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Race Result

Racer: Stephen Levickas
Race: Eagleman Ironman 70.3
Date: Sunday, June 14, 2009
Location: Cambridge, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Age Group: Male 40 - 44
Time: 2:52:36
Overall Place: 1 / 106
Age Group Place: 1
Comment: Aquavelo due to injury

Race Report:

Swim: 27:13 (1/106 overall)
T1: 1:38 (1/106 overall)
Bike: 2:23:47 (1/106 overall) (23.5 mph)
Finish: 2:52:36 (1/106 overall)

Leading up to the race, I decided not to do the run to allow my achilles to heal, so I switched to the Aquavelo. I had been just swimming and biking since Columbia. The Aquavelo starts in the very last wave with the relays. It looked like more than 106 folks doing it while getting into the water. The swim course was different this year. We were not allowed to use the boat ramp at all, so we started in the area just off where the bike transition was. I liked this a lot better. Once in the water it was noticeable that if you started the swim from the far buoy it was closer to the first turn. So I swam down ¾ of the way and then all of the sudden I heard the announcer say ’10 seconds’. They also started the waves a couple minutes closer this year which helped with the folks (like me) who were the last couple waves. My strategy was to go out kind of fast but not super fast as to wear myself out. Once we rounded the second buoy I could tell there was a decent current behind me. So I kept a fairly fast turnover sighting the buoys every 10-15 strokes. I swam remarkable straight so I guess the current was not a factor. Once around the final buoy I could feel the current as we had to cut back into a bit. The course was fast even though it seemed a bit long. Finished in 27:13, first out of the water among the Aquavelo and Relays.

T1: I ran as fast as I could through the transition. By the time I had gotten there the mud from the heavy rain the night before was very deep. It squished between my toes as I ran through the chute. I got to my bike, which was parked right next to the pros about 10 yards from the bike exit, and had no troubles getting the wetsuit off. I did however feel a little dizzy from swimming and running pretty hard. Donned my glasses, helmet, socks, then ran to the exit. Mounted bike, slipped into my shoes and off I went. 1:38

Bike: The bike was very fast the first 32 miles or so. I kept my computer on ‘ave’ this time. My goal was 24 mph, and I was able to jack it up to 24.5 mph in about 15 miles. Kept it there till about 32 miles when turned left onto Golden Hill Road. More of a cross wind here, which let up a slight bit turning right onto Key Wallace. Egypt road is about 7 miles long and was very windy. I watched the average slip down from 24.6 at the high point to 23.4 nearing the end. Fortunately the last 3-4 miles were a lot faster again and I lifted the average to 23.5 to finish in 2:23:47. No one passed me the entire time. I pushed a bit harder than I would have if were to have done the run. My left hip/butt started hurting the 20 miles or so, and continues. Now to take whatever time is needed to heal all nagging injuries (shoulder, hip, Achilles) then start Ironman Florida training – slow and steady.

The MMTC tent was fabulous as usual. Plenty to eat and drink. This really helps after a hard race. Thanks to all who worked the tent. Much appreciated.