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Race Result

Racer: Mary Lynn Hansen
Race: Diamond in the Rough Triathlon
Date: Saturday, July 7, 2007
Location: Perryville, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Female 40 - 44
Time: 2:35:08
Overall Place: 80 / 251
Age Group Place: 2 / 9
Comment: Where oh where are my Endurolytes?

Race Report:

The Swim: 31:28 183/243

I was in the first wave which was a first for me. The instructions were to swim out to a stump sticking out of the water and then wait for the start. My friend Di and I were in the water and got out to the stump pretty quickly; so quickly that Di decided to get a little more warm-up in and began to head back to the dock. A moment later a whistle blew and the kayaker guarding the stump said, ďOh, GO!!Ē My swim time was slow, but I figure that I was just banking effort for where it would be better utilizedÖ.nah; Iím just a bad swimmer.

T1 1:12

New for this year, there was a steep set of stairs to help us get out of the water and back up onto the dock. Two years ago there was a 70 degree ramp with a mat thrown over it and a couple of volunteers helping to haul everyone out. I donít think the steps improved my time, but the encouraging words from my fellow triathletesÖ.Ēget your @!!## out of the wayĒ was pretty motivating.

The bike 1:24:09 81/243 (19.3mph)

I hopped on the bike and started riding, but after awhile I started to wonder what I had done with my salt pills and extra race caps. I knew they were in a little rubber coin holder that I had put in my helmetÖ..wait, thatís why my helmet was so tight when I put it on!!! Hmmm, well Iím just going to have to tough this out and ride with the whole thing in my helmet. Iím not stoppín for nutn!! Iím not even going to think about the coin holder in my helmet. Nope, Iím going to put it completely out of my mind. Well itís like trying not to think about blue elephants because all I could think about were those pills. Without removing my chin strap or stopping my forward progress, I was able to work the coin holder around in my helmet until I was able to extract it. Ahhhh, after that I was very happy.

T2 0:45

I started keeping my shoes clipped to my bike this year and Iíve found it to be a pretty quick way to get off the bike and into transition.

The run: 37:36 63/243

This was not a great run for me. I think Columbia was the last time I did a brick and it showed. On the last mile I saw a woman walking, and I really hoped she would keep walking, but then she started running fast about Ĺ mile from the finish. Now Iím thinking this is going to hurt, because I really wanted to catch her. I caught her with about ľ mile to go and actually finished within 30s of the leader of my age group. Hopefully that will serve as some motivation for me to work a little harder on the bricks and running in general.