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General Race Information

Race: Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run
Location: Washington, DC
Type: Run - 10 mile

Sunday, April 3, 2016
Dan Fulk
Timothy Jardeleza
Bryan McMillan
Megan Ressler
Dean Siedlecki 2:00:12 (View Report) Winter running conditions, so glad to start and to finish

Sunday, April 12, 2015
Dan Fulk
Tammy Liu
Dean Siedlecki 1:23:23 (View Report) Great race conditions, no wind, Garmin distance off

Sunday, April 6, 2014
James Blackwood
April Doss 1:48:00 (View Report) Gorgeous course, gorgeous race - grateful to be alive and running
Laura Goodman
Jen Jardeleza 1:26:42 (View Report)
Samantha Kieley 1:27:12 (View Report) Perfect conditions.
Michelle Kiser 1:44:47 (View Report)
Lindsay Markwart
Philip Rupp
Dean Siedlecki
Ayumi Smith 1:17:50 (View Report)
Douglas Smith 1:09:46 (View Report) room for improvement in pacing
Missie Vess 1:08:30 (View Report) Another Fun Start to the Season

Sunday, April 7, 2013
Nikki Clarke
John Eckenrode 1:38:44 (View Report) User beware of Garmin 910xt Virtual Pacer variance to race official distance/clock time
Pamela Eckenrode
Lynne Galiatsatos
Deborah Gayle 1:22:27 (View Report) First 10-miler ever so must be a PR!
Ashli Greenwald
Lindsay Hebert
Timothy Jardeleza
Eric Johnson 1:05:23 (View Report)
Victoria Kirby
David MacGrath 1:15:25 (View Report)
Noel MacGrath
Erin Meyer 1:53:57 (View Report)
Amy Petersen-Smith
Chris Rohde
Elizabeth Rupp
Dean Siedlecki 1:24:25 (View Report) chilly start, but warmed nicely, but no pink snow
Ayumi Smith 1:16:50 (View Report)
Douglas Smith 1:09:32 (View Report) You CAN teach an old Doug new tricks
John Stanmore
Lisa Steptoe
Gillian Sturdivant 1:22:00 (View Report)
Heather Vahovich
Missie Vess 1:10:05 (View Report) Another Beautiful Cherry Blossom

Sunday, April 1, 2012
Lisa Amaral 1:57:26 (View Report)
Karl Barrus 1:43:50 (View Report)
Angela Dalton
Deborah Gayle
Keely Ireland 2:25:02 (View Report) Not all PR's are about timing
Heather Jacobsen 1:27:44 (View Report)
Dane Jeeter 1:29:42 (View Report)
Thomas Kish
Kate McDowell 1:28:12 (View Report)
Jason Miller
Cecilia Murach
Nicole Remeikis-Bishop
Sarah Rigsbee
Philip Rupp 1:06:32 (View Report) Great Race - Flat, Fast & Fun
Tracy Sinclair 2:14:13 (View Report) April Fool's on me!
John Stanmore
Shannon Stevens 1:48:23 (View Report)
Missie Vess 1:13:00 (View Report) Fast and Flat

Sunday, April 3, 2011
Lisa Amaral 2:03:12 (View Report)
Angela Dalton
Jen Jardeleza 1:35:34 (View Report) crowded, pr early season
David Matusow
Heather Moldenhauer
Ed Murphy 1:22:00 (View Report) First ever running race
Laura Parsons 1:34:23 (View Report)
Marla Shapiro (DNF) (View Report) injury deferment
Dean Siedlecki 1:22:42 (View Report) Cherry Blossoms in bloom, turned into a nice day for 10miles
Missie Vess 1:18:51 (View Report) Beautiful day, beautiful blossoms!
Cathy Weimer 1:26:29 (View Report) What a great day, 1st 10-mile run ever and hit my goal.

Sunday, April 11, 2010
Anastasia Ataras 1:53:00 (View Report) My first 10 mile run EVER!
Karl Barrus 1:35:11 (View Report)
Angela Dalton
Sharon Edelson-Mammel 1:19:40 (View Report)
Winsome Eu
Timothy Jardeleza 1:18:10 (View Report)
Robin Kovach 1:30:05 (View Report) 1st 10 Mile Race - Loved It
Bryan McMillan
Leslie Nissenberg
Laura Parsons 1:44:25 (View Report)
George Schlossnagle 1:30:37 (View Report) Hit my goal on this beautiful race!
Jack Sheffrin 1:30:20 (View Report)
Dean Siedlecki
Theresa Symonds
Erik Thompson
Missie Vess 1:20:36 (View Report) Beautiful day for a race . . . too bad the cherry blossoms were missing
Sara Wolfson
Susanne Woodlan

Sunday, April 5, 2009
Sadj Bartolo 1:41:51 (View Report) Finally-- a perfect day for Cherry Blossom
Kelsie Bernot 1:22:29 (View Report)
Jon Dill 1:23:21 (View Report)
Alan Doucette 1:56:14 (View Report) Helped my buddy finish his first road race and I got to pee on Virginia! A great day by any measure.
Sharon Edelson-Mammel 1:18:37 (View Report)
Winsome Eu
Keri Hammel 1:37:38 (View Report)
Brian Hochheimer 1:33:54 (View Report) Nice Weather
Ed Hollar
Kristen Kostecky 1:18:38 (View Report)
Rafael Matos
Jim Mitchell 1:43:08 (View Report) 15000 people is A LOT of people
Jeanine Murphy-Morris 1:39:10 (View Report) Hung in there!
Marainne Myrtue 1:23:30 (View Report)
Leslie Nissenberg 1:42:51 (View Report)
Terri Pazornick 1:49:06 (View Report)
Brian Pomeroy 1:03:50 (View Report) Not bad for taking time off training
Debra Saltz
Lesley Smith 1:37:44 (View Report)
Doug Sullivan 1:24:31 (View Report) I think a PR for me.
Grace Tran 1:23:17 (View Report)
Tiffani Tyer
Susanne Woodlan

Sunday, April 6, 2008
Kristina Bennett 1:36:05 (View Report) First 10 miler - wet and cold!
Kelsie Bernot
Sharon Edelson-Mammel 1:28:56 (View Report)
Winsome Eu
Brian Hochheimer 1:39:21 (View Report)
Jesse Leitner
Rafael Matos
Jeanine Murphy-Morris 1:45:26 (View Report)
Leslie Nissenberg 1:37:43 (View Report)
Marcos Otazo
Terri Pazornick 1:38:08 (View Report)
Brian Pomeroy
Bob Reid 1:28:20 (View Report)
Travis Ruch
Dean Siedlecki
Arnat Vale
Missie Vess 1:20:54 (View Report)
Martin Williams

Sunday, April 1, 2007
Toby Baker
Sadj Bartolo
Jon Dill 1:29:17 (View Report)
Wade Gaasch 1:07:38 (View Report)
Eric Garges
Christina Kichula
Amy Krupka
Ray Lake 1:21:35 (View Report)
Rafael Matos
Geoff Matrangola 1:24:24 (View Report) Loved the 10 mile distance
Marcos Otazo 1:22:07 (View Report)
Catherine Paquin 2:01:46 (View Report) A beautiful run!
Brian Pomeroy 1:08:24 (View Report) Great first time running
Debra Saltz 1:34:01 (View Report)
Arnat Vale 1:28:50 (View Report) Great race but 13 minutes slower than last year.
Martin Williams

Sunday, April 2, 2006
Sadj Bartolo 1:40:00 (View Report) Finally, a perfect day for the Cherry Blossom!
Eric Garges 1:06:22 (View Report)
Ray Lake 1:20:56 (View Report) Most Beautiful Conditions This Year!
Jesse Leitner 1:09:12 (View Report) new PR, finally broke 70 minutes!
Kristen Mylotte 1:42:26 (View Report) Yea done.......
Dean Siedlecki
Arnat Vale 1:16:03 (View Report) PR - 1st 10Miler Race
Martin Williams
Mark Yost 1:04:41 (View Report)

Sunday, April 3, 2005
Sadj Bartolo
Ray Lake 1:22:43 (View Report)
Dean Siedlecki