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Race Result

Racer: Arnat Vale
Race: B&A Trail Marathon
Date: Sunday, March 4, 2007
Location: Severna Park, MD
Race Type: Run - Marathon
Age Group: Male 35 - 39
Time: 4:59:08
Overall Place: 134 / 148
Age Group Place: 17 / 19
Comment: !!! My non-triathlon friends think I’m CRAZY and my triathlon friends know I’m CRAZY !!!

Race Report:

The race started at 7:30 am at Severna Park HS with temps around 30 degrees. Did some pre-race chatting with some fellow MMTC’s: Shaun, Melissa (Emery), Jenn, Jesse, and Geoff.

I paced with Geoff for about the first 9 miles on his first ever marathon. Since he was an avid cyclist, he had no problems smoking the course like Lance at NYC.

Saw Jesse pacing a friend around 8 miles after the 1st turn-around and later saw Shaun and Jenn with a strong steady pace minutes before their 1st turn-around. There we exchanged verbal pleasantries then I resumed my gimpy stride after they passed.

By mile 9, I felt a little tingling in my right leg. And I don’t mean the ‘good’ tingling you get when opening presents on Christmas morning. But a familiar precursor of my injury back in AZ. So I took it easy and dropped my pace several notches and watched Geoff trot ahead with a Lance Armstrong pace.

Around mile 11, I thought about taking the half-marathon finisher exit but decided to continue with the full. Figured if I could finish the brutal conditions of GW Marathon (2weeks prior), then this race was a cinch.

I finally reached the 20 mile marker after the 2nd turn-around point and then hit my ‘mental wall’. At this point, I reevaluated my vitals and felt my left (other) leg hurting. Then tried running backwards and sideways to relieve the pain but just ended up walking and half-stepping the last 10K.

Somewhere on the last 10K, I convinced myself to retire my 'marathon-a-month' quest… or atleast right after my next marathon in DC at the end of this month. Apparently, you need more than a couple weeks/months of recovery between marathons when healing from injuries.

Needless to say, I finished my 6th marathon in 6 months which qualified me as a ‘Marathon Maniac’ or for a Lobotomy. Been off crutches now for almost 4 weeks and my legs felt fine 1 day after the run. My time was 4:59:08 which was way faster than my GW Marathon time of 6:16:01 to weeks prior. Surprisingly I didn't come in last place like GW.

Again Congratulations to Goeff Matrangola on completing his first full marathon and other finishers that braved the cold.