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Race Result

Racer: Jennifer Ruch
Race: North East MD Triathlon
Date: Sunday, August 17, 2008
Location: North East,, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Female 25 - 29
Time: 2:38:44
Overall Place: 14 / 93
Age Group Place: 2 / 20
Comment: Nice race location and fair race.

Race Report:

North East Triathlon
August 17, 2008
Olympic Distance (1500m swim, 23.5mile bike a little shorter than a 40K, and 10K run)

This was my last tri of the season and although it went well I'm glad it's done on to marathon training! This tri was nicely put on by CGI events. No packet pickup the morning of which was a bummer because we were hoping to save money by just going up on Sunday morning. The location in Northeast, Maryland was super cute and cheap hotels were easy to come by (we booked last minute). Race day morning was a breeze parking was a little far away but easy enough to hop on our bikes and bike over.

Swim: Easy swim water temp was perfect - clarity not so good (seriously I couldn't see my hands in front of me) but at least there was NO grass! Plenty of buoys to spot so that was a welcome change (I think there were like 5 out and 5 back versus other races I've done where there were like 3 out and 3 back). Swim started in the water women were last. They did make an effort to keep the Sprint distance people separate from the Olympic distancers about 10 minutes in between). Time: 28:42 I can't decide if this course was long or my other races have been short (Smallwood I was 24:03 and I can't imagine I've gotten slower throughout the season).

Bike: Nice bike course nothing too special and nothing too crazy. Hills were gentle enough (much easier than Wilkes-Barre, a tad harder than Smallwood). Averaged (by my calculations 18.4mph but CGI reported it was 19.7mph I wish I could say I believe them). I never did catch any of the Sprint distancers so that was nice. Finished in 1:16.34 and tried to hurry out for a good T2 (0.51 pretty okay I can't complain).

Run: About the most boring run course you could put together an out and back with long rolling hills the turnaround was at the top of one of these hills and by the time I got there I was rather unhappy to only be half-way done. Finished in 50:57 despite feeling pretty sluggish it was my personal best (pace-wise) of the season. I can only hope that next year I get a few longer brick workouts in and hopefully come closer to being one of those ladies that always powers by me looking so strong and fast.

Overall: 2:38.44 good enough for 2nd in my Age Group (really 3rd though since the winner was in my Age Group), 14th out of 93 women.

On the upside there was free food (hamburgers, pasta salad, cookies, etc.) and they were giving out lots of prizes. I walked away with a $25 gift card to TriSports and had we stayed longer who knows what else they were still going strong handing out free stuff. Overall a very good end to the season and definitely a worthwhile Tri to check out. Thanks for reading!