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Race Result

Racer: Bill Wheeler
Race: Clyde's American 10K
Date: Sunday, April 15, 2007
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Run - 10 km
Age Group: Male 40 - 44
Time: 0:43:04
Overall Place: 45 / 756

Race Report:

You know it's sh!tty out side when:
A. Your dog takes three steps out the door, turns around, comes back in, growls as if to say ( if!)
B. Sunday paper nowhere to be found.
C. Raining so hard you can't see out your kitchen window.
D. When 700 out of 1460 people no show for CLYDES!
D. All of the above.

I got to the lake front around 7:30 or so. Ran into Sadj-N-Bob, Cat and then quickly ran back to my car to chill out/warm up inside the Blaxima.
No chance in hell I was going to warm up for this one. It was raining cats, dogs, rats, bats, aardvarks and antelopes!
I needed to keep warm, go to a happy place and psych myself up for the race.
Hmmmm, head banging time. Set volume control on 11, pop in Concrete Blonde!

First verse was perfect:

I was walking down the street, early this morning
And the silver tears of rain hung from the leaves
And I swear I heard the voices singing to me...
Singing to the rhythm of the beat of my feet,
I swear I heard the voices singing to me -
Keep on, keep on, keep on.

Bonus points if anybody can name that tune.

After listening to that 5 or 6 times on 11 it was time to roll.

Race Time:
On the way to the start I ran into lot of other insane people running in this race.
Marco, Bill Dooley, Pat Hiban (good friend of mine if you need sell or buy a house see Pat) to name just a few.
Didn't feel like talking much for fear the song will go out of my head. I ducked into line near the start and waited for about 20 second before the command to run was given. Just wore windbreaker and long sleeve UA underneath with some fleece tights and a hat.
I ran hard the entire race just to keep moving. My splits were fairly consistent 6:50's to 7:10's on the hills.
At mile 3 my feet were noticeably heavy. Next time NO SOCKS (Thanks for the tip Deano). By Mile 4 and change the cotton gloves on my hands felt like 5 pound weights. I dropped the gloves there and picked up the pace on the way in. My last mile was my fastest at 6:40. I wasn't sure I'd PR in these conditions but I actually did by a meager 5 seconds better than my 2005 time. I heard Arnat and MTB-Bob yell profanities at me at the finish. ;-)

You just can't possibly beat the Clyde's 10K when it comes to post race fine dining!
MMTC was there in force, Arnat, Michell Bull, Dave Wheeler, Dave Dash, Sady-N-Bob, Bill-N-Lesly Dooley (not a member but a good friend), Deano, Marcos, Cindy ???..... Man the sausage pasta was great. They had all kinds of stuff, Chili, soup, 10 foot long subs, fruit, beer, coffee, soda's, salads, sports drinks... Best of all, because of the nasty weather, they held it INSIDE. Inside of the Tomato Palace!

I will be shocked if I ever run another race in these conditions. Iíll also be shocked if I ever see a better post race spread. How can they do that for such a cheap entry fee.

For my first race of the season I'll take it any day! 2007 I'm ready for you!