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Race Result

Racer: Jeanine Murphy-Morris
Race: IronGirl Columbia
Date: Sunday, August 23, 2009
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Female 45 - 49
Time: 2:09:49
Overall Place: 388 / 1720
Age Group Place: 41 / 192
Comment: An extra long swim - that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Race Report:

The 2006 IG was my first triathlon, and itís been a special race for me every year. I love the overall energy and the club warm huggy feeling! Sometimes I wonder why I make this my ďAĒ race every year when itís such a difficult race! My times have gotten better every year, so I naturally expected (and trained for) this trend to continue. I did 2:10 last year, so my "satisfaction" time goal was 2:07. I figured I could do that since my swim pace at Columbia was so much better than last yearís swim pace (at all my races). I worked hard on my swimming over the summer since itís been my worst leg.

I got to Centennial at 5:15am to set up, and was surprised that the bikes seemed way closer together this year than last year. I wanted to try sitting on something this year to change my shoes, since I have persistently gotten a cramp in my calf at nearly every race while changing from my bike shoes to my run shoes. So I practiced with my Kitty Litter box at home (no, not THAT box, the one the fresh litter comes in!) and got it down to where I didnít have to think too much about what to do. Now, at the bike rack, thereís a lady to my left that is insisting that I should put my bike on the other side of the rack! She wasnít nasty about it, but I was annoyed because she had her stuff on the wrong side of the rack. I told her I wasnít moving and she went away. But, I had to rearrange my set-up because there really wasnít much room. I probably spent too many words on this, but itís the first time Iíve had transition area issues.

I hung out at the club tent (Thanks again, all you great tent people!), but thankfully not for long since my wave was early.

Swim: 28:11
Last yearís time was 27:52. What can I say? I felt great in the water. I thought I was with the tail end of the main group. This year I tried to stay ďin the thick of itĒ and even tried some drafting. I felt good coming out of the water. Then I looked at my watch and BAM, instant heartbreak.

T1: 3:26
I spent all of T1 trying to hurry up while at the same time wondering what the heck happened during the swim.

Bike: 1:01:24
I managed to shake off the disappointment of the swim somewhere on Homewood and concentrate on my goal of a sub-hour bike. Last year I did the bike in 1:02:23. My legs just didnít have quite the snap I wanted on the bike and the only reason I took a minute off last year was probably because I pushed harder than I shouldíve on 103 coming back.

T2: 2:00
A little slow, but Iíll take it.

Run: 34:51
Just a few seconds faster than last year. I was having stomach issues at the tail end of the bike, which I usually donít. The only thing I can think of was that I used the Power Bar drink instead of Gatorade. Iíve used both during training, but usually Gatorade. I didnít feel like eating Guís or drinking anything, which is bad, since Iím hypoglycemic. I had a Gu about 20 minutes into the bike and really needed to have another. Gotta keep downing those things once I start, or I get woozy. So, Iím running, my stomach doesnít feel so hot, but luckily I donít feel physically hot for some reason. I did start getting light-headed, so I had half a Gu about half-way around the lake. That seemed to be enough to get me up the dreaded hill. Once I got past the hill on the way back, getting to the finish line was motivation enough.

So, if there really was an extra 200m of swimming, Iím satisfied that I wouldíve met my goal. Iím looking forward to doing this great race again next year. You know youíre a triathlete when you look forward to turning 50 so you can age up!