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Race Result

Racer: Mark Yost
Race: B&A Trail Half Marathon
Date: Sunday, March 2, 2008
Location: Severna Park, MD
Race Type: Run - Half Marathon
Age Group: Male 45 - 49
Time: 1:24:06
Overall Place: 17 / 654
Age Group Place: 3 / 56
Comment: A great local half marathon - on a cold day

Race Report:

Average pace: 6:26

This was my first B&A Trail race – I'll return. Except for some
confusion about which direction we head at the start (kind of
important, I think), it was well organized and a pleasant small race (about 650 in the half marathon). We got a nice vest in the goodie bag as opposed to the ubiquitious t-shirt. Access to the high school was a nice plus (plenty of parking, warm restrooms and post-race showers) – the apparently well kept secret is to use the restrooms on the second floor – unlike the first floor, there were virtually no lines on the second all morning. (Shhh.... Keep it in the Club)

It was great seeing or meeting all the MMTC'ers today – Chip, Dave Wheeler, Michele McG, Helen, Dave King and others, as well as Chuck Potter, who must be (at least) an honorary MMTC member. We have a very supportive team and associated team in CMS.

The weather was crisp: high twenties to low thirties at the start (prob high thirties wind chill at the finish), light NW breeze and clear skies. I opted for long sleeves, a hat, gloves and tights – it was a good decision. I was comfortable running – but chilled immediately as soon as I stopped.

I had planned to run the marathon – primarily because my work
schedule originally precluded running the Shamrock Marathon on 3/16 and I wanted a March marathon. My work schedule changed and the Shamrock is back on for me, so I switched to the B&A Half Marathon. (The flexibility at B&A is refreshing). My latest plan was to use the B&A Half as a tune up for a run at sub-3 at the Shamrock, which has been my PR course for the past 3 years.

My goals were simple: 1) don't annoy the Achilles; 2) run sub-6:30 average pace; and 3) if possible, go under 1:25. It was a good day and I made all three goals. (My Garmin disputes the B&A times, reporting a 1:24:04 and an average pace of 6:21 -- I haven't bothered to do the math).

My splits were fairly steady: 2 miles under 13 minutes, 4 miles
under 26 minutes, 6 miles @ about 39 minutes, 8 miles just under 52, and ten miles at about 1:04. I didn't feel as strong at the finish as I did in the Tampa 15K last month, but I recovered within a few minutes of finishing – that and today's steady pace are a good sign for the Shamrock where I'm shooting for a MGP of 6:45.

The B&A course is pleasant – only one modest hill around mile 7 after the turnaround. I ran most of the race in a group of 2-4 runners – we took turns drafting on the way back in the light WNW winds. There are definitely some fast guys who run this race – my age group winner ran a 1:15 and one guy I drafted on told me he'd run 29 consecutive Boston Marathons and once ran three sub-2:30 marathons within six weeks! If he hadn't been cramping, he'd have left me in the dust!

Post-race was pleasant – warm showers, good MMTC and CMS company, plenty of drink (hot cider) and food –although light on the protein. (Fortunately, I had a bottle of ISOPURE – 40 g of liquid protein).

Great to see the MMTC colors – and even better to hear the shouts of "Go Mid Maryland!" during the race.