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Race Result

Racer: Bill Wheeler
Race: Eagleman Ironman 70.3
Date: Sunday, June 10, 2007
Location: Cambridge, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Age Group: Male 40 - 44
Time: 5:04:40
Overall Place: 458 / 1510
Age Group Place: 87 / 228
Comment: Eagleman (Thangs that make you go hmmmm?)

Race Report:

Eagleman (Thangs that make you go hmmmmm?)

A week before the race, I checked the long distance weather report and it indicated that race day would be perfect. Yeah right and squirrels my fly out of my butt! Hmmmmm?

The week prior I was in full taper mode just a series of short workouts some at high intensity, but nothing over the top. Really felt relaxed the entire week, but I kept seeing weather reports and scare tactics from Vig about treacherous heat and sunny weather conditions for race day at Eagleman. Hmmmmm?

I took off work Friday and ate massive quantities of food, a humongous spinach salad and sushi from the Cheesecake Factory, chased down with a monster piece of carrot cake and a cup of coffee for lunch. The beer was good too! For dinner I had about a pound of spaghetti and some red wine. MMMM, MMMM, GOOOD! Oh boy I can’t wait to carbo load Saturday night! Hmmmmm?

I get down to Cambridge, did the bike check, did a little ride with my brotherfromanothermother, Dave, and MTBer Bob Reid. The Choptank looked like pure hell on Saturday, gave me the heebeejeebees for sure! Hmmmmm?

I stayed at Mayor’s pad in Cambridge which is about a block from the transition area. Chuck Potter you are amazing! Thanks for the place to crash, what a godsend! We went out to dinner at a place called Snapper’s (heh, heh, heh, Snapper’s, heh, heh, heh)

Tim (arch rival) Coulson was there. We start to chat and realize that not only do we have the exact same birth date, 03/30/1965, but we find out that we both have a bunch of good friends in common. Tim went to Frostburg back in the day with a very good friend of mine from High School. What a small world. Are you ready….Hmmmmmm? Dinner was great. Piles of Cajun rice and chicken, about 3 Cokes and 2 glasses of water. Boy I was stuffed! Tim and I relax back at the house and drink a beer and try not to reveal our race plans for each other. Another guy is also staying with Chuck. I think His name was Jim. We’ll just call him Jim from NYC. He says he lives in Times Square….YIKES! Freakin’ New Yorkers are one of a kind, but he seemed REALLY mellow and nice. Turns out he works for Western Asset Management. I work for Legg Mason. Western is part of Legg Mason, we work for the same company! All together now, Hmmmmmmm! Really is a small world.

Okay, this is supposed to be a Race Report, sorry for the digressions and indiscretions.

Race Day Morning:
Up at 5:00 A.M. I eat a big ass bowl of oatmeal, raisons, brown sugar and a pinch of salt. I drink a bottle of Cera Sport to wash it down.

Body marked (thanks for the pics Arnat I got your race number right here!) with my race number 504, that’s Five, OH, Four. Put that in the back of your mind for a now. (small hmmmm).

Swim: Cake walk, 33 minutes and small change. WTF did that come from, hmmmm?

T1: whatever

Bike: I see Coulson “behind me” at the start of the bike. Ha, ha suckapunk take that! 30 seconds go by and Tim passes me like I’m stuck in the mud. (damn, if he’d of waited just another 30 seconds….hmmm?) I finished the bike in 2:37, average cadence 95. I felt fresh as a daisy for the run. I drank 2 bottles of Cera Sport each mixed with a half scoop of soy protein during the ride. I also had 3 GU packs.

T2: drank half a bottle of ice cold coke(small cooler in my transition area) Boy did that feel good going down. I made a personal decision to use the porta potty inside the transition area. (The devil you know versus the one you don’t) hmmm? Boy that felt good too. (probably took 30 seconds longer than it should have, hmmmm)

Run: I really felt excellent the entire run. I ran 7:40’s on the way out but could only manage 8:20’s and 8:30’s on the way in. I only took on water and 3 GU packs during the run. I will say that the last mile, an 8:25, felt like FOREVER! I finished the run in 1:46:44. I was stoked!

My total time with transitions was Five, OH, Four, that 5:04! That’s my RACE NUMBER! ONE MORE RESOUNDING, HMMMMMM?!

I made up 10 minutes on Tim during the run, but he beat me by 30 friggin’ seconds! AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrGGG!

Thanks to all the MMTC and CMS vols. Special Props to Sue and Sean Reincke for hosting a fabulous after party! CHUCKY P, thanks for opening up your home to me. I owe you big time!

BTW, the weather was perfect, and squirrels actually flew out of my butt!