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Race Result

Racer: Michele Bull
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 18, 2008
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Female 35 - 39
Time: 2:52:43
Overall Place: 145 / 600
Age Group Place: 1 / 15
Comment: Great result for the race that almost wasn't!!

Race Report:

The biggest reason I wanted to get this out was to say thanks to all of you who helped keep me as calm as possible before the race. As long as I was doing that, thought I would go ahead and write up a report.

So, Thanks!!!



This was a rougher than usual pre-race for me. Saturday afternoon, I started with a bad case of vertigo. By dinner, it was a full-blown migraine. I knew my only chance was to get to bed early, but I also knew that if any of the vertigo lingered in the morning, I couldnít get in the water.

Sunday morning, I was feeling better, but stayed cautiously optimistic. I canít thank everyone enough for all of the support Sunday morning! I was excited about the race, but a nervous wreck over what could happen once I got out into the middle of the lake. By the time my wave finally went off, I decided everything I was feeling was probably extreme nerves, so into the water I went.

Swim: 29:57 (PR)

3rd time at Columbia Ė 1st swim under 30 minutes! Honestly, this was the most surprising part of the day. I injured my shoulder in February and was out of the water completely until the end of March. After that, I was limited to 30 minute swims 1-2 times/week. I didnít get in anything longer than that until a couple of weeks ago. I honestly expected a 35-40 minute swim. The only plausible explanation for my time is that this is also the first time that I did not panic at all Ė not from the cold water, not from the crowd down the first stretch or at the turns. I was able to get into a rhythm quickly and pretty much stayed there. Coming out of the water was an entirely different storyÖ

T1: 3:24

This would be where the dizzy factor hit! I had to walk up the hill from the water and found myself falling all over the place at my rack. Fortunately, the bike next to me was already gone, so I had some room to maneuver while holding on to the rack. Not the best transition, but I was happy to be getting on my bike! (This was also when I heard Lieto cross the line in record-breaking time! Gotta love late waves!!)

Bike: 1:19:47 (19.1mph Ė PR)

Another surprise! I expected a slower bike since my training focus has been for Eagleman and I just didnít know how that would translate. I felt pretty good. Saw a ton of MMTC people on the course which always makes it go by faster. Riding hard without going too hard is a balance I have not found yet. Instead, I stay closer to the side of not too hard, and forced a couple of recovery stretches to make sure my legs would function for the run. As with many people, I was held up at the accident and found myself climbing through some tears after that. And, of course, it wouldnít be a ride this season without a little rain! Fortunately, that didnít last long.

Goals for next year Ė keep up with Kristina on the uphills too, and not let Laurie catch me until the run!!

T2: 1:44

Unremarkable Ė could be better, could have been worse.

Run: 57:44 (9:20)

Again, I really didnít know what to expect for the run. The distance itself would not be a problem, but I havenít done any speedwork this season. I felt like I was crawling, but didnít feel as though I could go any faster. I looked at my watch after the first mile and was quite happy to see ~9:18. I didnít believe it was right, so I checked it at each mile to make sure I really was under a 10 min/mile. I couldn't believe it when I saw Kelsie coming out of the neighborhood as I was going in. She was making this look way too easy! Talk about an inspiration - words can't express that one!! I made two quick stops in the neighborhood Ė once to hand off some Endurolytes to someone cramping up, and again to say hi to my kids. Nelson and the girls managed to get around to the dam before I did, so it was great to see them again before the finish!

Finish: 2:52:43 (PR)

To go from not knowing if youíll be able to start, to finishing with a PR and some hardware Ė you just canít ask for more than that! It turned out to be a great day with everything finishing up before the real rain came! Thanks again to the tent crew and everyone from MMTC who always make these races so much fun!! Iím already looking forward to next year!