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Race Result

Racer: Bill Wheeler
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 17, 2009
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 40 - 44
Time: 2:25:46
Overall Place: 4 / 14
Comment: Relay Report 4th Out Of 14 Men's Relay

Race Report:

Nice day for a race. This was the first time in 8 years that I've opted to do Columbia as a relay.
It was interesting to say the least. No pressure, just ride and run. I had a friend and former co-worker
from Arbitron do the swim leg. Dan Fletcher, fantastic swimmer!

It was great getting up in the morning.....late....drinking my coffee.....late....hitting the head....late.
Dudes I can get used to this!

Getting ready in the morning was confusing. I kept thinking I was forgetting something... I finally got in the car
and started making my way to the park.....HSIT I forgot my shoes! I turned and looked in the back seat...nothing!
I looked in the glove box....still nothing! Back seat once more! Damn, I can't believe it! At least I'll have
time to turn around and go back home, since we don't start until 8:17 AM...

As I put on the brakes, I realized my shoes were on my feet....just where they should be. ;-) Ya see I normally don't
wear my race shoes before a race, they're in my transition bag! excuses guess I better start taking more ginkoba or something.

I get to the park and the lovely Melissa does my markings. Thanks Millie!

Not a whole lot to do in transition area. Set up by doing nothing more than unwrapping my bike and checking the tire pressure. I finally got to see the pros come out of the water and make their way in and out of T1 in what seemed like seconds! WOW!

MMTC Tent: NICE! good to chitchat with the MMTC bro's and sis's. I downed more coffee and a couple of bagels. Tried not to look at Deano in is hot pink, 2 toned, striped speedos....oddly I just couldn't look away. (hope I'm okay) Sorry Deano, I had to bust your chops just a bit. Dude those speedos were KILLIN' me! ;-)

I saw DAVE FYLNN! YIKES! For our old school members they know what I mean when I say YIKES! But these are happier times and no
need to dwell on the past.

Rain, wasn't purple, wasn't red, just usual. Dan got out of the water in 24 minutes and change! Wow we got a chance here at a podium finish. The bike started out wet with a little drizzle. The rain completely stopped very early on in the ride, but the roads were still wet. It was bit windy so conditions weren't perfect but still a green light to let 'er rip. I couldn't bring myself to put aero bars on my road bike so I went without...good choice for the course and conditions I thought. I rode pretty hard and stayed in the drops most of the time. When I wasn't in the drops I was resting my forearms on the bars and just keeping my head low. Saw TONS of MMTC peeps. Bike traffic didn't seem that bad. I saw no wrecks and just a few folks having gear choice issues.

I clocked my bike a 1:12:20 or 21.1 mph. I'll take it, PR for me. Hope I have something left in the tank for the run.

I Thought I had a good T2 71 seconds. Jeeshe! Where does that time go!? I ran, I ran so far away...just like a friggin' Flock of Seagulls. Finished the run in 46 and change. Slower than last year, but I'll take it.

Our total time was 2:25:46 we missed the podium by 5 minutes...we were ahead at T2, but the third place team had a runner that did the course in 38 minutes!!!! WOW!

Lots of awards were given out. Special note: as Sadj went up for her award, someone in the crowd said, "WOW! Check out those LEGS!" I was like, "D'uh, where have you been?"
Bob you must have your
hands full! ;-) I vote we make Sadj the first lady of Tri!

What a great race. Great club. Good times!

Long Live MMTC!