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General Race Information

Race: DUthe2
Location: Woodbine, MD
Type: Duathlon - International Distance

Sunday, August 5, 2012
Lizzy Cowan
Laura Parsons 1:31:50 (View Report)
Regina Spallone
Dave Vess
Susan Watson
Rhonda Workman 1:19:59 (View Report)

Sunday, August 7, 2011
Lisa Amaral 3:37:20 (View Report)
Bob Bartolo 2:55:37 (View Report) The Trifecta is Complete!
Aimee Becker
Heather Beutel
Amberly Boyle 2:38:42 (View Report)
Roy Cheeks
Deb Cooley 2:44:02 (View Report) First relay with my husband, Dave or hot, hot and hotter.
David Dash 2:06:00 (View Report) great event! (first post-accident race)
Sharon Edelson-Mammel 2:26:48 (View Report)
Michelle Freeman 3:45:37 (View Report) Not too bade for my first multi-sport race!!!!
Laura Hartman 2:07:09 (View Report) Yay this was fun!
Keely Ireland
Kristin Johnson
Colleen Kish 2:25:19 (View Report)
Kevin Lascola 2:24:48 (View Report)
Ben Mertes (View Report) Relay
Chris Noblezada
Paul Pestun
Amy Petersen-Smith 2:44:01 (View Report) Hot hot baby
Bob Reid 2:23:11 (View Report)
Nicole Remeikis-Bishop
Greg Schuler 2:04:33 (View Report)
Tracy Sinclair
Regina Spallone 2:40:49 (View Report) It's not the's the humidity. Scratch was also the heat!
George Thomas 2:20:39 (View Report)
Melissa Varga
Paul Varga 2:18:21 (View Report)
Dave Vess
Scott Walton
Robert Weddle 2:19:41 (View Report)
Bill Wheeler 2:03:32 (View Report) Podium Finish. Minor Controversary GREAT RACE
Steve Wilson
Cara Zaller