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Race Result

Racer: Mark Yost
Race: Eagleman Ironman 70.3
Date: Sunday, June 8, 2008
Location: Cambridge, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Age Group: Male 45 - 49
Time: 4:57:33
Overall Place: 101 / 991
Age Group Place: 7 / 139
Comment: A hot day in Cambridge

Race Report:

Eagleman 2008 was incredible.

The heat brought out the best in so many – a lot of courage shown out on the course this year – it seemed that so many triathletes I saw were digging deep within themselves just to finish - and it really showed on the run. I heard lots of encouragement, particularly among and between MMTC'ers and our ES cousins at CMS.

The volunteers, always outstanding at Eagleman, were even more
amazing this year. Here's one example: at about mile 8 on the run course, they weren't ready with the gatorade when I went I kept going anyway. I don't like to stop. About 200-300 yards out from the waterstop, I looked to my right and here's this volunteer running to catch me with a full glass of gatorade! And it even had ice!! I needed the hydration, but the moral boost from his effort was even better. I don't think he spilled a drop.

Then there's the MMTC tent. What can I say that hasn't been said
already? We recover better than anyone...thanks in large part to
those who volunteer to run the tent. A mere thank you seems
inadequate, but thanks again. It was great talking to Todd, Jesse, Steve Levickas and Jelly after the race – even if Jelly doesn't remember me.

I had a good day, despite the heat and even with being thrown back into my 45-49 age group (I age up next month, so I had done Columbia with those mad dog 50-54 year olds).

Pre-race: stayed at the Hampton Inn in Salisbury. Good Italian food the night before (Zia's on Route 13). Up around 3 for pre-race routine, made it to the transition area by 5:30 without incident. It was sticky – and you could feel the temp rising faster than the sun.

The only real surprise for me though was with my bike – front tire flatted out while pumping it up. I'd apparently damaged the tube pushing the pump nozzle onto the valve extender. I was fortunate to have plenty of time to change the tube and get it prepped. It could have gone after the bike start! Dodged that bullet.

Swim: 38:13 (66/139 AG).

My goal was to get in under 35 minutes. Didn't happen. The water
was calm, the wrestling was minimal and the water felt great. Too great, I've decided. I thought I had a good swim going – long, easy strokes – however, I took the first turn a bit too wide (not noticing that my buddies disappeared until they reappeared about 100 yards to my left! I must have been swim-dreaming). I think I just didn't want to get out of the water and back into the heat. At Lake Placid in July, I'm going to hug the buoy line and draft on a new best friend. Came out of the water in 66th place. That's a long way back....

T1: 3:48 (50/139).

Transition seemed uneventful – wet suit came off easy, grabbed a
quick snack on the way out....forgot to grab my gloves, but no big deal.

Bike: 2:32:38 (14/139 AG, average speed: 22.1 mph).

Very close to my goal of 2:30:00 – in these conditions, I'm not
complaining. Winds seemed light and for some reason the course
seemed flatter than in the past. I focused on hydration and keeping a steady pace – went through about 5X16 ounces of accelerade (2 water bottles, the aero bottle and supplemented by 2-3 bottles of water on the course spiked with concentrated accelerade from a small bottle in my back pocket). Nutrition – two power bars in the first 90 minutes –then nothing solid to avoid sideaches on the run.

I saw a lot of flats and a few mechanical DNFs. Not as much drafting as Florida 70.3 last year, but there was a bit. Do these people have no shame? Didn't see a single penalty handed out. In any event, I was pleased with the bike: no mechanical snafu, I felt strong at the finish and didn't seem to feel the heat...until I got off the bike...then it hit big time.

T2: 2:32 (13/139 AG).

It was a little crowded getting to my bike rack, but other than that I slowed only to throw some more sunblock on. The legs felt
remarkably happy as I moved through transition.

Run: 1:40:23 (3/139 AG, avg pace 7:40).

I was a little slower than I'd planned, but I hadn't planned on Kona-like temps (I hear 94 degrees with a heat index of 105. Anyone hear anything different?). Nevertheless, my legs felt great. I did the first 3 miles under 21 minutes and hit the four mile mark just over 28. Usually it takes a few miles to hit that pace, but maybe the high temps warmed me up.... While the legs were willing to rock, the rest of the body wasn't. My mind, a little more prudent than usual, listened to the respiratory and circulatory systems (which were working too hard to keep that pace). So, starting somewhere around mile 5, I slowed to a fairly even pace somewhere between 7:30 and 8:00 min/mile.

Got and gave lots of support to MMTC'ers and, of course, Chuck Potter (he belongs to both clubs, right?). Met Herman around mile 3; I think I saw Steve Levickas' jet stream go past around mile 6 (he was headed in about mile 8 or so); and unless I was hallucinating I saw/heard Chuck and Jesse near the turnaround.

Something good happened around mile 10 – the rest of my body woke up and decided to let my legs loose – I was able to finish fairly strong all things considered, with about 7-7:15 pace for the last couple of miles. Good thing I came to life, because the next guy in my age group finished only 11 seconds behind me!

It was a good day – I made my overall goal of going under 5 hours and was able to snag a Clearwater slot. (That's one of the good things about the 45-49 age group – it's so big, I think it has more slots than other groups.)

Thanks again to the MMTC tent team and the Eagleman 2008 volunteers.