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General Race Information

Race: Ironman Lake Placid
Location: Lake Placid, NY
Type: Triathlon - Ironman

Sunday, July 24, 2016
Keely Ireland
Timothy Jardeleza
Mark Yost

Sunday, July 26, 2015
Tony Barker 14:00:14 (View Report) Double Challenge: First Ironman, First Child
Laura Beck 15:11:00 (View Report) Not about me. Well not really……
Jessi Cullen
Jennifer Dustin 12:21:34 (View Report) Family, Friends & Fireball
David Francis
Daniel Gaughan
Erin Kelman 11:20:45 (View Report)
Kelly McCullough 12:47:47 (View Report) Ups and downs but nothing like the IMLP finish line!
Erin Meyer (DNF) (View Report)
Ayumi Smith 12:50:49 (View Report) First Ironman was amazing
Douglas Smith 11:42:48 (View Report) Sometimes you have a great learning experience
Dawn Szarek
Nicole Valentine
Mark Yost 12:17:18 (View Report) It's all about finishing.

Sunday, July 27, 2014
Rusty Allwein
Bruce Chambliss 13:42:10 (View Report)
Dan Fulk
Mark Lash
Gregory Leger
Gwen Musk
Beth Olvey
Eriks Richters
Elysia Roser 15:57:24 (View Report) Just FINISH!
Julie Rosicky 12:44:05 (View Report) A series of decisions...
Jeff Smith
Nicole Valentine
Jason Woo
Mark Yost 11:32:30 (View Report) A tough day in Placid is better than an easy day anywhere else!

Sunday, July 28, 2013
Bram Arrington
Lizzy Cowan 12:51:24 (View Report) Go slow to go fast!
Jennifer Dustin
Sharon Edelson-Mammel 14:17:19 (View Report) Never Say Never
Wade Gaasch
Thomas Kish
Laura Leffner 15:30:35 (View Report) My first ironman experience!!
Gregory Leger 10:39:10 (View Report)
Kate McDowell 14:03:15 (View Report) It all started at a MMTC meeting...
Bryan McMillan 13:48:12 (View Report) What a hoot!!
Dan Mooney 11:46:14 (View Report) IMLP "Where Miricles do Happen"
Chad Nordby
Brian Richards 11:24:16 (View Report) Ode to Lake Placid
Ben Skowronski 14:43:21 (View Report) My First Ironman
Douglas Smith 11:00:24 (View Report) Almost + Almost = Almost
Jeff Smith 12:10:57 (View Report) 20 year dream and 2 year journey realized
Deb Taylor 12:37:49 (View Report) Placid truly is a miraculous place
Missie Vess 11:16:42 (View Report) An Amazing Adventure
Susan Watson 16:34:05 (View Report) Sometime 90% of success is showing up
Mark Yost 11:02:19 (View Report) The magic of Lake Placid
Aleah Zinalabedini 14:28:53 (View Report) Long report, first IM!

Sunday, July 22, 2012
Michael Colohan
Stephen Levickas
Ben Olvey
Michael Petersen 13:53:35 (View Report) You never forget your first
Alice Spriesterbach 12:57:45 (View Report) I started off this Ironman chasing demons from my poor swim in 2011 but ended up God giving me a miracle and helping me Love my sport and the Ironman even more.
Kjell van der Waals
Robert Villanueva 12:51:11 (View Report) Failure and Flying
Chip Warfel
Alan Wiederhold 12:16:24 (View Report) Two hands are better than one!!
Rachel Wiederhold 13:26:40 (View Report) I didn't crap my pants! I PRed! Now, That's what I call WINNING!
Mark Yost 10:51:51 (View Report) The Ironman doesn't respect expectations, only performance

Sunday, July 24, 2011
Kathi Cover
Thomas Kish 12:52:03 (View Report)
Michael Lombardo
Peter Odunne
George Olean
Philip Rupp 12:43:26 (View Report)
George Schlossnagle 12:42:39 (View Report) Epic race deserves epic race report
Kim Sheridan 15:08:04 (View Report) From Irongirl to Ironman-Life is Good!
Dawn Smyers
Alice Spriesterbach 13:31:00 (View Report) lake placid ironman
Mark Yost 10:41:20 (View Report) When the Ironman gives you lemons, make lemonade

Saturday, July 25, 2009