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Race Result

Racer: Geoff Matrangola
Race: B&A Trail Marathon
Date: Sunday, March 4, 2007
Location: Severna Park, MD
Race Type: Run - Marathon
Age Group: Male 35 - 39
Time: 4:30:51
Overall Place: 114 / 149
Age Group Place: 14 / 19
Comment: My First Marathon

Race Report:

Race Report B&A Trail Marathon 3/4/07

In the weeks leading up to my first marathon the weather and my work scheduled conspired to prevent me from getting in a long run outside. I tried to cover by doing extra mileage on the treadmill but could only stand the monotony for about two and a half hours. I had to hope that my aerobic base was still up to par to finish.

So I started with Sunday with a plan just to finish. Part of my plan included pacing with two very experienced runners, Dave (a friend from a gourmet dinner club) and the famous Arnat. You all know Arnatís impressive credentials and Dave has done over 30 marathons from all over the world. I also used my Polar H/R monitor and pedometer to help keep pace. My plan was to keep my H/R in the same zone I use for the bay swim with puts it between 160 and 165. I run about a 9:00 m/m at that heart rate. So I planned to run the race as 26 1 mile runs at a consistent pace.

We held together with a fairly consistent 9:00 m/m through with splits..
10 mile = 1:23:10
13.1 miles (1/2 way) = 1:50:30
I slowed too much going through an aid station (loved those oranges) and couldnít get back to a 9:00 m/m pace for Ĺ mile or so. I lost track of Dave ahead of me and Arnat behind.
20 miles = 3:04:20
Caught up with Dave again and we chatted. He was pleased with the 9:00 pace but warned that heís seen this before where ďit only takes a couple 12:00 m/m to keep you from getting in under 4 hoursĒ.
I slowed and Dave went ahead. I was keeping at between about a 9:40 and 10:40 m/m for a while. I was pacing with and talking to a guy named Hugh who just happened to be from my home town. I was getting grumpy and should have realized that I was starting to burn considerably more fat than normal. I kept my grumpiness to myself but finally had to let Hugh go ahead while I dropped to the 12:00 m/m pace after mile 24. I shuffled in at that pace and decided that as long as I didnít switch to a full walk Iíd call it a victory.

It was great seeing Jessie and the other Mid Marylanders there! It looked like everyone was having a great day.

I have to say that Arnat was a driving force in getting me to do this. His Baltimore Race Report last year was inspiring. Thanks man! I have a lot more respect for distance runners now. Though, I donít think Iíll sign up for any other Marathons for a while. Iíll stick to triathlons and maybe in a few years Iíll do my next 26.2 miles after a good long swim and Bike.