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Race Result

Racer: Brian Pomeroy
Race: Diamond in the Rough Triathlon
Date: Saturday, July 7, 2007
Location: Perryville, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Time: 2:21:25
Overall Place: 26 / 243
Age Group Place: 4 / 5
Comment: Nice Bike Ride

Race Report:

My original plan was to train through Diamond in the Rough to see how my training has been progressing this summer. I decided to run the Columbia course last Wednesday and I didn’t make it far before my IT band started bothering me, and ended up walking the last bit around the lake to my car. I know I am prone to IT band problems because my ankle was not set straight after I broke it years ago.

I left a little before 5 to get up there, and arrived shortly before the park opened. I saw Sadj talking to some other cars as we were all parked waiting to get in. I had plenty of time to set up my transition area and prepare for the race. I had some swimming goals, and biking goals still, but my running goal was just to finish the run without hurting myself farther.

Swim 21:12
I was hoping to drop below 21 minutes in the swim. I was a past swimmer for 10 years before taking 5 years off in college, so I am slowly getting my swimming ability back. Sadj liked the new stairs but little did she know as they asked my wave to get into the water, the stairs collapsed and the two people on the end basically fell into the water as the rest of us quickly jumped in before they all fell off. That was interesting. The river had a 3-4 knot current in it, so staying right at the starting line was hard, I think I was 10 feet in front of it due to the current. After seeing my time, I feel as if I reached my goal of breaking the 21 minute mark for 1500m when you factor in the run to my bike was all included into the swim time and the current definitely slowed everyone down compared to a lake swim like at Columbia. Next year they need a few spotting buoys in between the turn buoys, because having a few orange caps in front of you looks like an orange turn buoy a long ways away, but did not pose to be too much of a problem, but could be if it were choppy.

T1 1:00
Smooth transition, no problems.

Bike 1:17:31
I definitely need to work on my bike split some more, but my bike spent two and a half weeks needing repair while I got a new shifter. At my last Tri at the beginning of June, one of the other racers before the race decided he wanted his bike where mine was on the rack, moved my bike bending and breaking the ratchet in my left shifter. The bike course is really nice, and I enjoyed riding it, I like the hills, it adds a bit of a technical challenge to the race. I played leap frog with about three others for the first 10 miles before I let them go so I did not wear myself out too much.

T2 0:40
Real quick switch of the shoes and I will see how far I get before my IT band starts bothering me.

Run 41:13
Well I made it out of the transition before it started bothering me, but not very far after that. What got me was everyone running by saying “looking good” and all I could think about was my knee hurting. My original goal was to run under a 7 minute pace since I ran a 7:03 at hilly Columbia this May, but I knew that would never happen if my knee bothered me for 5 miles. I ended up running an 8:15 pace which was better than what I ever expected, so I was pleased.

Now I plan to let my knee rest a bit before I injure it any farther.

I saw Sadj and Dawn on the run as well as a few others that I recognized, everyone looked good, congrats to all on a good race. That concludes my racing season in MD for this year as I head off to start Graduate School (jumping ship from Penn State to Purdue) at the beginning of August. I plan to be back in time for Columbia next May!