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Race Result

Racer: Chip Warfel
Race: Eagleman Ironman 70.3
Date: Sunday, June 10, 2007
Location: Cambridge, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Age Group: Male 40 - 44
Time: 4:38:00
Overall Place: 152
Age Group Place: 28
Comment: Wow! What a fast field this year.

Race Report:

Well another great year at Eagleman for our club and all who raced. It was definitely one of the fastest fields in history with a world record being set and many PRs.

My weekend started on Friday as I traveled to Cambridge with Nathan (my son) we had a great trip down, stopped by Denny's for breakfast on the way. Hung at the expo Friday afternoon just to get in the groove of things. It's a weird thing, as soon as I get in the expo I can feel the excitement, the anxiety starts to build a little to race, to unleash all of this training on a course that's always tough and to see how things play out over 70.3 miles.

Friday night to the CMS carbo load dinner, great food, company, and some really cool Griffen bikes to look at. Also watched some of the 2006 Ford Hawaii IM championship.
Off to the hotel and to bed. Not a good nights rest which isn't good.

Felt rested Sat. morning so all is well.
Off to the expo again to hang out, see all the athletes arrive and socialize. Great day, met up with Shaun G., Kristn M and Cat for a 15 min. swim., 20 min. bike and 10 min. run. It was alot of fun. Got some of the nerves out noticed my legs felt really good, they had spring in them, that really helped mentally. Things were going to be all right tomorrow no matter what. Watched the pro forum and attended the carbo load dinner. Off to the hotel, to bed.

Sunday morning great nights sleep. I'm excited about that!
Off to the race, arrive there 5am. Set up transition and hang out at the club tent, coffee and little bagel, try and relax, get my tatoos from Arnat's boys. What a great place to be before a race.!

Off to the start 3,2,1 go. I feel strong to the turn around and then into the finish no problems today on the swim everything is working OK. 27:08.

T1- a slight problem with my shoes but out in good time considering the different set up this year and a little further run than before. 2:48

Bike- I was telling someone, at Eagleman the pain sets in around mile 3 and never leaves. You never get a break, there are no hills to recover on. That's what makes this race so hard. You stop pedaling and you slow down immediately. My bike went well. I was shooting for 2:25 ended up with 2:30:39. Still 5 minutes better than last year and I believe due to the fact the wind wasn't so strong this year. Mentally I was OK on the bike. The miles seemed to click by quickly which is a good sign when you're racing. It's when you start thinking about them that you know things are not going quite so well. Back into town off the bike and into T2.

T2-a quick turn around off with the bike shoes and on with the run shoes and visor. Out of T2 in under 2 mins. good for this set up. 1:56

Oh yes the RUN!- I was really looking forward to this run. I had been working on my run for the past six months. Including two 1/2 marathon races leading up to Eagleman. I also had included some killer long intervals @ 6:50 pace during training on the track. I truly believe it all comes down to the run in triathlon. The fast age group runners win the race in most cases.
Look at the watch the first mile in 6:47 Wow better get it under a little control here my adrenaline had really soared coming out of T2. Settle into a heart rate of 158-160 beats per minute and just start clicking the miles off. I don't run by minutes/mile. I find mentally it's to tough and can be demoralizing for me. Naturally you slow down slightly and if you're trying to keep a certain pace per mile it can be devestating to watch yourself slowly slipping. But with heart rate, I concentrate on one number and just run as hard as necessary to keep it there. For me that works much better. My run went really well. I knew I had some fast guys chasing and there were a few I wanted to catch. Around the turn at 6.55 miles in 47 mins and change. Take it home, keep it under control and run like hell!! Steady on my heart rate, making sure to take in plenty of water and it's into the finish shoot cross the line second split 48 and change. Total run time 1:36:04 a 7:20 pace per mile. I was very happy with that. My trainig had paid off and the pain had finally ended with a good performance, it was all worth it!!
Total race time 4:38:32

Wow back to the tent to relax and soak in the day. Cheer others on and watch as some of them become 70.3 athletes for the first time. What a great scene.
Just a word to thank, my training buddies, Scott, Marty, Rusty, and others. They help me to push to be the best I can be. thanks to the tent volunteers they're the best any club has to offer.

I could not do what I love to do without the support of my wife Jane who sacrifices much so I can realize my passion for this sport. She's the best, thanks Jane. My kids Andrea and Nate who rarely complain when I'm not there in the morning to see them off because I'm training, I race for these three and without them I could not realize my true being.
Great job everyone!
Train smart,
Race hard