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Race Result

Racer: Amy Krupka
Race: Eagleman Ironman 70.3
Date: Sunday, June 10, 2007
Location: Cambridge, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Age Group: Male 75 - 79
Time: 5:50:00
Overall Place: 1037
Age Group Place: 29 / 52
Comment: Turkeys are faster than me!

Race Report:

First of all, Eric set up my account. hence my age group. Check out my profile and you'll see what I mean!

Pre-Race: Drama, drama, drama! I came up on Friday trying to get our free Spinervals and just to relax. Well, the spinervals guys weren't there, we went for a run that just about killed me in the heat, plus I got a wicked blister from new orthotics. Then, drove to Easton, only to be told we didn't have a reservation! Thank god it was in Cambridge! It was a steep price (170 for a Holiday inn? for a two night Minimum!)but I didn't care!

Saturday we went for an early am swim, saw Dave Wheeler, wished him luck, and then went off to go back to the expo. Well, I learned that SUVs are NOT car friendly. I didn't see that there was a car parked directly behind me (it was below my back windshield and I NEVER saw it!). CRUNCH! I was terrified...I had both bikes on the back, with carbon race wheels I'd borrowed, plus Eric's. About 10 people came over to check the bikes...I got out and slithered to the back. Bikes ok! Now to the car behind me. OH NO!! A mid md tri license plate??? It was Dave Wheeler's, and there was a dent in the side of the bumper. D'OH! turns out the bikes cleared the car, but my hitch got the car. We waited for Dave to come out, and told him the torrid details. Thank god he was cool about it. Dave, I'm so sorry....give me the estimate cost!

Thank god the rest of the night went ok. Met up with Megan, my beloved training buddy (the only one that hadn't moved away. I miss Gregg and Jen K!)and we listened to the pro lecture. Chris Legh is one cool dude! Then we met Jelly, Dave, Tim, Michelle, and Chuck along with other folks at Snapper's (he he he), and then it was off to bed!

Race day: I was hoping for a bad rehearsal, good wedding kind of day. and, I got it! Not windy, overcast, what a perfect day! And I was soooo calm. what a difference a year makes! I was excited and ready, compared to last year. I have a MUCH bigger fish to fry in a month!

Great to have the tent. It just makes it so much easier to find people. Although I recommend we invest in our own port a potty! I had to make use of the radio station...hope no one broadcast that! :)

Swim: 33:40 Good swim, no current like there normally is pulling you to the side. I did get confused on the way back. The first yellow buoy looked too far to the right, plus a boat seemed to be right next to it. I asked a girl on a surfboard, but she wasn't much help, so I just started swimming. All in all, I worked hard, but felt good getting out. Oh, and I realized during the bike, I definitely had a beard. Love the brackish water!

T1: took my time. Put on socks since I figured it was worth protecting my blister.

Bike: 2:58 I wasn't happy with my bike...I thought I could do much better with all my training, and borrowed HED tri-spokes. I pushed hard, trying to stay above 19 mph as much as possible. I did average an 18.9 (hey, rounds up to 19!) so I figured that was good enough! Most exciting was eating "real" food. I had a half of a PBJ sandwich, fig newtons, and twizzlers, plus Accelerade. This was my experimentation race, and it worked well. Only hard part was Egypt road. That took forever. And, I also ran off the side of the road. I looked down too long at my computer, and off the road I went, bouncing everywhere in my aerobars, praying I wouldn't fall! I somehow steered back onto the road, and got a shout of "hey, you ok?" from behind me. "I am now!" I shouted back. I was all too happy to be done!

T2: took my time, decided to walk bike in. I'm running 13, I can take a break now!

Run: 2:11 I was very very happy with this. Turns out my training did work--I wasn't nearly as spent as I expected. I'd only ran 13 miles once two weeks prior in Placid, and other than that, only did Cherry Blossom, those were my only runs over 5 miles! I learned from last year-only water and gatorade. NO cookies this year! I did hydrate a little too much and needed to stop at the potty. Of course, two guys right in front of me did too, so I had to wait. Guys, really! they can get away with the tree! I decided that was my minute break! Only problem I had was my ankle started killing me around mile 6. finally around mile 9 I thought to try to adjust my laces. Duh, I had just relaced them with lock laces, and went one eyelet up too far! The last 3 miles were sooo much easier! Plus I got to run with Megan.

Highlights were getting hi-fives from Eric, Dave, Tim, Bill (the terminator!),Shaun, Arnat, Maura (who kicks some major patooty!) Arn and Anders (father son duo that I swim with that are PHENOMENAL second time triathletes that I'm going to get to join!), and Rob, the DC tri-er I ran with on the Lake Placid course. I was so happy to see Kristen running well.

Oh, my favorite was the Turkeys! I know most people thought I was crazy, but on Horn's Point, after I turned around, there were 3 turkeys running towards the road. Two toms and a hen. boy they are biiiig birds! And funny! this woman came running out trying to round them up, with a stick, saying "Go on, shoo! Get back into your coops!". it gave me a much needed giggle.

Anyways, I had the race of my life, I realized that I won't ever be fast, but the truth is, everything went right, compared to last year's winds, knee pain, and nutritional nightmares. I also had fun. The best is that I felt great the next day (ok, I was sore, but not so sorry I wanted to cry). I'm not sure I should ever do the race again--it was all too perfect. I'm sure I'll be there next year though....30 mph winds and all!