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Race Result

Racer: Geoff Matrangola
Race: Diamond in the Rough Triathlon
Date: Saturday, July 9, 2005
Location: Perryville, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 35 - 39
Time: 2:39:58
Overall Place: 320 / 668
Age Group Place: 58 / 87
Comment: Lots of fun

Race Report:

I think I found the secret to PRs in Triathlons. Never race the same race twice! This was my first attempt at Diamond in the Rough and first International distance. I like that distance! Longer swim and bike and shorter and flatter run, it’s like they made it up for me-- now wasn’t that nice of them.

1 MILE SWIM Plc 181 Time 25:40
I cut my toe when on something on the bottom because I jumped off the side of the ramp. I’m too impatient. But it turns out that was just a hint of the abuse I was in for after the swim started. The start, by the way, didn’t include enough warning. I was chatting with my friend Kevin, while sideling my way up to the front of the pack heard the whistle and everyone started swimming. I thought, “well crap, I guess the race started, haven’t they heard of _gun_ time!”

Swim is my strongest event, so my strategy was to go fast get in front then settle in to an even pace in front of the pack. I think I got more abuse than I deserved. I got kicked in the eye which really hurts with “Swedes” (inset goggles with no rubber around the edge). I saw stars for a few strokes after that. Then, I got whacked in the head and I kept swimming up on top of people who started too far towards the front. I finally broke free, and then I started to run into some of the people from who started in the wave before me.

There were a few calm minutes of when I was swimming off course towards the “pitchers mound” in the middle of the diamond-shaped course. But after getting back on course I was back to being clobbered.

T1: 4:07 Slow, but better then Columbia.

27 MILE BIKE Plc 294 Time 1:25:01 Pace 19.1

I love this bike course, except for the big hill. I think that everyone who really respected the scary hill took it carefully. After the race, I heard of a few people doing stupid stuff but I was glad that everyone I was near slowed as much as I did. I saw one guy in the ditch there.

Then after the hill, over the bridge and around the hairpin turn I witnessed another wipeout (probably due to gravel). The worst wipeout I have seen to date was just as we were entering town. A guy was weaving off to the right. It looked like he might have dropped his chain or something. Then, for no apparent reason and without warning, he swerved left crashing into an unsuspecting cyclist. This happened a few feet in front of me and all I could remember was what the Nascar guys say “aim at the crash in front of you on the turn and it will move to the side”. Well, it doesn’t work that well on bikes, but luckily I was able to swerve to the right just before getting tangled up with the other two guys. I was off road on my road bike for a few seconds but managed to keep the rubber side down wand the helmet side up.

T2: 1:07 I’ll take that

5 MILE RUN Plc 438 Time 44:05 Leg 3 Pace 8:49

I need to work on my run! It seemed like more than 5 miles. Oh, and guys-- we have to work on our team hand slap on the out-and-back runs. I tried to slap one guy (I forget who it was now) and everyone else I either got too much wrist or almost broke my hand. Ouchy. 

The tent was great at the end! Thanks to everyone who helped! I was too dazed to really appreciate all the food there, but I’m grateful that people kept encouraging me to eat because I think it helped my recovery.