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General Race Information

Race: Nation's Triathlon
Location: Washington, DC
Type: Triathlon - International Distance

Sunday, September 11, 2016
Cabell Greenwood
Rafael Matos
Paula Smith

Sunday, September 13, 2015
Cabell Greenwood 2:41:56 (View Report)
Anthony Krohn
Rafael Matos

Sunday, September 7, 2014
Brady Decker 2:16:37 (View Report) Targets achieved despite significant adversity
Cabell Greenwood 2:06:30 (View Report) Another Duathlon
Jim Kaufmann 2:10:23 (View Report) My third tri and second one to have the swim cancelled!
Thomas Kish 1:59:49 (View Report) at least I didn't walk...

Sunday, September 8, 2013
Rusty Allwein
Adam Bussey
Doug Closter
Dan Fulk
Gary Gettier 2:57:45 (View Report) There was good, bad and ugly.
Chandra Haislet 3:38:20 (View Report) Slow and Steady
Grant Herdrich 2:26:21 (View Report) Nations Tri: Fun race but crowded.
Nicole Johnson
Anthony Krohn 2:38:00 (View Report)
Anna Muench (View Report) How to race when you are injured and can’t run, then your car breaks down on the way to the venue, and you arrive 2 hrs after the race starts….
Ed Murphy
Jeanine Murphy-Morris 3:01:58 (View Report) Great day and a PR
John Newman
Tyler Price
Eric Remoy 2:26:43 (View Report) Awesome course and a well-organized event
Adam Ruther
Ayumi Smith 2:40:18 (View Report) My 2nd Olympic tri !!
Jason Woo

Sunday, September 9, 2012
Andrea Ball
Pulak Datt
Gary Gettier 2:55:01 (View Report) A PR by 11 minutes!
Lance Jones
Thomas Kish
James Kleifges
John Lopez
Donta McEachern
Anna Muench
Michael Oliveira
Zoraida Rodriguez-Keeton
Missie Vess 2:26:27 (View Report) The race that almost wasn't

Sunday, September 11, 2011
Carl Blake 1:46:30 (View Report) The Nations Duathlon
Amberly Boyle 2:09:06 (View Report)
Edward Donahue
Christina Harvey
Thomas Kish 1:52:08 (View Report) My best triathlon that wasn't
Michelle Landis
Adrian Matthews 1:42:56 (View Report) Emotional final Nation's Tri
Donta McEachern
Heather Moldenhauer
Ed Murphy
Michael Oliveira 1:47:33 (View Report) Swim was cancelled. Bike - Run
John Ratz
Melissa Shelton 2:16:02 (View Report) Nation's "BRICK" - Swim was canceled
Lisa Steptoe
Michele Tuttle
Missie Vess 2:00:00 (View Report) Great Race, even without a swim
Adam Weddington
Robert Weddle
Chris Wolven

Sunday, September 12, 2010
James Bettis
Carl Blake 2:27:10 (View Report)
Susanne Breeback
Angela Dalton 2:48:13 (View Report)
Mike Harrington 2:40:43 (View Report)
Jen Jardeleza 2:58:22 (View Report) a wet race.....
Timothy Jardeleza 2:28:48 (View Report)
Lance Jones 2:45:13 (View Report) My Achilles Heel is....
Thomas Kish 2:31:57 (View Report) Singing in the rain in the Nation's Capital
Scott LaBorwit
David Matusow
Todd McClellan
Michael Oliveira 2:20:35 (View Report) Rainy but able to pull out a solid bike and strong enough run in a very tough field.
Brian Powers 2:54:43 (View Report)
John Ratz
Crystal Ray
Scott Walton 2:48:23 (View Report) Wet swim, wet bike, wet run...
Adam Weddington 2:21:52 (View Report) Great race in the rain!
Choonghor Woon
Mark Yost 2:20:20 (View Report) It is good to be healthy again

Sunday, September 13, 2009
David Anderson 2:33:19 (View Report) The Mayor only beat my by 7 minutes!
Chris Babcock
Carl Blake 2:13:45 (View Report) Nation Tri Relay race report
David Brenner 3:06:12 (View Report) Complete a Race Injured -- Check
Bridget Broullire
Logan Cooper
David Dash 2:32:08 (View Report)
Sandi Delcore 3:20:02 (View Report)
Nicholas Ey 3:46:48 (View Report) 1st olympic
Linda Giampalmo 3:11:31 (View Report) Enjoyed the race; definitely consider it if you want a flat/fast event.
Laura Hartman 2:32:28 (View Report) Still terrible at sighting in open water.
Ed Hollar 3:12:28 (View Report) Best part of the race was seeing my wife complete her 1st TRI!!!
Jen Jardeleza 2:59:38 (View Report)
Timothy Jardeleza 2:46:00 (View Report)
Lance Jones 2:56:10 (View Report) First International Distance Race (Lots of Potential!)
Scott Kallmeyer 2:51:39 (View Report) Nation's Tri, the nations worst tri?!?
Don Knott
Bill McMahon 2:50:26 (View Report)
Jeanine Murphy-Morris 3:16:29 (View Report)
Brian Powers 3:07:23 (View Report) good race, a lot of folks in the water at one time
Arpad Romandy 2:23:04 (View Report) Big event, flat and fast
Greg Schuler
Deb Taylor 2:55:07 (View Report) Ultimately, worth the #@&%*# !!
Susanne Woodlan
Mark Yost 2:20:49 (View Report) Crowded, but well worth it!

Sunday, September 14, 2008
Winsome Eu
Hector Garcia
Linda Giampalmo 3:31:59 (View Report)
Jeanine Murphy-Morris 3:29:10 (View Report)
Lubin Palomino
Terri Pazornick 3:19:39 (View Report)
Debra Saltz 3:09:48 (View Report)
Greg Schuler
Martin Williams
Susanne Woodlan
Mark Yost 2:21:36 (View Report) Don't miss this one! Local with a superb venue!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007
Tim Maxey
Philip Rupp 2:44:35 (View Report)

Sunday, September 17, 2006
Tim Coulson 1:59:17 (View Report)
Arnat Vale 2:08:30 (View Report)