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General Race Information

Race: Baltimore 10 Miler
Location: Baltimore, MD
Type: Run - 10 mile

Saturday, June 4, 2016
Donald Brinkley
Meg Jenkins
Paula Smith
Doug Spezzano

Saturday, June 6, 2015
Jonathan Anderson
Safari Charles
Deb Cooley 1:46:37 (View Report) First time at this distance
Brian Eisentraut
Wade Gaasch
Meg Jenkins
Marcia Kelmenson
Sheila Mongeon
Efram Perry
Doug Spezzano

Saturday, June 14, 2014
Angela Adelman
Philip Allen
Jeffrey Berger
Christina Cather
Gwendolyn Clemens
Brian Eisentraut
Lisa Farias
Charles Hoopes 1:19:09 (View Report)
Kelly McCullough
Shuntae McKelvin
Scott Sokolowski 1:25:14 (View Report)
Dawn Szarek

Sunday, June 16, 2013
Philip Allen
Rusty Allwein
Laura Beck
Debrah Bell
Jeffrey Berger
Bruce Chambliss
Jennifer Dustin
Aldona Glemza
Scott Goldblatt 1:22:02 (View Report)
Deborah Hemingway
Keely Ireland
Samantha Kieley 1:29:42 (View Report)
Eric Remoy
Faith Rhodes 1:56:38 (View Report)
Julie Rosicky
Philip Rupp
Hanna Sheffrin 1:32:18 (View Report)
Jack Sheffrin 1:40:37 (View Report)
Scott Sokolowski 1:31:31 (View Report)
Christina Stanley
John Stanmore
Dawn Szarek
Deb Taylor 1:12:55 (View Report)
Faye Weaver
Rhonda Workman

Saturday, June 16, 2012
Lisa Amaral 1:56:37 (View Report)
Andrea Ball
Heather Beutel
Shane Bogan
Erik Cohen
Jamie Courtney
Jennifer Dustin
Lisa Farias
Wade Gaasch
Dan Goodwin 1:28:58 (View Report)
Keely Ireland
Dan Mooney 1:06:58 (View Report) Need to learn to run the second half of a race!
Cecilia Murach
Marainne Myrtue 1:18:14 (View Report)
Nicole Remeikis-Bishop
Philip Rupp 1:07:24 (View Report)
Scott Sokolowski 1:32:32 (View Report)
John Stanmore
Shannon Stevens
Deb Taylor 1:12:38 (View Report) Happy:)
Stephan Uzzell 1:17:29 (View Report) In which our hero learns something about setting unrealistic expectations
Heather Vahovich
Faye Weaver 1:26:56 (View Report)

Saturday, June 18, 2011
Laura Allred 1:44:38 (View Report)
Karl Barrus 1:32:19 (View Report)
Bruce Chambliss
Roy Cheeks
Tracy Cumberland 1:52:16 (View Report) 2 years later, 22 min faster I went, but not my goal pace
Lisa Farias
Dane Jeeter 1:24:30 (View Report)
Joshua Meyers 1:14:05 (View Report)
Jason Miller
Dan Mooney 1:17:07 (View Report)
Bob Mullen 1:31:21 (View Report)
Dave Orlik 1:16:49 (View Report) Redemption, for running at least
Amy Petersen-Smith 1:46:27 (View Report) Longest race to date
Philip Rupp 1:09:49 (View Report)
Mary Pat Smith 1:34:46 (View Report)
Scott Sokolowski 1:31:47 (View Report)
Deb Taylor 1:21:09 (View Report) Thank God for the run:)
Heeyoung Weddington 1:26:12 (View Report) Tough race- hilly course and hot and humid weather and poor physical condition

Saturday, June 19, 2010
Laura Allred 1:38:45 (View Report)
Karl Barrus 1:28:46 (View Report)
Bruce Chambliss
Lizzy Cowan 1:37:22 (View Report)
Erika Ebright 1:20:31 (View Report)
Nic Ebright
Sue Emerson
Kimberly Fusco
Veronica Galindo-Otazo 1:38:02 (View Report)
Kevin Hadlock 1:23:51 (View Report)
Mike Harrington 1:35:46 (View Report) 9:35 pace and neg split to boot - not bad for first 10 miler!
Jen Heron 1:30:02 (View Report) Hot Hot Hot
Keely Ireland
Dane Jeeter 1:22:03 (View Report)
Kristin Royer 1:42:57 (View Report)
Scott Sokolowski 1:32:18 (View Report) First official longer-distance run
Allen Thrift
Dan Voeltner 1:21:17 (View Report) tough sledding
Robert Weddle 1:45:07 (View Report)

Saturday, June 20, 2009
Erik Cohen
Tracy Cumberland 2:21:13 (View Report) Great race and course
Carin Ganjon
Aldona Glemza 1:40:42 (View Report) awesome race in spite of rain - but missed my goal by 42 seconds
Kevin Hadlock 1:33:28 (View Report)
Marainne Myrtue 1:24:26 (View Report)
Catherine Paquin 1:57:57 (View Report) Great race course, even in the pouring rain
Terri Pazornick 1:48:46 (View Report)
Wendy Ray
Lesley Smith
Grace Tran 1:25:59 (View Report)
Mike Weingard

Saturday, June 21, 2008
Erik Cohen
Tim Delss 1:30:42 (View Report) No training what so ever
Veronica Galindo-Otazo 1:34:58 (View Report)
Grace Tran 1:24:08 (View Report)
Cathy Tucker