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Race Result

Racer: Jesse Leitner
Race: Lower Potomac River Marathon
Date: Sunday, March 11, 2007
Location: Piney Point, MD
Race Type: Run - Marathon
Age Group: Male 35 - 39
Time: 3:15:59
Overall Place: 13 / 177
Age Group Place: 3 / 21
Comment: one second to spare!

Race Report:

Just came back from the Lower Potomac River Marathon in
southern Maryland. I decided to "sneak" this one in since my
son was swimming in the Junior's state championships swim
meet right in the area. Last year, this race hit 82 degrees and
was a scorcher and it gave me my second worst time of the
year of 3:29 (which I was thrilled with!) It's hard to say what
my goals really were for this race, but on the one hand, I've
felt like I'm in pretty good shape as of recent, but on the other,
I ran 85 miles last week and this marathon would cap off just under
80 for this week. I decided I would hope to knock off a 3:10
or at least beat my PR of 3:12, but that sealing another BQ
would be good and at the very least, I should beat my last
year's time! I had two poor night's sleep leading up because
I was sharing a sleeper sofa with my son in our crappy hotel
while my wife and daughter shared the nice king bed! Not much
sleep at all. The night before we went to outback steakhouse
where I had a large ribeye, large loaded baked potato, veggies,
several cokes, and a nice hunk of chocolate drizzled cheesecake
(carb-loading?) A little bit much to have the night before a
marathon, but oh well. Got to the race about 10 minutes before
start and noticed that the temps were cool, but fearfully, not
very cool, and I started to wonder whether it would be another
surprise hot day. At this race, the sports drink is ultima
replenisher (which basically has no calories or carbs) and I
no longer take gels in marathons, so this would be another
"calorie-free" test! The race starts and my heart rate is low, so
I put in 6:36 for the first mile and 6:55 for the second. Afterwards
I settled into mostly 7-7:15, depending on winds and hills (which
there are not many of until the second half). I ran alongside a
younger guy for several miles who needed a 3:10 to qualify for
Boston, so I thought it would be a good match to chat with him
for a while (although, I wasn't sure I'd have enough motivation
to stick with the pace through the race). I stayed about 100 yds
behind him for a while, passing the halfway point at 1:33:58.
After around 17 or 18 miles or so, when the hills started to pick
up, I really lost interest in pushing hard and I was oscillating with
some miles in the 7:30s or so. The forerunner 305 crapped out
just before mile 24 and stayed out, which was quite surprising,
and without it, I even had less motivation to push - I just had
heart rate to go by (I usually use a mix of heart rate and pace
to guide my last 8 miles or so). At about 21 miles or so, I lost
my motivation for sub-3:10, but I decide to hang on for 3:15ish.
Between mile 25 and 26, I recalled a key detail from last year -
all miles measured within a few hundredths of a mile until 25,
then the distance from 25-26 (which is a straight line) is about
1.25 miles! I was pushing hard and it took 8:40 (same thing
as last year and same thing many noticed). Given that, I wasn't
going to break 3:15, but I saw the clock with about 50 yards
to go and sprinted in just to make 3:15:59, at least sealing away
another Boston bid for 08, should I choose to do it (which is
unlikely - we'll see how this year goes). At least this was my
2nd best time.