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Race Result

Racer: Jeanine Murphy-Morris
Race: Tri-To-Win
Date: Sunday, June 17, 2007
Location: South Carroll County, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Female 45 - 49
Time: 1:39:17
Overall Place: 163 / 274
Age Group Place: 3 / 10
Comment: Gave it what I had. Woo-hoo!!

Race Report:

Man, I am so gassed! I actually came in third! When I checked the initial results before I left, it said I was sixth out of the seven in my age group who had finished so far, so I left so I could get home to get ready to go on a family outing.

First, let me thank all the tent volunteers at the race. You guys are awesome! I really appreciated the cozy place to hang out and wait for my swim start.

The swim went okay. The guy in my lane was generating quite a wake when he went by, but I didn't mind since he had a cheering section moving alongside the pool with him that was getting me excited, too! I figured I'd do 2:30 100's, and that's what I did, counting about an extra 20 seconds for getting to the mats. Swim: 10:24

This was my third triathlon, and it was the third time after coming out of the water that I had someone yell at me to "take your goggles off!" and I have to yell back, "I can't see without them!" They have powered lenses. I switch to my prescription bike sunglasses at transition. I almost fell over trying to get socks on my wet feet, but a very nice guy next to me pushed his bucket over and told me to sit down. So T1 went pretty smoothly, specially since I pre-walked the maze before-hand and knew where to go. T1: 2:35

The bike also went fairly well. I felt pretty good since I've been doing more hills lately. I toyed with using my old Guerciotti in the race, since it is lighter, but I have way since lost my comfort with using down-tube shifters, specially with time trial bars. My touring bike had to suffer the indignity of the TT bars since I wanted to use them in a race before I do the very flat Philly race in July. Bike: 53:18, T2: 2:02

I'm most happy with the run. But during the first part of the run, I was having to tell my self that I do this for fun. Fun, pant, pant. Fun, pant, pant. Then Sadj went by the other way and was smiling and actually LOOKED like she was having fun! She's a great motivator! I had a great big smile on my face for a while after that, and it seemed to be contagious! It's great to make people smile. At the turn-around I decided to try to push it a little harder than normal the whole way back instead of waiting to see how I felt then trying to sprint with what was left at the end. I must have gauged the extra effort pretty well, since I stayed the same pace at the end, but felt like I couldn't have given it anymore at the finish. Turns out I cut 3:11 off my best 5k time! Run: 30:58

Thanks very much to Kristen who shepherded me over to the club tent at the end and made me sit and drink and eat something. It was great to be so cared after!

When I left I felt very satisfied at having given it all I had. Now I have my cherry on top with a third place age group finish. Woo-hoo!!