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Race Result

Racer: Tom Dohler
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 20, 2007
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 30 - 34
Time: 2:59:17
Comment: Just Awesome

Race Report:

I'm a newbie and am proud to have completed my second Tri and now my
first Intl distance.

Age Group M35-39
Time - 2:59:17

Time to try out the new wet-suit. I previously rented a sleeveless
for General Smallwood last Sept. Now I have a slick full wetsuit. I
ease into the water. Ah I just love the buoyancy. I heard the water
was 67 degrees, but I really couldn't feel it even when I put my face
in. I swam around the starting area trying to look like I knew what
I was doing. Everything felt great.

Then the start. Elbows, hands, feet, and knees all flailing about. I
take a good shot to the goggles but they stay on. The span to the
first buoy is almost surreal. Things start to thin out about but
there are so many people in my way. I make the first turn right next
to the buoy and oddly enough this was one of the few open water
episodes I had nobody even close to me. I spent the remainder of the
swim amazed at how many people were still around me that regardless
of what I did, I seemed to be in a middle of one pack or another.
One cool thing was I did draft several people along the way that is
until they took a sharp left or right I wasn't expecting.

I make the last turn and see the exit. Almost there! I'm thinking I
did OK but not great since the pack never let me get into my own
rhythm. I exit the water and see the clock. I can't believe it less
than 30 minutes. I've never done less than 31:30 in the pool.
Awesome- Official Time 29:37!


I run up to the transition area. People are handing out water.
Water I just got out of the water, why would I want more water? I
find my bike quickly. Memo though a silvery blue bike is hard to
find when it is gray rainy day. I'm thinking of painting my bike
bright Orange. My wetsuit come right off, I get my helmet, shoes,
and bike and stop. Yes I stopped, the transition went too easy and
fast, so I stopped and reviewed what I did. I then remember stopping
was not on the list so I bolt for the bike exit-
Official time- 4:01 better than the 7:00 last Sept.


OK when I stopped in the T1 transition that was the logical part of
my brain telling me you are going to be cold on the bike. I figure
this out once I get on 108 and my arms are freezing. Luckily this
doesn't last long and by the time I hit Homewood I either don't feel
them or don't care. I pass Arnet on the way to Homewood. He passes
me on the hill down to the bridge. I pass him climbing to the
Farside, he passes be heading down to the first circle. I would go
on but basically we keep passing each other. I pass him on the
climbs and he passes be on the downhills. It rains the entire bike
so I was a bit cautious. The only other note is that a car slowed me
down on one of the big downhill back in on Homewood. The car was
blocked out by cyclist on both sides of the road. So mentally I keep
reminding my self that passing a car on the left would be a bad idea.
Luckily it only lasted about a minute.
Official Time : 1:27:03 OK I've done better but I'll take it.


I dismount and then realize my feet are numb from the wet and cool
wind. I felt like I was running on blocks of ice down to the bike
rack. I literally tear through the transition and head off to the
Official Time 1:14 Oh Yeah!


I hit the run with my feet still not fully functional. That
wonderful hill climb takes care of that though. By the time I reach
the top I have my full feeling back. There is a cute group of kids
giving everyone a high five. That was cool. I keep running rather
uneventfully around the lake to the other park and into the
neighborhood. Everything is feeling good. I know I am not running
fast but I feel I am being respectable at least. I do the bowl on
Carillon Drive. At the top of the uphill are my wife, kids, and
parents. I decide to put a little show on as I climb the hill. I
get over the crest of the hill and realize that was foolish. I suffer
up Cross Country and rejoice in the nice recovery period back to the
bowl. This time I get to run past the family down hill. It is at
this point I realize I am close to my personal goal of a sub 3 hour
time. Now I have full focus. I start budgeting my energy and
distances. I climb the last big hill at the park and hear the most
wonderful words "Less than a mile to go." I cross the finish line
looking at the clock and see I did it a sub 3hr.
Official time 57:24 not as fast as I wanted but I'll take it.

All in all I am really happy with the day I met my goal, had a great
time, met some new fantastic people and actually felt good throughout
the day. Can't wait for the next one!