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Race Result

Racer: Michele Bull
Race: IronGirl Columbia
Date: Sunday, August 19, 2007
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Female 35 - 39
Time: 1:54:30
Overall Place: 138 / 1671
Age Group Place: 2 / 46
Comment: A finish hard-fought for...

Race Report:

We'll try to keep this relatively short and sweet. After coming home from vacation at 3:00am Saturday, I didn't really feel as though I had completely switched out of vacation mode by race start. I was relaxed and just figured I'd get out there and have some fun.

Swim: 23:29
The only challenge I put out there for myself in this race was to actually try to "race" part of the swim. I am not a strong swimmer and typically just swim at a pace that I am comfortable and know I can finish. This time I wanted to try to push the pace a little at different intervals. This turned out to be impossible until well after the first turn. I don't think I have ever been beat up as much as I was in the beginning of this race. Once I made it past the second turn, I tried to push myself a little. When I finished, I was pleased with my effort - that is, until I saw my time. Oh well. Maybe that first stretch slowed me more than I realized, but I was hoping for a few minutes faster.

T1: 2:57 Uneventful, just had to clean the rain off of my glasses before heading out.

Bike: 56:04 (18.7 mph)
This may have been the fastest time in my division (maybe 2nd??), so I am very pleased. I pushed hard when I focused, but believe I could have done better. There were several times that I realized I was zoning out a little (like I said, still in vacation mode!)

T2: 1:49 Again, uneventful, but seems like a relatively slow time...

Run: 30:13 (8:54 pace)
This was the shocker of my race! If anyone had tried to tell me to keep even a 9-9:15 pace for this run, I would have thought it impossible. It definitely helps to have that little rabbit to chase. For the first part of the run, there was someone literally a foot behind me that seemed to be following for some kind of draft (with my size, that is actually possible). The idea of that was actually frustrating me a bit, so I tried to keep my pace up to try to shake them. Finally did that, but then an "A" on the calf passed me. I knew from the bike that I was pretty close to the front of our division, so I worked really hard to keep her close. She finally had to walk up the last hill back into the park, so I was able to pass her there. I tried to keep my speed, but she caught back up anyway. We actually ran together for a while, introduced ourselves, joked about who would take the finish... She finally gave in by the end of the dam. I never would have kept that pace without her though!! Thanks Gretchen!!

All in all, a great race. As usual, incredible support from all in the club and just an incredible atmosphere to be a part of all. Thanks to all that made it possible!