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Race Result

Racer: Dawn Rudolph
Race: Diamondman Sprint
Date: Sunday, September 9, 2007
Location: Bear, DE
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Female 35 - 39
Time: 1:36:21
Overall Place: 49 / 214
Age Group Place: 2 / 15
Comment: This made up for my last 2 races!

Race Report:

I realized that I managed to forget about writing my own race reports for the last couple races, so hereís a quick review. I raced Diamond in the Rough in July, after not doing any Olympic for 2 years. Near the end of last summer, I quit my job from hell and was happy about having more time to train again this summer, so put this Olympic on my race calendar. Next year, Iíll have to remember to train with a plan. I didnít run enough in training, and didnít taper the week before the race. Sounds like training for a sprint, now doesnít it? So anyway, I had another panic attack at the beginning of the swim but finally pulled myself together by the first turn buoy Ė with just two people in my wave still behind me. Disheartening, but onwards. The rest of the swim was fine, as soon as I started the bike I knew I was in trouble because my legs were tired from the track workout just 3 days prior and the long ride 2 days prior. Duh. Times were 34:38 for the mile swim, 2:21 for T1, 1:40:44 for the 26 mile bike (16.1 mph, not so good), 1:28 for T2, and 46:17 for the 5 mile run (9:16 per mile, about average for me). 3:05:29 overall put me14/19 in my age group, 361/451 overall. Yes, next year a training plan will be a good idea! Then on to Iron Girl in August Ė apparently I overcompensated for the swim and attended so strongly to staying comfortable and not panicking in the water that I forgot I was in a race Ė even an extra 200 meters in distance didnít make up for the poor swim time here. 29:01 for the swim, 2:57 in T1 because someone knocked my bike over and it took time to get it, my helmet, and sunglasses back, 58:44 for the bike (17.9 mph, happy with that), 1:30 for T2, 31:02 for the run (9:08 per mile, not bad given the Achilles tendonitis Iíd developed recently). 2:03:26 put me 45/359 in my age group and 207/1671 overall. And miraculously, somehow still within the exact same 60-second time frame that I have finished this race for the 4th year in a row. Now finally, Diamondman Sprint. 22:57 for the 0.6 mile swim + ľ mile run up to transition, 1:55 for T1, 54:15 for the 17.5 mile flat bike (19.4 mph), 1:22 for T2, 15:54 for the 2 mile flat run (7:57 per mile, no idea where that came from, Achilles is still tender). I was quite happy with this race. It was good to see Jen Ruch before the swim, I think she was the first female out of the water and it was great to cheer her out of the water before my wave started. Saw Chip start the run and gave a hi-5. It was good to see them there!