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General Race Information

Race: Half Full Triathlon
Location: Ellicott City, MD
Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman

Sunday, October 6, 2013
Rusty Allwein
Joanne Alme
Bram Arrington
Aimee Becker
Carl Blake 5:21:29 (View Report)
Bruce Chambliss
Doug Closter
Michael Colohan
Atticus Cosgrove
Danielle Crump
Dan Fulk
Mary Lynn Hansen
Peggy Hoffman 7:22:02 (View Report) My first half!
Matthew Jacobson
Timothy Keefe
Anthony Krohn
Mark Lamont
Lynn Lascola (View Report) Relay
Alice Massey
Kate McDowell
Bryan McMillan
Sheila Mongeon
Dan Mooney 5:02:56 (View Report)
Paul Mosa
Anna Muench
John Newman
Chad Nordby
Ed O'Malley
Elisha Peterson 4:41:33 (View Report) This is a great race, but the hot run obliterated me
Nicole Remeikis-Bishop
Herman Schumacher
Amy Somerville 6:51:42 (View Report) 90+ degrees in October-ouch!
Dawn Szarek 6:28:00 (View Report) Finally a good swim for me!
Deb Taylor 5:36:40 (View Report)
Missie Vess

Sunday, October 7, 2012
Rusty Allwein
Bram Arrington
Andrea Ball
Sadj Bartolo
Aimee Becker
Stacey Belsky
Jeffrey Berger
Dave Blair
Carl Blake
Bruce Chambliss
Michael Colohan
Michael Duffy
Jennifer Dustin
John Eckenrode 5:53:36 (View Report) I "Raced Lance" and was only 10 minutes wave start
Maurice Emery
Linda Giampalmo (View Report) Very Thankful to be Healthy!
Taryn Giza
Mary Lynn Hansen
Matthew Jacobson
Timothy Jardeleza 5:13:17 (View Report)
Dane Jeeter
Eric Johnson 5:38:50 (View Report)
Robin Kovach 5:28:44 (View Report) Relay
Bill Liguori
Kate McDowell 6:17:58 (View Report) Most fun race ever.
Lon Meier
Ben Mertes
Sheila Mongeon 4:25:16 (View Report)
Dan Mooney 5:36:20 (View Report) Another Cold Race - But Love Fighting for this Race
Anna Muench
Gwen Musk 7:22:52 (View Report)
Leslie Nissenberg
Jake Oergel
Laura Parsons
Bob Reid
Nicole Remeikis-Bishop
Jennifer Rutz
Herman Schumacher
Marla Shapiro 8:15:01 (View Report) What do you call the first & last people to finish a triathlon?
Dean Siedlecki 6:15:11 (View Report) COLD, Wet, COLD, Hilly/Chilly, Warm Med tent, flowing beer.
Dawn Smyers
Roger Stott
Deb Taylor 5:57:37 (View Report)
Loretta Trumble
Stephan Uzzell
Missie Vess
Chip Warfel
Mark Wittholz
Rhonda Workman 6:30:29 (View Report)
Kristin Wowak (DNF) (View Report)
Aleah Zinalabedini

Sunday, October 2, 2011
Laura Allred 6:49:45 (View Report)
Aimee Becker
Bruce Chambliss 5:48:08 (View Report)
Jim Cioffi
Lizzy Cowan (View Report)
Emily Dahlgren
Nic Ebright
Sharon Edelson-Mammel 6:41:35 (View Report) A cold, wet, and bittersweet race.
Maurice Emery 6:31:23 (View Report) Great Race, Great Cause, Great First season
Jennifer Feldman
Conrad Fernandes
Mario Garcia 7:01:06 (View Report) My first half.
Dan Goodwin
Mary Lynn Hansen 5:40:50 (View Report) Good training for next year
Dane Jeeter 6:19:46 (View Report) First Half Ironman Distance
Eric Johnson 5:30:02 (View Report)
Don Klein
Steven Klement 6:13:23 (View Report) Relay team with my two sons
Robin Kovach 5:11:30 (View Report) Awesome Race for a Great Cause
Mark Lash
Marcie Lovell
Todd Matthiesen 5:18:39 (View Report) Way undertrained, toe not 100% recovered. Super cold...
Bill McMahon 6:32:19 (View Report) cold
Bryan McMillan 8:10:01 (View Report) It may not be pretty, but apparently you can wing a half ironman.
Ben Mertes 2:42:13 (View Report) Relay
Joshua Meyers 5:12:51 (View Report)
Jim Mitchell 6:15:04 (View Report) God bless UCF
Scott Moffet 5:33:00 (View Report)
Susie Montoya
Dan Mooney 5:41:57 (View Report)
Beth Olvey
Marcos Otazo
Jessica Pearsall
Melinda Peters
Bob Reid 6:21:01 (View Report)
Nicole Remeikis-Bishop
Brian Richards 5:47:17 (View Report) First half length (minus the .3, of course...)
Herman Schumacher
Kim Sheridan
Dean Siedlecki (DNF) (View Report) DNF from flatting 14miles in Bike---bummer
Carla Trevizo
Loretta Trumble 6:13:34 (View Report) Chilly on the outside, warm fuzzy on the inside
Kjell van der Waals 5:00:37 (View Report)
Sergio Vazquez
Sara Wolfson
Aleah Zinalabedini (View Report)

Sunday, October 3, 2010
Laura Allred 5:55:37 (View Report) Just the swim part of the relay. Relay time above
David Anderson 5:35:46 (View Report) A great feeling to finish my first 1/2
Karl Barrus 7:05:08 (View Report) challenging half
Heather Beutel
Willie Brennan
Erik Cohen
Michael Colohan
David Dash
Sandi Delcore 7:02:05 (View Report)
Erika Ebright 6:22:55 (View Report)
Trisha Frick
Veronica Galindo-Otazo 6:46:26 (View Report) Yikes, my body ached on the bike!
Hector Garcia 5:34:27 (View Report) Great race!
Aldona Glemza (View Report)
Curtis Henry
Kiersten Henry 7:36:14 (View Report) Managed to not DNF
Dane Jeeter
Kristin Johnson
Timothy Keefe 5:56:25 (View Report)
Don Klein
Don Knott
Robin Kovach 6:10:58 (View Report) Great Race, Great Cause, Great Teammates
Chad Manifold
Todd Matthiesen 5:14:39 (View Report) Great First Year Event!
Todd McClellan
Bill McMahon 6:22:03 (View Report) fun!
Bryan McMillan 6:41:12 (View Report) 2 glasses of wine and a discount code
Joshua Meyers 5:32:38 (View Report) Rough start, but I pulled through!
Jim Mitchell
Kimberly Mitchell 38:36:00 (View Report) Relay - Swim leg
Susie Montoya
Jeanine Murphy-Morris 7:11:38 (View Report) Great event, great day
Lindsay O'Steen
Laura Parsons 3:39:00 (View Report) Bicycle leg only
Melinda Peters
Bob Reid 6:14:47 (View Report)
Robert Roederer
Kara Rogich 6:58:00 (View Report) First relay
Arpad Romandy 5:14:19 (View Report) What a fantastic event!
Dawn Rudolph 6:06:12 (View Report) Best $70 I ever spent!
Jennifer Rutz
George Schlossnagle
Herman Schumacher
Marla Shapiro (View Report) swim leg of the relay - almost derailed by SIPE
Kim Sheridan
Alice Spriesterbach
Bennie Sullivan 6:36:42 (View Report) great event, great support.
Theresa Symonds
Richard Taylor
Loretta Trumble 6:52:25 (View Report) 100% Full of praises for the Half Full
Carole Veihmeyer
Robert Weddle 6:51:40 (View Report)
Bill Wheeler 5:22:12 (View Report) Best Half Ironman In Maryland
Choonghor Woon