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Race Result

Racer: Geoff Matrangola
Race: Eagleman Ironman 70.3
Date: Sunday, June 14, 2009
Location: Cambridge, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Age Group: Male 35 - 39
Time: 5:30:04
Overall Place: 661 / 1544
Age Group Place: 102 / 197
Comment: I didn't feel like I was drafting

Race Report:

<irony>If you remember last year's report, I commented on the flagrant drafting violations.</irony>

Just like last year, we went down to Cambridge to stay at the Hyatt with my wife and two daughters right after their Summer Swim team Time Trials. The girls love the Hyatt and it's a mini vacation for them so this is the one race they have actually requested that I repeat.

After the girls were settled at the Hyatt pool I went to packet-pickup where I met up with Bob Reid and for a short ride of the course. While we were getting ready we saw Natascha Badmann (pro, 5x winner of E-Man). She was at the home stay and came out to ask us mere mortal age groupers about the bike-inspection (or lack of). Luckily Bob was less star-struck than I and able to answer her question.

The morning of the race Bob and I caught a ride with Dave W. Thanks Dave! After getting set up I was able to meet up with everyone at the tent. It was great to see so many Tri club friends and E-Man veterans there. I know you worked hard that day and I really appreciate the tent volunteers.

Swim: 33:53
Wished good luck to MMTC members near by. Horn went off then the swim went fine. New course was okay. I ended up a little farther to the left at the finish than I would have liked.

T1: 3:15
Should have added sunblock even though it was overcast.

Bike: 2:42:31 (20.8 mph avg with 4 min penalty)
Started passing people but planned to go 19-20 which was slower than last year to ensure I could handle the run. I backed off a little and started drinking water ate a gu to get a positive balance on the nutrition. I was taking it easy because I was stuck in a knot and figured I would kick it up a little when the course thinned out a little out of town.

Finally it started to think out and I passed a few more people and found a nice open stretch of road. Then it happened. Two guys on a motorcycle pulled up next to me. The guy on the front seemed friendly enough, but the guy in back flashed a red card and told me that I had a 4 minute penalty for drafting. And that I needed to stop at the next penalty tent. I asked where I committed the violation? He said that, "back there" I was on "that guy's wheel for more than 30 seconds."

I decided to ride as harder because I was going to get a 4 minute rest. I decided that I'd re-hydrate and eat then also so I concentrated on staying plenty back and passing carefully the rest of the ride. I had plenty of company in the penalty tent.

T2: 4:40
Slow by satisfying.

Run: 2:05:36 (9:36 pace)
Felt better than I thought. I saw Dede at the School and knew her and the kids would be waiting at the finish line if I could just slog out the run. I saw Marcus at the turn-around and thought for sure he'd pass me this time after our close show-down at Columbia. Then I was starting to fade but Marcus pushed me a little when he caught up. Then I partook in the slip-and-slide which did the trick to cool me down and at mile 11 I decided to push it a little harder to the end. I was getting hungry and I wanted to finish and get back to the tent for good food. Rice and beans specifically.

Loved hearing the cheers as I crossed the finish line and gave me a boost at the end but still didn't break 5:30, darn penalty.

Thanks again for all the help in the tent. It was great to have a friendly place for the kids to meet me at the end of the race.