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General Race Information

Race: Annapolis 10 Mile Run
Location: Annapolis,
Type: Run - 10 mile
Comment: 10M Run

Comments from Club Members

1. Kristen Mylotte: JUNE 1ST RACE ENTRY OPENS!!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014
Brady Decker 1:31:18 (View Report) First RR - Pardon the dust
Kevin Lascola 1:19:11 (View Report)
Stephanie See
Dean Siedlecki 1:26:47 (View Report) Good weather fell twice, great premium, and great post-race

Sunday, September 1, 2013
April Doss 1:57:07 (View Report)
Heather Federici
Amy Krupka
Kevin Lascola 1:20:58 (View Report)
Mark Lash
Megan Ressler
Philip Rupp
Dean Siedlecki
John Stanmore
Deb Taylor 1:12:14 (View Report)

Sunday, August 26, 2012
Bruce Chambliss
Mario Garcia
Mary Lynn Hansen
Meg Jenkins
Kevin Lascola 1:25:24 (View Report)
Dan Mooney 1:10:32 (View Report) Fun running in rain and lightening - actually better then heat.
Cecilia Murach
Marainne Myrtue 1:17:52 (View Report)
Megan Ressler
Dean Siedlecki
John Stanmore
Deb Taylor 1:15:00 (View Report)
Robert Weddle

Sunday, August 28, 2011
Karl Barrus (View Report)
Shane Bogan
Bruce Chambliss
Wade Gaasch
Jen Hayashi
Heather Jacobsen
Scott Kallmeyer
Amy Krupka
Mark Lash
Peter Odunne
Kim Sheridan
Dawn Smyers
Missie Vess
Robert Weddle
Chris Wolven

Sunday, August 29, 2010
Karl Barrus 1:29:26 (View Report)
Heather Beutel 1:26:59 (View Report)
Shane Bogan 1:34:15 (View Report)
Michael Duffy
Scott LaBorwit
Dan Mooney 1:16:13 (View Report)
Marainne Myrtue 1:19:13 (View Report)
Dave Orlik
Philip Rupp 1:13:53 (View Report)
Stephanie See 1:51:08 (View Report)
Deb Taylor 1:20:33 (View Report)
Missie Vess
Dan Voeltner 1:26:30 (View Report)
Robert Weddle 1:46:21 (View Report)

Sunday, August 30, 2009
Sadj Bartolo 1:44:53 (View Report) Getting smarter if not faster
Erik Cohen
Mike Dori 1:41:52 (View Report)
Linda Giampalmo
Mary Lynn Hansen
Scott Kallmeyer 1:28:11 (View Report)
Rafael Matos
Dan Mooney 1:15:27 (View Report)
Michelle Motsko
Jeanine Murphy-Morris 1:45:36 (View Report)
Marainne Myrtue 1:22:32 (View Report)
Lindsay O'Steen 1:33:29 (View Report)
Arpad Romandy 1:20:22 (View Report) not bad seeing my warm up was....
Philip Rupp
Greg Schuler
Gloria Serrao
Kim Sheridan 1:28:33 (View Report)
Dean Siedlecki
Deb Taylor 1:19:56 (View Report) Favorite beer & gear race:)
Grace Tran
Cathy Tucker
Tiffani Tyer
Dave Vess
Missie Vess 1:23:24 (View Report) Beautiful day for a race
Mike Weingard

Sunday, August 24, 2008
Mike Dori 1:39:53 (View Report)
Alan Doucette 1:21:42 (View Report) Hot, very hot.
Mitchell Franklin
John Geigley
Brian Hochheimer 1:42:28 (View Report) What Bridge?
Stephen Levickas 1:10:47 (View Report) Great day for a race
Rafael Matos
Philip Rupp
Greg Schuler
Dean Siedlecki
Sarah Thomas
Dave Vess

Sunday, August 26, 2007
Michele Bull 1:37:11 (View Report) Happy to keep it under 10 minute miles... (9:43)
Glenn Byrd
David Dash 1:08:52 (View Report)
Mitchell Franklin 1:46:00 (View Report) Tough hilly race
Wade Gaasch
John Geigley 1:47:49 (View Report)
Mary Lynn Hansen 1:18:18 (View Report) good training run
Bryan Hantman
Kevin Jones 1:40:28 (View Report) First time I've run 10 miles....
Jesse Leitner 1:11:51 (View Report) very humid, but not so hot this year!
Stephen Levickas 1:15:40 (View Report) Worst Annapolis 10 miler in a long time!
Marcos Otazo
Shawn Rakes 1:41:29 (View Report) Annapolis is more hilly than I thought it would be.
Philip Rupp
Jennifer Rutz 1:37:11 (View Report)
Dean Siedlecki
Sarah Thomas
Dave Vess
Martin Williams

Sunday, August 27, 2006
David Dash
Eric Garges 1:05:38 (View Report) Great Event
Amy Krupka 1:38:00 (View Report) 33 minutes slower than Eric
Stephen Levickas 1:12:19 (View Report) First Annapolis 10 miler in 12 years
Tim Maxey
Philip Rupp
Dean Siedlecki
Arnat Vale 1:12:41 (View Report)
Bill Wheeler 1:14:27 (View Report) A10 Another Great Race.
Dave Wheeler 1:26:32 (View Report) A-10, A Great Race.

Sunday, August 28, 2005
Glenn Byrd 1:20:20 (View Report)
David Dash
Scott Fisher 1:09:21 (View Report) Everything clicked
Wade Gaasch 1:19:33 (View Report)
Tim Maxey
Sarah Thomas
Dave Wheeler