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General Race Information

Race: Eagleman Ironman 70.3
Location: Cambridge, MD
Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman

Sunday, June 12, 2016
Richard Dollins
Deborah Gayle
Alex Howe
Timothy Jardeleza
Jim Kaufmann
Anthony Krohn
Vita Laignel
Rafael Matos
Pat McKeldin
David Raimist
Megan Ressler
Dean Siedlecki
Robert Weddle
Martin Williams

Sunday, June 14, 2015
Rebecca Bollweg
Elisabeth Jakobsen
Vita Laignel
Nicole Valentine

Sunday, June 8, 2014
Rusty Allwein 6:41:34 (View Report) The time doesn't always tell the story.
Felipe Arzayus
Michael Colohan
Ryan Dietrich 5:24:28 (View Report) 10 observations from Eagleman
Jennifer Dustin
Maurice Emery
Brad Ettinger
Lisa Farias
David Francis
Wade Gaasch
Lynne Galiatsatos 8:26:16 (View Report) SO MUCH FUN!!!
Deborah Gayle 5:30:54 (View Report) The faster the race...the longer the report
Jen Hayashi (View Report) I can't believe I didn't die
Grant Herdrich
Heather Jacobsen 6:10:50 (View Report)
Elisabeth Jakobsen
Jen Jardeleza
Timothy Jardeleza 5:15:01 (View Report) Not the day I wanted
Nicole Johnson
Linda Kelly
Anthony Krohn 5:40:00 (View Report)
Gregory Leger
Tanya Martof
Rafael Matos 6:24:58 (View Report)
Kelly McCullough
Bryan McMillan
Sheila Mongeon
Dan Mooney 5:09:49 (View Report) Eagleman - Tough Run
Eric Remoy 5:27:16 (View Report) My first Half Iron, so I was hoping for a PR!
Stephanie See (DNF) (View Report) Illness, Swim: 46:01, Bike: 3:03:45
Eileen Sien 3:54:51 (View Report) First time at this venue, hot, flat but great MMTC support!
Scott Sokolowski 6:03:07 (View Report)
Deb Taylor 5:34:33 (View Report)
Nicole Valentine 4:37:29 (View Report) Racing for a chance at Kona. Eagleman - second time around proved to be just as thrilling as the first. Thank you to MMTC for providing the inspiration and support!
Chip Warfel
Susan Watson
Robert Weddle
Shawn Young 4:27:45 (View Report) Hydrate on the Bike...AND also the Run
Aleah Zinalabedini (DNF) (View Report) First DNF, actually a gift!

Sunday, June 9, 2013
Philip Allen
Lynda Allera
Heather Beutel
Lara Blatchford 6:26:57 (View Report) First 70.3!
Adam Bussey
Lizzy Cowan 5:44:13 (View Report) I like turtles
Tim Delss 5:48:36 (View Report) Perseverance!
John Eckenrode
Sharon Edelson-Mammel 6:09:04 (View Report) Sea Nettles, mud & heat-Oh My! 1st Eagleman and a Half IM PR
Dan Fulk 5:21:58 (View Report)
Wade Gaasch
Matthew Jacobson
Jen Jardeleza 5:59:13 (View Report)
Timothy Jardeleza
Eric Johnson
Thomas Kish
Kevin Lascola 5:53:27 (View Report) First 70.3
Mark Lash
David MacGrath 6:57:58 (View Report) Ironman or Tough Mudder? Both?
Tanya Martof 7:22:00 (View Report) first 70.3
Bill McMahon
Amy Moore
Anna Muench
Ben Olvey
Beth Olvey
Mary Podbielski
Brian Richards 5:06:54 (View Report) "This Is Water"
Jorge Roldan
Bryce Rosicky
Julie Rosicky
Stephanie See (DNF) (View Report) Injured
Kim Sheridan 5:55:12 (View Report) Love Eagleman!
Dean Siedlecki 5:44:22 (View Report) GR8 Mosh Park, T1-T2, 8th E-man, weird tri-suit tan and great dinner friends in Salisbury.
Ben Skowronski
Jeff Smith 5:06:45 (View Report) 1st Eagleman and 2nd Ironman 70.3. 70.3 is no joke.
Scott Sokolowski 6:01:56 (View Report)
Alice Spriesterbach
Dawn Szarek 6:17:14 (View Report) Loved this race! Big learning experience
Greg Thomas
Nicole Valentine
Chip Warfel
Susan Watson 7:40:06 (View Report) Army Field Hospital is Swanky
Robert Weddle
Mark Wittholz
Jason Woo 6:26:53 (View Report) First half ironman race
Mark Yost 5:01:25 (View Report) Don't cross that line!
Aleah Zinalabedini 5:50:53 (View Report) All smiles after some serious self-doubt and near panic!

Sunday, June 10, 2012
Carlos Acaron
Laura Allred
Jeffrey Berger
Susanne Breeback
Bruce Chambliss 6:07:25 (View Report) Injured feet going into the race...
Jeff Colburn 7:15:59 (View Report) First 70.3
Michael Colohan
Jamie Courtney 5:58:00 (View Report)
Lizzy Cowan 5:55:56 (View Report) We'll be back!
Sandi Delcore 5:57:22 (View Report)
Tim Delss (DNF) (View Report) The "Good", The Bad and The Ugly
Michael Duffy
Jennifer Dustin
Maurice Emery 7:21:00 (View Report) Well, that was a little warm! rewrite
Lisa Farias
Wade Gaasch 5:10:06 (View Report)
Linda Giampalmo 7:19:00 (View Report) Some very cool/nice things happened because I signed up for Eagleman( despite the intense inferno)
Taryn Giza
Heather Jacobsen 6:51:20 (View Report)
Elisabeth Jakobsen
Jen Jardeleza 6:07:04 (View Report) A hot fun race with a PR
Timothy Jardeleza 5:13:05 (View Report)
Dane Jeeter 5:58:33 (View Report)
James Kleifges
Amy Krupka 5:50:00 (View Report)
Mark Lamont 6:14:07 (View Report) "If you are going through hell, keep on moving"
Mark Lash
Robert Leisner 7:19:15 (View Report) 1st 70.3 Race and finished!
Adrian Matthews 5:17:04 (View Report) It’s not about the bus or the bike ….
Donta McEachern
Bill McMahon 6:05:30 (View Report)
Steve Meininger
Jason Miller
Jim Mitchell
Gwen Musk
Leslie Nissenberg
Jake Oergel
Beth Olvey
Michael Petersen 5:41:01 (View Report) Of Fonzie, Voldemort, and the voices in my head...
Brian Richards 5:01:06 (View Report) Ode to Eagleman
Kortney Ringel
Chris Rohde 4:49:03 (View Report)
George Schlossnagle 5:13:09 (View Report) Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face
Stephanie See 7:42:20 (View Report)
Hanna Sheffrin 6:16:11 (View Report)
Kim Sheridan
Dean Siedlecki 5:34:59 (View Report) Mild Humidity, HOT RUN and Very support MMTC extended family
Douglas Smith 5:46:40 (View Report) You get what you train for!
Scott Sokolowski 5:53:13 (View Report) Helmet issue, but not really
George Thomas
Loretta Trumble
Cathy Tucker
Kjell van der Waals 4:47:12 (View Report)
Robert Villanueva
Erin Villard
Susan Watson (DNF) (View Report) Teaser- The bear got me this time
Robert Weddle
Mark Wittholz
Mark Yost 5:02:59 (View Report) When good legs go bad.....
Shawn Young 4:25:03 (View Report) Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!
Aleah Zinalabedini

Sunday, June 12, 2011
Carlos Acaron
James Bettis
Susanne Breeback
Jim Cioffi
Erik Cohen
Michael Colohan
Kathi Cover
Emily Dahlgren
Sandi Delcore 6:13:22 (View Report)
Tim Delss
Michael Duffy
Lisa Farias
Wade Gaasch 5:17:18 (View Report)
Hector Garcia 5:50:14 (View Report) I will keep doing this race until I get it right!
Aldona Glemza
Lisa Goines
Elisabeth Jakobsen
Jen Jardeleza 6:40:22 (View Report) Redemption, and a 38 min PR from last year
Timothy Jardeleza 5:39:09 (View Report)
Douglas Jones
Lance Jones 6:14:42 (View Report) One "Ouch" of a PR!
Scott Kallmeyer 6:26:42 (View Report)
Thomas Kish
Robin Kovach
Amy Krupka
Stephen Levickas 4:30:41 (View Report) Ran myself to another PR!
Jeff Lopez 7:28:17 (View Report) My First 70.3
Adrian Matthews 5:20:17 (View Report) First Eagleman and first ride in a yellow school bus
David Matusow
Bill McMahon 6:08:42 (View Report) 16 minutes better than last year!
Steve Meininger
Jim Mitchell 6:47:26 (View Report)
Gwen Musk 7:36:23 (View Report) First HIM and a 70.3 magnet
Peter Odunne
Ben Olvey
Dave Orlik 6:02:53 (View Report) 1/2 IM #2: A hot time at the beach
Todd Pearsall
Melinda Peters 5:33:45 (View Report) I LOVE THIS RACE! Positive thinking!
Michael Petersen 6:46:42 (View Report) Lot of lessons in my first 70.3
Arpad Romandy 5:18:42 (View Report) Much better then last year
Philip Rupp 5:48:06 (View Report)
Barry Scheitlin
George Schlossnagle 5:30:28 (View Report) my first eagleman - a decent overall showing, if disappointing in its parts
Rick Schofield
Kim Sheridan
Heidi Shoemaker
Scott Sokolowski 6:27:18 (View Report) First Eagleman, first Half.
Cathy Tucker
Chip Warfel
Robert Weddle 6:10:41 (View Report)
Sara Wolfson
Mark Yost 4:59:33 (View Report) A tough day on the EM course

Sunday, June 13, 2010
Carlos Acaron
Anastasia Ataras 5:08:00 (View Report) Don't get excited. That's my time for the aqua velo.
Micah Bernard
David Brenner 8:05:48 (View Report) Eagleman - Death before DNF
Bruce Chambliss
Erik Cohen
Sandi Delcore 6:32:55 (View Report) EagleMan - where MMTC friends meet
John Eckenrode
Lisa Farias
Wade Gaasch
Hector Garcia
Aldona Glemza 7:29:11 (View Report)
Ed Hollar
Keely Ireland
Matthew Jacobson 6:07:28 (View Report)
Jen Jardeleza 7:18:01 (View Report) first half ironman
Lance Jones 6:55:48 (View Report) Good Times.... Really!
Scott Kallmeyer
Don Knott
Michael Matney 5:10:08 (View Report) Didn’t meet either of my race goals, best race I ever had at this distance!
Geoff Matrangola 6:05:52 (View Report) Hot enough for 'ya
Bill McMahon 6:24:17 (View Report) 1st time doing a 1/2 Iron Man....a lttle warm
Jeanine Murphy-Morris 7:18:13 (View Report) First HIM - Can you OD on electrolytes?
George Olean
Marcos Otazo
Melinda Peters
Brian Powers 7:27:28 (View Report) First 70.3, great time and looking forward to Miami 70.3
Arpad Romandy 5:40:00 (View Report) Was it hot enough?
Jennifer Ruch
Philip Rupp 6:34:53 (View Report)
Rick Schofield
Suzanne Serpcio 4:50:00 (View Report)
Gloria Serrao 7:16:06 (View Report) Individual sport - but sure glad so many of you were there to SHARE it!!
Kim Sheridan
Dean Siedlecki
Patricia Sims 7:33:48 (View Report) Wow, tough day! I'm just happy I finished...sort of!!
Alice Spriesterbach
Richard Taylor
Cathy Tucker 6:48:54 (View Report) My first half IM--what an amazing day!
Chip Warfel 5:24:02 (View Report) It was a hot one!
Bill Wheeler 5:47:43 (View Report) Hot, Humid, Humbling
Martin Williams
Benjamin Winterroth
Susanne Woodlan
Choonghor Woon 5:45:03 (View Report) Character Building Day
Mark Yost 5:00:18 (View Report) Wrestling with demons at Eagleman 2010!

Sunday, June 14, 2009
Carlos Acaron
Teresa Byrnes
Erik Cohen
David Dash 5:13:25 (View Report)
Mike Dori 5:48:09 (View Report) Good times... now I just need to learn how to run.
Alan Doucette 5:54:02 (View Report) Tale of two numbers--20 mph avg on the bike :-), 3x vomited on the run :-(
Lisa Farias
Wade Gaasch (DNF) (View Report)
Hector Garcia 6:16:57 (View Report) Third time is a charm...PR!
Linda Giampalmo 7:35:00 (View Report) Absolutely great finish! So thankful for MMTC!!!
Brian Hochheimer 6:42:16 (View Report) I can only imagine how hard this was in last year's heat!
Ed Hollar 7:21:16 (View Report) First HIM in the books
Scott Kallmeyer 5:57:45 (View Report) The ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah
Don Knott
Stephen Levickas 2:52:36 (View Report) Aquavelo due to injury
Michael Matney 5:00:19 (View Report) The pheonix has risen.
Geoff Matrangola 5:30:04 (View Report) I didn't feel like I was drafting
Todd Matthiesen 5:27:13 (View Report)
Todd McClellan 4:17:06 (View Report)
Sonya McFarland
Kathy Meyer
Scott Moffet 5:27:42 (View Report)
Stacey Moffet
Ed O'Malley 5:25:00 (View Report)
Mike Ogden (View Report)
Matt Olsen
Marcos Otazo
Bob Reid 6:20:50 (View Report)
Rick Schofield
Herman Schumacher
Todd Sherwood
Dean Siedlecki 5:43:00 (View Report) Perfect weather until the Sunny Runny
Jamie Sobhani 6:38:15 (View Report) Eagleman RR- First Tri Ever
Doug Sullivan 6:29:15 (View Report) last time I do a flat half distance w/out aero bars. Wind simply killed my bike.
David Theilman
Susanne Woodlan
Choonghor Woon 5:28:46 (View Report) My first half IM
Mark Yost 4:42:05 (View Report) Almost perfect weather -- an almost perfect day

Sunday, June 8, 2008
Marc Applegate
Michele Bull 6:06:26 (View Report) Goal for the day... survive the heat!!
Glenn Byrd
Erik Cohen
David Dash 5:35:15 (View Report)
Winsome Eu
Hector Garcia
Mary Lynn Hansen
Harold Harris
Kevin Jones
Don Knott
Jesse Leitner
Stephen Levickas 4:42:18 (View Report) HOT! PR! Awesome day!
Geoff Matrangola
Todd Matthiesen 5:57:45 (View Report) Too hot and humid for me
Tim Maxey
Todd McClellan 4:37:25 (View Report)
Steve Meininger
Marcos Otazo
Catherine Paquin (DNF) (View Report) Hot, hot, hot
Chuck Potter
Michele Potter
Bob Reid 6:00:17 (View Report)
Jennifer Rutz 7:31:20 (View Report)
Debra Saltz 6:41:20 (View Report)
Todd Sherwood
Dean Siedlecki
Matthew Texler
William Veihmeyer
Thomas Voyten
Martin Williams
Mark Yost 4:57:33 (View Report) A hot day in Cambridge

Sunday, June 10, 2007
Marc Applegate 4:43:51 (View Report) PR, 20 minutes faster than last year!
Kristina Bennett 6:36:29 (View Report) First Half Ironman a Success!
Glenn Byrd 5:34:42 (View Report)
Tim Coulson 5:04:03 (View Report)
Maura Dunnigan 5:43:06 (View Report) No pitty parties for my mistakes!
Wade Gaasch 4:57:43 (View Report)
Hector Garcia
Eric Garges 4:50:36 (View Report) Fast, fast , fast !!!!
Harold Harris
Don Knott 5:38:24 (View Report)
Amy Krupka 5:50:00 (View Report) Turkeys are faster than me!
Jesse Leitner 5:06:51 (View Report) perfect conditions!
Stephen Levickas 4:48:26 (View Report) First half ironman. Great weather. Met my goal.
Tim Maxey
Kristen Mylotte
Catherine Paquin 7:49:58 (View Report) I FINISHED!!!!!!!
Bob Reid 5:43:00 (View Report) Great weather conditions!
Richard Renyer
Dean Siedlecki 5:09:14 (View Report) What GREAT conditions for a race!!!
Arnat Vale 5:39:22 (View Report)
Chip Warfel 4:38:00 (View Report) Wow! What a fast field this year.
Bill Wheeler 5:04:40 (View Report) Eagleman (Thangs that make you go hmmmm?)
Dave Wheeler 5:43:00 (View Report) Ok race. Still in the base pahse of my training.
Martin Williams