).
Scott Moffet 2:38:40 (View Report)
Dan Mooney 2:42:04 (View Report)
Michelle Motsko 3:35:52 (View Report) I finished my first triathlon!
Melissa Mulreany
Jeanine Murphy-Morris 3:26:04 (View Report) PR'd my swim and run!
Marainne Myrtue 3:02:13 (View Report)
Leslie Nissenberg 3:25:00 (View Report)
Ed O'Malley 2:37:00 (View Report)
Mike Ogden (View Report)
Matt Olsen
Marcos Otazo
Terri Pazornick (DNF) (View Report) knees still in poor shape- did not race
Brian Pomeroy 2:14:46 (View Report) Rain again!
Wendy Ray
Bob Reid 3:02:04 (View Report) at least I could run
Adam Rutz
Katie Schofield
Rick Schofield
Herman Schumacher
Gloria Serrao 3:30:50 (View Report) First Columbia!
Kim Sheridan 3:51:51 (View Report)
Todd Sherwood
Mona Shroff
Dean Siedlecki
Patricia Sims 3:21:19 (View Report)
Lesley Smith 3:28:06 (View Report)
Walter Smith 2:50:56 (View Report) mechanical problem on bike...good run
Jim Stratton
Sara Sturgess
Doug Sullivan 3:08:27 (View Report) has a lousy bike on wet pavement.
Deb Taylor 3:06:02 (View Report)
Stuart TenHoor 3:06:16 (View Report) 1st time Tri so PR
David Theilman
Sarah Thomas
Grace Tran 3:21:11 (View Report)
Tiffani Tyer
Carole Veihmeyer
Dave Vess
Adam Weddington 2:29:28 (View Report) Back to racing at one of my favorites
Mike Weingard
Bill Wheeler 2:25:46 (View Report) Relay Report 4th Out Of 14 Men's Relay
Susanne Woodlan
Choonghor Woon 2:45:25 (View Report)
Joseph Wu
Mark Yost 2:25:48 (View Report) Are we lucky or what?

Sunday, May 18, 2008
Kristina Adams
Rusty Allwein
Marc Applegate
Sadj Bartolo
Kelsie Bernot
Michele Bull 2:52:43 (View Report) Great result for the race that almost wasn't!!
Glenn Byrd
Erik Cohen
Tim Coulson
David Dash 2:37:55 (View Report)
Tom Dohler 2:47:49 (View Report)
Mike Dori 2:46:13 (View Report)
Alan Doucette 3:20:29 (View Report) First Triathlon!
Maura Dunnigan
Winsome Eu
Hector Garcia
Holly Gillum
Tim Goetzinger 3:22:19 (View Report) I found a way to mess up every aspect of this race...
Mary Lynn Hansen
Harold Harris
George Jacobs
Kevin Jones
Dave Jordan
Roch Kallmyer
Don Knott
Jean Kreis
Jesse Leitner
Stephen Levickas 2:12:54 (View Report) Breakout race. PR!
John Lilley
Geoff Matrangola
Todd Matthiesen 2:33:29 (View Report)
Tim Maxey
Michelle Miller
Ryan Mitchell
Wendy Newton
Ed O'Malley 2:35:00 (View Report)
Marcos Otazo
Lubin Palomino
Terri Pazornick 3:27:04 (View Report)
Brian Pomeroy
Chuck Potter
Michele Potter
Alistair Price
Jane Redmond
Bob Reid 2:51:14 (View Report)
Megan Ressler
Rick Ridgely
Philip Rupp 3:24:35 (View Report)
Jennifer Rutz 3:07:06 (View Report)
Debra Saltz 3:19:43 (View Report)
Rick Schofield
Carolyn Sherwood 2:48:50 (View Report)
Todd Sherwood
Dean Siedlecki
Melissa Simmens
Walter Smith 2:48:54 (View Report)
Andrew Sorkin
Doug Sullivan 3:00:52 (View Report)
Deb Taylor 2:54:52 (View Report)
Arnat Vale
Carole Veihmeyer
William Veihmeyer
Missie Vess 2:48:18 (View Report)
Thomas Voyten
Bill Wheeler 2:34:21 (View Report) had a good race
Susanne Woodlan
Choonghor Woon (View Report)
Mark Yost 2:29:51 (View Report) My first international distance tri

Sunday, May 20, 2007
Kristina Adams 2:37:16 (View Report) I think I might be hooked.
Marc Applegate 2:22:12 (View Report) Great Race!
Sadj Bartolo 3:35:00 (View Report) Not my day.....
Kelsie Bernot 2:41:10 (View Report) I LOVE MMTC!
Michele Bull 2:56:10 (View Report) Possibly my best race ever!
Glenn Byrd 2:30:42 (View Report) Relay with my 15 year old son
Tim Coulson 2:32:21 (View Report)
Tom Dohler 2:59:17 (View Report) Just Awesome
Mike Dori 2:45:36 (View Report) Good times!!
Winsome Eu 3:33:08 (View Report) I FINISHED!!!
Mitchell Franklin 3:11:22 (View Report) Great Race!
Wade Gaasch 2:41:38 (View Report)
Hector Garcia
Eric Garges 2:24:55 (View Report)
Mary Lynn Hansen 2:39:17 (View Report) Third time's a charm
Harold Harris
Grant Hicks
Brian Hochheimer 3:23:32 (View Report) Mama said there'd be days like this!
Kevin Jones 2:57:02 (View Report) My first international...
Don Knott
Jean Kreis
Ray Lake 3:20:01 (View Report)
Jesse Leitner 2:36:08 (View Report) no swim panic!
Stephen Levickas 2:19:58 (View Report) PR race. Felt great even with the rain.
Geoff Matrangola 2:54:10 (View Report) Good fun, even though it was wet
Tim Maxey
Marcos Otazo 2:54:20 (View Report)
Brian Pomeroy 2:22:49 (View Report) Great first Columbia Race
Bob Reid 2:54:51 (View Report) It is what it is!
Richard Renyer
Rick Ridgely
Dawn Rudolph 3:12:57 (View Report) My first Columbia - I think I like this!
Philip Rupp 3:03:20 (View Report)
Debra Saltz 3:20:45 (View Report)
Rick Schofield
Dean Siedlecki
Walter Smith 2:56:06 (View Report)
Doug Sullivan 3:23:58 (View Report) tastee lake water (not).
Arnat Vale 5:39:22 (View Report) 1:44:14 improvement from DE Diamondman from last year's half IM.
Bill Wheeler 2:37:41 (View Report) The Super Bowl Of Triathlons
Dave Wheeler 2:47:06 (View Report) Slightly slower than last year but not bad considering I did not start training until late in March.
Brian Whitesell
Martin Williams

Sunday, May 21, 2006
Rusty Allwein
Marc Applegate 2:27:03 (View Report)
Sadj Bartolo
Michele Bull 3:10:09 (View Report) My 1st Olympic distance tri! I can't believe I did it!!
Glenn Byrd
Tim Coulson 2:43:20 (View Report) Respect the Distance ANY Distance!
David Dash
Wade Gaasch 2:42:57 (View Report)
Eric Garges
George Jacobs 2:23:09 (View Report) Great day for MMTC
Don Knott
Kenneth Kreis 2:26:35 (View Report) Good Race
Amy Krupka 3:00:00 (View Report) training through Columbia for Eman
Jesse Leitner 2:46:20 (View Report) a meeting with my swim demons!
Stephen Levickas 2:28:05 (View Report) Good to back into Tri's - first one in 12 years
Buzz Loftus 3:17:46 (View Report) My first triathlon - Fun and exhausting!
Geoff Matrangola 2:48:04 (View Report) Nice weather
Tim Maxey 2:42:13 (View Report)
Kathy Meyer
Kristen Mylotte 3:35:28 (View Report) Wet suits suck! I'll chose to be a polar bear for life!
Bob Reid 2:48:06 (View Report) a PR and a wonderful day with MMTC
Rick Schofield
Carolyn Sherwood 3:06:35 (View Report)
Dean Siedlecki
Walter Smith 2:59:55 (View Report)
Chip Warfel 2:22:09 (View Report) It felt good today!
Bill Wheeler
Dave Wheeler 2:46:12 (View Report) Third Columbia tri and best time so far
Martin Williams

Sunday, May 22, 2005
Bob Bartolo (DNF) (View Report) They also serve who stand and shout
Sadj Bartolo 3:20:17 (View Report) The Columbia Triathlon Festival
Glenn Byrd 3:02:02 (View Report)
Laura Byrd
Tim Coulson 2:38:10 (View Report) Smooth seas do not make Skillful Sailors
David Dash
Maura Dunnigan 2:47:14 (View Report)
Scott Fisher 2:23:42 (View Report) Thanks to all!
Wade Gaasch
Brian Hochheimer 2:59:33 (View Report) First Tri as a MMT member
Dave Jordan 2:56:17 (View Report) first olympic distance, really enjoyed it, thanks MMTC
Don Knott
Kenneth Kreis 2:34:07 (View Report)
Ray Lake 3:18:46 (View Report)
Geoff Matrangola 2:46:33 (View Report) What happned to my time chip?
Tim Maxey 2:45:30 (View Report)
Bob Reid 3:05:55 (View Report)
Dean Siedlecki 2:49:55 (View Report) Great day for a race...didn't train as hard as last year.. :-(
Walter Smith 3:02:19 (View Report)
Chip Warfel 2:24:03 (View Report) great day at the Columbia Tri
Mike Weingard 2:46:49 (View Report) My First Columbia
Dave Wheeler 2:52:13 (View Report) Great weather - 7:15 faster than last year with late start to season.
Martin Williams