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General Race Information

Race: Celebration Sprint Triathlon
Location: Columbia, MD
Type: Triathlon - Sprint

Sunday, June 23, 2013
Jonathan Anderson 1:43:34 (View Report) Race every year as a guage, best one yet
Sadj Bartolo 2:29:58 (View Report) A Most Excellent Celebration!
Aimee Becker
Russ Burris
Thomas Christl
Atticus Cosgrove
Lizzy Cowan 1:41:17 (View Report)
Michael Crouch 1:50:49 (View Report) Need to work on that open water swim!
Michael D'Angelo 1:31:51 (View Report)
David Dash
Brittany Ebbertt 2:14:19 (View Report)
Gary Gettier
Michael Harris
Art Henry
Dan Kelsey
Anthony Krohn
Diana Kurcfeld (View Report) DNS
Kevin Lascola 1:39:24 (View Report) I should swim and run more
Geoff Matrangola
Bill McMahon
Bob Mullen
Gary Pattik
Tyler Price
Elizabeth Rupp
Marla Shapiro
Ayumi Smith 1:44:35 (View Report)
Douglas Smith 1:32:00 (View Report) short races hard!
Jill Smulson
Christina Stanley
Dawn Szarek 1:59:57 (View Report) I love this race!
Greg Thomas
Nicole Thomas 1:58:04 (View Report)
Michele Tuttle
Will Wagner
Susan Watson
Kevin Wiechelt
Anne Wood

Sunday, June 24, 2012
Eleanor Adcock
Lisa Amaral
Bram Arrington 1:41:36 (View Report) A Close Shave
Andrea Ball
Sadj Bartolo
Aimee Becker
Dave Blair
Shane Bogan 1:58:36 (View Report) Couldn't have gone much better!
Emily Bonham 1:56:44 (View Report) Swim, Bike, Bonk? Not this time!
Mary Ciesluk 0:29:15 (View Report) Swim Relay
Lizzy Cowan 1:44:48 (View Report) First age group win!
Michael Crouch 0:54:17 (View Report) Bike Relay
David Dundas
Jennifer Dustin
Jill Eisenberg
Jenni Ferguson 3:09:10 (View Report) I'm not doing it, I'm doing it, I'm not doing it, oh wait I am....
Hector Garcia
Dan Goodwin 1:53:56 (View Report)
Christina Harvey
Art Henry 2:16:45 (View Report) This one goes in the wash not on the wall....
Suzanne Huyler 2:29:41 (View Report) The last bike standing...
Mark Lamont 1:50:34 (View Report) a day in the park.....centennial park
Kevin Lascola 1:44:49 (View Report)
Tanya Martof 2:16:37 (View Report)
Lon Meier
Ben Mertes 1:36:06 (View Report) A podium any day is a good day! Mike Oliveira~
Kimberly Mitchell 2:27:48 (View Report) Survived my 1st Tri and was smiling at the finish!!
Bob Mullen 2:16:53 (View Report)
Marainne Myrtue 1:49:40 (View Report)
Mary Podbielski
Brian Richards 1:34:21 (View Report) Apples To Apples
Sarah Rigsbee
Allyson Rogan
Herman Schumacher
Marla Shapiro 2:21:04 (View Report) 50 is OK but sexagenarians do it faster!
Jill Smulson 1:57:50 (View Report) Just because others walk, doesn't mean I have to as well.
Roger Stott 1:45:15 (View Report) PRs for Swim, T1, Bike, T2, and Run!
Nicole Tasin
Greg Thomas 2:08:50 (View Report) Such amazing people competing!
Doug Tucci
Michele Tuttle
Heather Vahovich
William Veihmeyer
Missie Vess 1:41:08 (View Report) 1st Sprint in 5 Years - 1st AG Win!
Will Wagner
Susan Watson (View Report) An AG win!
Kevin Wiechelt
Mark Wittholz
Kristin Wowak 0:39:13 (View Report) Swim only
Kathie Zarzecki 2:53:26 (View Report)
Aleah Zinalabedini 2:02:27 (View Report) Just not my day

Sunday, June 26, 2011
Sandy Abel
Carlos Acaron
Eleanor Adcock
Lisa Amaral 2:39:37 (View Report)
Jonathan Anderson 1:57:56 (View Report) Second Tri at the Celebration and I rocked it personally
Bram Arrington 1:43:41 (View Report) 22:12 faster than last year!
Bob Bartolo 2:47:19 (View Report) Sometimes it DOES take a village
Aimee Becker
Barry Bogage 2:52:06 (View Report) My first tri!
Shane Bogan 2:00:44 (View Report) Was 14 minutes faster than last year!
Roy Cheeks
Jim Cioffi
Lizzy Cowan 1:51:21 (View Report) PR and first trophy ever!!!
Michael Duffy 1:46:12 (View Report) A little worse for the wear, but over all fun race
Claudia Eckstrom
Jill Eisenberg
Hector Garcia 1:44:07 (View Report) Everything worked!
Taryn Giza 2:01:29 (View Report)
Mike Harrington
Christina Harvey
Jen Hayashi
Robert Hornbacher 2:11:17 (View Report)
Jen Jardeleza 1:59:31 (View Report) Finally broke 2 hours! PR
Timothy Jardeleza 1:33:33 (View Report) The view from the front (As in the first wave)
Kristin Johnson
Suellen Kneller
Mark Lamont 1:50:00 (View Report) Fun day! Great Weather!
Kevin Lascola 2:00:53 (View Report)
Mark Mammel 1:56:56 (View Report)
Alice Massey
Steve Meininger
Janet Menton
Ben Mertes 1:41:01 (View Report)
Jason Miller 1:35:27 (View Report) Amazing second triathlon!
Jim Mitchell
Kimberly Mitchell
Sheila Mongeon 2:46:53 (View Report) My 1st Tri !!!!!
Marainne Myrtue 1:51:03 (View Report)
Chad Nordby
Jessica Pearsall
Todd Pearsall
Nicole Remeikis-Bishop
Brian Richards 1:52:22 (View Report) Making progress...
Eriks Richters
Allyson Rogan 2:21:21 (View Report) third tri's the podium?
Julie Rosicky 1:55:09 (View Report)
Marla Shapiro 2:19:20 (View Report) thanks to all who helped to make it a great day
Jill Smulson 2:02:16 (View Report) Training Paid Off!!
George Thomas 1:58:11 (View Report)
Greg Thomas 2:16:40 (View Report) so much better than last year!!
Doug Tucci
Tiffani Tyer
Sergio Vazquez
Will Wagner 2:22:15 (View Report)
Susan Watson 2:30:00 (View Report) A great day
Adam Weddington
Cathy Weimer
Julie Whalen
Kevin Wiechelt
Benjamin Winterroth 1:21:15 (View Report) Moving up a spot on the podium!
Sara Wolfson
Anne Wood
Cara Zaller
Aleah Zinalabedini 2:06:37 (View Report) Didnt break 2, but much better showing than Columbia!

Sunday, June 27, 2010
Sandy Abel 2:49:34 (View Report) This was my first ever sprint but I have two more this summer. : )
Carlos Acaron
Laura Allred 2:24:28 (View Report)
Jonathan Anderson 2:15:34 (View Report) It was my first triathlon and I felt like I did a great job. I now have things to specifically work on
Bram Arrington 2:05:53 (View Report)
Karl Barrus 2:10:39 (View Report) First tri in MD
Aimee Becker
James Bettis
Carl Blake 1:46:15 (View Report)
Shane Bogan 2:14:48 (View Report)
Susanne Breeback (DNF) (View Report) Oww, my foot!
Laura Canon
Bruce Chambliss
Roy Cheeks
Deb Cooley 2:39:54 (View Report) 'OK, ok, I'll do bricks', or 'my 2nd Tri - yeah!!'
Kathi Cover 2:19:45 (View Report)
Gregory Czarski
David Dash 1:41:17 (View Report)
Tom Dohler
David Dundas 1:55:03 (View Report) Thanks to all the MMTri Volunteers
Erika Ebright 2:08:16 (View Report)
Nic Ebright
Jill Eisenberg 2:49:46 (View Report)
Sue Emerson
Hector Garcia 1:51:36 (View Report) I had nothing left when I finished!
Raminta Glemza 2:31:06 (View Report) Happy but hot!
Renee Godinez
Dan Goodwin
Mike Harrington
Laura Hartman 1:46:33 (View Report)
Karen Hatwell 2:12:05 (View Report)
Curtis Henry
Kiersten Henry 2:04:45 (View Report) Attack of the Killer Pond Weed
Jen Heron 2:00:06 (View Report)
Heather Jacobsen 2:16:27 (View Report)
Jen Jardeleza 2:06:34 (View Report)
Timothy Jardeleza 1:46:05 (View Report)
Timothy Keefe 1:49:51 (View Report)
Suellen Kneller
Robin Kovach 2:05:00 (View Report) Revenge of the Seaweed Monster
Kathie Krieger 2:27:52 (View Report)
Lynne Layug
Teresa Margerum 2:18:40 (View Report)
Geoff Matrangola
Heather Moldenhauer
Dan Mooney 1:50:53 (View Report)
Fitim Mulosmanaj
Marainne Myrtue 1:58:49 (View Report)
Nicol Newell-Bell 2:32:16 (View Report)
Matt Olsen 2:00:06 (View Report) First flat in a race, but still happy.
Sherry Orebaugh
Laura Parsons 2:23:05 (View Report)
Amit Patel
Terri Pazornick
Jonathan Profili 1:42:33 (View Report) Hot day
John Ratz
Marni Rosenbaum
Kristin Royer 2:19:28 (View Report)
Suzanne Serpcio
Marla Shapiro 2:35:41 (View Report) Finished my 1st triathlon & had so much fun!
Jack Sheffrin 2:12:11 (View Report)
Heidi Shoemaker 2:00:04 (View Report) It was a HOT one!
Jill Smulson 2:11:31 (View Report)
Scott Sokolowski 2:08:09 (View Report) first sprint distance
Deb Taylor 1:59:46 (View Report)
Stuart TenHoor 1:49:42 (View Report) I couldn't believe that my timing chip malfunctioned and my watch flashed "low battery" when I turned it on 10 minutes before my swim
Linda Testerman
George Thomas 2:09:30 (View Report) first tri
Nicole Thomas 2:10:20 (View Report) Relay
William Veihmeyer
Scott Walton
Mandy Warfield
Susan Watson
Adam Weddington 1:38:58 (View Report) A great First Annual Celebration tri
Robert Weddle 2:03:59 (View Report)
Cathy Weimer 2:35:23 (View Report)
Julie Whalen
Benjamin Winterroth 1:29:43 (View Report) Great Race and Great Support!
Sara Wolfson 2:10:23 (View Report)
Liz Yankle