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Race Result

Racer: David Anderson
Race: Nation's Triathlon
Date: Sunday, September 13, 2009
Location: Washington, DC
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 40 - 44
Time: 2:33:19
Overall Place: 566 / 3943
Age Group Place: 89 / 462
Comment: The Mayor only beat my by 7 minutes!

Race Report:

This was only my second tri - both being Olympic distances (CT being the other) so I was excited to see the difference between our hilly course and the flats of DC. Overall the course was great and well-run. And the post-race party was great too - bands, massages, food. Ran into a couple of MMTC'ers that I haven't met yet. One who got a 2nd place in my divsion! Woo Hoo MMTC!

Starting on Saturday, I was getting ready to head down for registration. While cleaning my bike, I noticed not 1 but 3 holes in my rear tire. Off the Princeton for the third time that week. I have to say what an amazing group of people Alan has there and we are very fortunate that they sponsor and do so much for the club. Ok, that fixed, off to DC. Like everyone else noted, parking was less than ideal. But after finally hitting the garage and taking my bike with me (along with my son - couldn't leave him in the car either) we head in. I'm starting to worry about timing due to two kids having to be in two different places that evening so I could hopefully get some sleep. BUT, who do I run into walking in? None other than Dan & Deb. Like someone else noted, I seem to always run into them. They've become a good luck charm. Thanks Dan & Deb. Ok, registered and heading to transition to rack. More direction and parking woes. By the time we leave it's almost 6 pm. But that's not all. Had to get son to DC United game with friends, drop off daughter for sleepover and then finally get home after 8:30 to organize and get ready. Oops! I forgot I loaned my race belt out (it's ok Grace :)) Off to Bryan's to borrow his. Finally get home and in bed by 10:30.

Race Day - rise @ 3:30, eat and head down. Find parking and make my 1/2 mile walk to transition. Which by the way, you needed a GPS to find your rack it was SO BIG!!! Weather was clear and little cool - perfect. Hung out in transition and just relaxed - very different than Sat.

Swim - 28:07
Felt real good. Was surprised it was slower than CT, but then many people thought it was longer. Maybe was the current. No worries. Came out with a 2:54 T1, most of which is running to and fro thanks to the town they called Transtion.

Bike - 1:10:26
This felt real good, and not overly exerted. Amazing when you ride a course without "real hills" and how fast you can go! Had my only Go MMTC cry out from someone. Was also able to pass a fellow MMTC'er and give them a shout out.

Run - 49:26 (just under 8 min. miles!)
Thought I was faster, but then again this felt tough until the last mile where I stepped it up a little. Wore my heartrate monitor for the first time in a while and went by that. It is such an amazing feeling crossing the line under the clock with all those people cheering.

Can't wait for next year, but I might get a hotel room to not have to worry about the back 'n forth.