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Race Result

Racer: Deb Taylor
Race: Nation's Triathlon
Date: Sunday, September 13, 2009
Location: Washington, DC
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Female 40 - 44
Time: 2:55:07
Overall Place: 1795 / 3943
Age Group Place: 47 / 176
Comment: Ultimately, worth the #@&%*# !!

Race Report:

So let me just go on record saying I am, and have always been, a jock. I have spent my life playing team sports, however. I was one of those athletes who never considered running the ACTUAL was just a painful means to an end, to get in shape for the true sports of basketball, softball, football, etc. Let me also mention, I am used to being one of the better athletes on the court, field, water, whatever.
Which is why being a triathlete is so humbling!! Triathletes seem to come from a background of at least one of the 3 disciplines... I do not. I am a (below) average swimmer, a decent cyclist, and running, the discipline I am perhaps best at, I consider a form of torture at the end of a triathlon!! Basketball players do NOT have to run 6.2 plus miles to excel....after all these years, my body wants to know, what the hell am I doing?? Where's the suicides, the sprints, the quick 2 mile runs??
I will likely never be a traditional triathlete. I love my other sports, despite the risk of injury. I played football the day before Nations...probably not in the USAT tapering suggestion:) I'm happiest when Im flying around on the back of the Harley with Danny. I am, however, a competitor. So I find myself loving this sport, loving the camraderie and the willingness of people in direct competition to share, loving the friendships Ive made, most of all, loving that I get to share the training and the competition with Danny, the love of my life.... and I find myself, in spite of never being able to compete for a podium spot, never being one of the better athletes as in my past, calling myself....a triathlete!!

Oh yeah....a RR on Nations:) Like everyone else has said...PITA with all the logistics (to the point on Saturday where I uttered the words "I will NEVER do this race again!" several times). Frustration that they would not allow a late entry by Danny into the race, despite the fact that 2000 athletes who had registered did not participate. And a very difficult (for me) swim, with the current and the funnelling of swimmers to get out at the narrow exit (much rougher and more physical than any swim start I'd ever been a part of!). But the ride and the run makes it all worth it. Absolutely gorgeous!! I tried to be a racer, not a tourist...but biking along the highway, looking at major historical landmarks with not a car in sight, was amazing. And as a competitor, I do love the feeling of passing all those ladies on the run, who beat me out of the water and then into T2:)

A great way to end my tri season... I did 6 tris this year, which was 3 more than I had ever done. I learned a lot and i love hearing how everyone suffers during the run....even the elite. I'm ready for a break....but I'm psyched for next season...and the competitor in me will end up with a 70.3, I'm sure...ahhh how my little fast twitch fiber legs will hate that:) Thanks to all at MMTC for making this a blast for both me & Danny!