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Race Result

Racer: Bill Wheeler
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 20, 2007
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 40 - 44
Time: 2:37:41
Overall Place: 241 / 968
Age Group Place: 38 / 188
Comment: The Super Bowl Of Triathlons

Race Report:

The Super Bowl of Triathlons

There is no argument that the Columbia Tri is without at doubt THE Super Bowl of Olympic distance triathlons. The reasons are many; 1 you never forget your first….triathlon, the spectators make this an event for the masses, the course will test your every skill, ORGANIZATION, the music, the music this year was schweeeeet! Only a few lame Enya tunes or some other New Age garbage was heard. Other than that my hat’s off to Mix Master CT or whoever did the tunes this year. THANKS VIG for putting on the best Olympic Triathlon the US has to offer bar none.

MMTC Volunteers:
Yes, MMTC has the lock, the 411, the scoop, the shiznit when it comes to getting world class volunteers. You guys really make life easy before and after the race. It may not seem like a big deal but trust me, what you do for the triathlete is invaluable. It’s so nice knowing you have a home base to operate from that is secure and fully manned. The burgers, the sausage, the fruit, the drinks, the tattoos, all make for a perfect state of mind. Speaking of tattoos does anybody know how to get them off? Zest didn’t work, Simple Green didn’t work. I’m tempted to try gasoline. ;-) If that doesn’t work maybe it’s a hint to make the permanent. Thank you all for volunteering.

Pre-race Preakness Dinner:
CMS showed up in force! There were about 20 peeps causing havoc at the Tomato Palace. It was really nice putting faces with e-mail names (you know what I mean) We had the big screen projection TV right over us which made good viewing for the Preakness, unless you where sitting directly under. Much food, beer, and wine was consumed. Plenty o’ talk about Landis and LeMond. Side discussions about the Gas Utility business in Boston, Hancock and Easton. Tantalizing chat about Racer X (Michelle McGl). Graphic details on the designing of a jersey for Lance Armstrong…. You can really tell this was a well balanced group of trifolk. The food and company was first rate. I was keeping my eye on Tim Coulson though. I wanted him to know he’d be going down come race day. Unfortunately I was unable to open up school at Lake Anna so Columbia will have to do. ;-)

Race Day:
5:00 Up.
5:10 LARGE BOWL oatmeal, brown sugar and raisons washed down with 16oz of hot Java! (I’m coming out with my own Triathlete’s Nutrition book soon. Wink, wink.)
5:15 Echo Camber
5:30 out the door!
Body mark
Setup transition area
Beeline for MMTC tent, relax and finish my Cera Sport.

A site for sore eyes showed up, Greg (just friggin do it) Steinbach! That made my day. For those you who don’t know him, he used to be the President of MMTC and a phenomenal mentor and riding pal of mine! Booya G-Money!
7:23: GO TIME!
Water was perfect, swim was easy and non eventful. I finished in 29:50, sub 30 but still not my best even for Columbia. The plus side is when I got out of the water I just started to feel as if I were getting warmed up. It was raining during the swim but that played absolutely no role in the swim. On the bike that’s a different story.

Okay, had a bit of an issue with my wetsuit but all in all fair. I think I should be able to cut it be 1 minute at least. That’s free time you don’t need to work for if you just use your head. Lessons learned …year after year…;-)

Rainy but not to cold and just a bit of wind. It was definitely a bit tricky. You had to be cautious the road was packed thanks to my swim time. ;-) Somewhere on 108 Walt (Paparazzi) Smith busted my chops about beating me on the swim. Hence the nickname Jellyfish. ;-) It was great to see Wade Gaasch’s son off of Homewood near the top playing some much needed and requested AC/DC. As I passed I have him the thumbs up. THANKS WADE AND FAMILY! The spectators really make this a phenomenal race to do. The bike felt like it was on auto pilot. At no point did I feel like I was over cooking the ride. I actually experienced “flow” on this ride. When I got to the sharp left by the farm I was really shocked. It just seemed like seconds ago I was climbing Homewood. You could really feel the puddles scrub your speed so I tried to avoid as many as possible. I caught up to my bud Rusty just prior to Green Bridge. As I started up Green Bridge Rusty hammers past me with a Doppler affect obscenity. ;-) He actually beat me to the top. I think he was trying to get me out of my game. We exchanged a roadie low five at the top. I gave him his well deserved props and I was off again. At that point I came across Keith Dunnigan(PwrTwn Maura’s hubby). Dude was workin’ that bike like a pro, now that his derailleur is on upside right.(didn’t know you could put one on upside down) I love this RACE! Somewhere in the wind and rain I hit a max speed of 40.7 mph, (yikes) at least I thought I was being cautious in these conditions. I finished the bike in 1:14:44 good enough for 20.4 mph and a PR for me.

Only mistake, talking with a fellow triathlete. Well not really a mistake, but I could have saved a bit of more free time. Again I should be able to cut about 1 minute of my 2 minute T2.

Rhythm is what comes to mind. I was searching for it the entire first half, this it suddenly appeared. It was great to see about 2 dozen kids near the top of Cross Country. Most of them were the PowerTwins’ children. They definitely motivated me it was great to hear a personal cheer. Thanks Maura, Keith, Jack and Laurie for having such good bunch of kids! Ahhhh, who’s in that green jersey up there on Century Drive? It’s the Mayor of Cambridge, young Chuck Potter! I had to give him a shout out to get in his head. “CHUCK POTTER I’M COMIN’ FOR YOU!” He finally let me catch him. We chatted a bit, but I couldn’t remember what was said because I was trying hard to act like this was just a stroll in the park and couldn’t really concentrate on what he was saying. I do remember something about a great swim. See you at Eagleman Chuck. I finished the run in 47:14

Total time was 2:37 a PR! I love this stuff.

As for the schooling of Tim Coulson, well let’s just say I’m still the student! Tim, I may be able to run you down at Eagle? See you there bro!