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Race Result

Racer: Mike Weingard
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 22, 2005
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 30 - 34
Time: 2:46:49
Overall Place: 363 / 856
Age Group Place: 64 / 156
Comment: My First Columbia

Race Report:

What a great race!! This was my first Columbia Triathlon. Being part of our club at this race was an awesome experience. Kristin did an awesome job with the tent. Having on my club singlet was cool because everyone kept yelling, "Go Mid Maryland!!"

Swim: It took me until the dam to start to feel comfortable. Until that point, I felt like I was the only one swimming a straight line. But who knows, maybe I was the one not swimming straight. But at the dam, I finally got some clear water. The water temp was perfect. I started to bump into the previous wave towards the end of the swim and it got a little messy at the swim ramp. I felt like I had been in the water forever and I was happy to see my time was 27 and change.

T1: Normally, I sit down and put socks on for the ride, but I decided to go sockless for this race. Not a big deal as I had practiced riding sockless many times. But maybe putting on socks gives me that extra few seconds to let the blood get back to my head, because as I stood there trying to put my bike shoes on, I started to get dizzy. So I sat down anyway to get my shoes on. Up the hill and off on the bike.

Bike: I didn't really have a time goal for the bike. I just wanted to make it through feeling comfortable and ready for the run. I knew the spots on the course where I could push it and get a bit of extra speed. Bill Wheeler started in the wave behind me so that might have been a little more incentive to go fast so he wouldn't catch me. (Man would I hear about that at work on Monday!) Chip flew by me on the hill before the water bottle exchange and Scott flew by on the hill before the Greenbridge hill. I thought Captain Crunch wouldn't be far behind. But I made it back to the park and no cereal in sight. 1:21 and change and I felt pretty good.

T2: As I was putting my running shoes on, my hamstring cramped up out of nowhere and I had to stretch my leg for a few seconds. It subsided quickly and I was able to get my shoes on and begin the run.

Run: One of my biggest problems in all my previous races has been nutrition. I never take in enough fluids and calories and I always end up walking on the run. My stomach is very sensitive and Gatorade sends my stomach into a fit. Thanks to a tip by Scott Fisher, I found a product that seems to work for me. It is Perpetuem by Hammer Products (makers of Hammer Gel and Endurolytes). It has no simple sugars and works well in my system. My goal for this race was to get the nutrition intake right so I didn't have to walk on the run. Sure enough, it worked and I made it through the run without walking. My legs started to feel good as I reached Old Annapolis Rd. leaving the park. As I turned left into the neighborhood, Chip ran by with Scott close behind. Those guys were haulin a$$!! Leaving the neighborhood and back into the park, I was actually picking up speed and felt really good. Rounding the lake and hearing the cheers also motivated me to finish strong. I crossed the line and my run time was 51 and change. Captain Crunch crossed 3-4 minutes later. He put time into me, but didn't catch me. Now I might not get ragged on at work...

Thanks again to Kristin for all of her help at the tent and the great food. Thanks to Scott for the tip on the nutrition. And thanks to the Captain for pushing me a bit from 8 minutes back...