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Race Result

Racer: Heather Zoller-Gritz
Race: IronGirl Columbia
Date: Sunday, August 23, 2009
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Female 40 - 44
Time: 2:57:38
Overall Place: 1536 / 1671
Age Group Place: 328 / 353
Comment: Some days just starting is winning

Race Report:

This triathlon season has been a bust--hurt my foot training for and running 1/2 marathon at the end of April. Spent May, June and a good part of July on running restriction and then breaking in new orthotics. The weekend of South Carroll I had a temperature of 102 and was home in bed. Three weeks beore IG my grandmother got ill and passed away andI spent 10 days in Ohio. The not running left me unmotivated to do much of anything but swim and mostly I did that because I was already at the pool.

At my 20 yr high school reunion I started talking with some old friends and then bumped into one at the local Turkey Trot back home. We'd both just signed up for our first tris. We've kept in touch since and she came from Fredericksburg to do IG. It was fun to have someone come to race with me!

Swim 33:53
For me this was the bright spot of the race. I swam freestyle the whole way, felt like I kept a good line in close to the bouys, and never stopped to float/backstroke/play with my goggles. I was disappointed to come out of the water 1.5 minutes slower than last year but glad to hear many people say it was 200M long--thats 5+ minutes for me!

Bike 1:22:15
As I said, I had no motivation to ride this summer. I did some Gateway loops and rode the IG course only once at the bric & pic and even that day I cut it short because my back hurt. I was discouraged that day--the first time I ever got off the bike on Mt. Albert. My goal was to make it up the hills and feel good at the end. I felt good for the first part of the ride and spent far too much time dwelling on the Mt. Albert climb. I could hear Jelly in my head--just spin up the hill--and I did. It was great to see some neighbors on Mt. Albert, having distraction made it much easier and I got to the top feeling MUCH better than I had the last time. After that my back started to hurt and trying to find a way to make it stop was the focus for far too much of the rest of the ride. I was 8 minutes slower than last year but given the lack of training, I'll take it.

Run 55:17
By the time I got off the bike my foot, the same one that had given me trouble all summer, hurt, although as I came to find out, not nearly as much of the rest of me after doing a total of 2 bricks all summer long! The high five from a fellow club member on the way out of transition put a smile on my face. I didn't run much--mostly downhill and the flat to the end to keep my tender foot and screaming calves happy. Other than that I walked and chatted with other folks. When I saw the time going up Gatorade Hill I just settled on a goal of beating 3 hrs. Chip yelled his encouragement as I came down the hill--thankfully I was running. Somewhere along the dam I walked/jogged with another MMTC member who made a comment about "women over 40 rock." Finally made it to the chute and my husband plopped my 5 year old daughter over the fence to run in with me.

This week I am signing up for Giant Acorn, I've got my motivation back. Thanks to all the great club members all over the course for their encouragement, support of all the racers, and great food at the tent. I am still sporting my MMTC tattoo.