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Race Result

Racer: Kevin Jones
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 20, 2007
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 40 - 44
Time: 2:57:02
Overall Place: 746 / 1450
Age Group Place: 110 / 188
Comment: My first international...

Race Report:

Didn't get much sleep the night before, just like everyone said. Up at 4:00 to have a leisurely breakfast and to double check my transition bag. Got to Centennial by 5:15 and relaxed to tunes in the car until 6:00. Then set up my transition, put some air in the tires and memorized where my bike was. Then off to the MMTC tent to get a couple of tats and await my wave (which turned out to be the biggest of the 13 waves).

Swim: At 67 degrees, I thought it was perfect for a full wet suit. Didn't feel overheated at all, but really comfortable. Have never done an in-water start before, but much prefered this to the "runnig down the beach and diving head long into shallow water" variety. Given the size of our wave, I jockyed toward the front to limit the number of feet and elbows I'd have to avoid. The gun goes off (was there a gun? the guy probably just said "go"...) and off we went. Not nearly as crazy as I thought it would be... only had to stop a couple of times in the beginning to pick a line through the other guys. I was a little amazed that I started passing guys from the wave ahead of us before the first turn bouy. The only irritating thing about the swim is that I seemed to have picked up a hitch-hiker on the back stretch. Someone kept hitting my feet for a good part of the swim as I pulled him through the course. All in all happy with my swim as I was shooting for 25 min.
21:57 (7/188)

T1: Gotta admit that I take my time in transition, but didn't realize I took THAT long. I was shooting for 3 min. Not even close.

Bike: Ok, now for all the guys I passed in the water to zip by me on the bike. And it didn't take long. I think I counted about 10 before the turn on to Homewood. The bike was something of a blur as I don't rember a whole lot, other than the stop sign before the big hill (don't remember the name of the road). I'm trying to maintain some speed through the stop to attack the hill, but there's a car at the stop turning right. I had to come to almost a complete stop before starting the climb from hell. It was at this point that Bill Wheeler passes me followed closely by Tim Colson(?) yelling "try to catch me Billy!". Oh well... my goal is to finish under 1:30 (but hoping for 1:25). Given the conditions and trying to save something for the run, I was happy with my split.
1:28:21 (121/188)

T2: Again, too slow in transition as I gave myself 2 min..

Run: If I'm slow on the bike, I'm even slower on the run. I had two goals for the run. One was to break an hour, and the second was not to stop (heeding Bill's advise from the May meeting). After the first mile my legs started to feel somewhat normal and I picked someone ahead of me to try and catch (or at least maintain with). This ended up helping a lot. About mile 4 my mentor (Dave Wheeler) caught me (he was in the wave after me) and we exchanged pleasantries and a hand shake before he took off. The last two miles were uneventful, just wanted to get to the finish. I ended up reaching my goals for the run: didn't stop and finsished under an hour.
59:25 (139/188).

All in all, happy that I broke 3 hours and know what I need to work on before Annapolis.

Lastly, thanks again to all the volunteers that did such a wonderful job at the MMTC tent. You guys rock!