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Race Result

Racer: Kristina Bennett
Race: IronGirl Columbia
Date: Sunday, August 19, 2007
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Female 25 - 29
Time: 2:00:45
Overall Place: 300 / 1671
Age Group Place: 50 / 255
Comment: Third triathlon a success--and such a fun race!

Race Report:

Leading up to this race I didn’t think that I had trained as much as I should have. Everyone kept telling me that because I did Eagleman that I’d be fine...and then I’d have to remind them that it was 2 months ago and I hadn’t done much biking and hardly any swimming since then. Luckily it turned out alright.

Last year at this time I was completely clueless as this was my first ever triathlon (this second IronGirl is only my third ever!). I went into that first race not being able to swim properly, just buying a new road bike with flat pedals (after a 12 year hiatus after an accident when I was in 6th grade), and running slowly only on the nicest of days. My time that year was still a respectable 2:14. Since that first race I have taken part in a Master’s swimming program (which I stopped just before Eagleman), started using clipless pedals, and training for a half marathon so I had high hopes for this year.

The day before the race is always the most relaxing. I go and pick up my packet, rack my bike, and then go see a matinee so that I’m not tempted to do anything! Early bedtime is so odd to me but seems to work out quite well for that early race morning. Race morning I was more just hoping to get it all over with. I was in the 10th of 12 swim waves so getting to the park by 5:00 only to have to wait 3+ hours kind of sucks...but luckily there are those great people at the MMTC tent! 

Swim: Time: 24:18 Place: 114/255

Finally my swim wave was ready to go—by this time it felt like it had cooled down outside so it was quite nice to be in the warm water. Still not feeling like a strong swimmer I stayed to the outside (and probably added a couple extra hundred yards). I did improve my time from last years swim by about a minute so I was pretty happy with this part—and I only got kicked a few times!

T1: Time: 2:29 Place: 17/255

Transition 1 went pretty smoothly—I was able to see Sarah and wish her luck as she was leaving for the bike.

Bike: Time: 1:01:23 Place: 32/255 Pace: 17.1 mph

The bike last year was kind of rough for me. I had flat pedals (making it more difficult to get up those hills) and I also dropped a chain at the bottom of the hill on Homewood. This year I felt incredibly fast. It had started raining when I got on the bike so I made sure to stay off the painted lines which wasn’t too difficult because I was passing people pretty much all the way. On Homewood I passed an old Italian man. We talked a little bit and I thought he’d be on his way—boy was I wrong! After passing him he would stay on my wheel going uphill and then he would ride beside me for awhile before I’d pass him on the downhill. At some points I thought I was going to get penalized for drafting because he would ride so far to the middle of the road that I couldn’t pass him. It was an annoyance all the way to the turnaround. Luckily there I think he continued on or stopped because I didn’t see him again. Missy passed me on 108 near the Centennial Lane light and I knew I wouldn’t be seeing her again! Getting into the park I felt like I had a fan club as Cat let me “borrow” her friends for the day—how nice of her!

T2: Time: 1:48 Place: 82/255

This was much faster than I expected but I switched shoes and off I went!

Run: Time: 30:49 Place: 81/255 Pace: 9:04

The run killed me last year—I ran that at a 10:38 pace. This year I was able to run much faster (9:04 pace). I felt kind of slow on the run but I was just happy that I was moving forward. I got passed by at least 10 people in my age group on the run which may be why I felt so slow.

Finishing is always great—good friends, good food, and a good feeling! Thanks again to everyone at MMTC that volunteered and cheered—it definitely helps!