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Race Result

Racer: Geoff Matrangola
Race: B&A Trail Marathon
Date: Sunday, March 1, 2009
Location: Severna Park, MD
Race Type: Run - Marathon
Age Group: Male 35 - 39
Time: 4:26:45
Overall Place: 175 / 246
Age Group Place: 19 / 23
Comment: Cold wasn't too painful slightly better than '07

Race Report:

My training leading up to this was a little better than two years ago. I was able to get in a 17 and 14 mile run 3 and 2 weeks be before the race. However, most the rest of the time was on the treadmill. I'm a weather wimp. I found that "Podrunner", "Stuff you should know" and "This American Life" podcasts are great for hour long treadmill runs.

I wanted to be sure that my feet could stand the 26.2 distance and, if not, I'd have time to get them taken care of by IMFL in Nov. My foot was talking to me a little for the first 1/2 but was fine with no real pain all the way through. I guess longer bricks and EMan will tell me if I really have this problem solved.

Got there and was able to spend time with Debbie (gosh I hope I got your name right) Bob from MMTC (and my super fast friend Dave K. form work). We all had vastly different goal paces in mind. I wanted to keep between 9:45 and 10:00.

I got swept up with the people doing the 1/2 and kept a pace much faster than I should have. I saw Bob a couple times.

The first 1/2 went fast the 2nd 1/2 was a little lonely so I put on the headphones and cranked up some podrunner at 160 bpm. I only walked through a few water stops and about 1/2 mile somewhere around mile 23. But the running wasn't at the pace I wanted. I ended up with a 10:10 pace overall, which is better than last time. I think the 2nd 1/2 was about the same pace I was just faster on the first 1/2 this time. I wonder if I had gone slower in the first 1/2 could I have kept up a little better pace on the 2nd 1/2?

Funny, I saw Mark Yost (not that I could recall your name at the time, sorry) in the MMTC jersey and yelled out. I though, "what does it take to run like that?" Now, I know after reading your race report. Wow, that's some commitment, Mark! Great job it really paid off.

Anyway, I got home and couldn't get warm. HR was normal breathing was fine but I couldn't get my core body temp back up. I had two blankets on me while lying on the sofa. The dog finally decided she had the answer and curled up on my lap. She normally isn't allowed on the sofa, I guess she could tell I was cold. That did the trick I was fine a few minutes later. Good dog.

Today, 24 hours+ later, I'm sore but not as bad as last year. I plan to swim tomorrow.