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Race Result

Racer: David Anderson
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 17, 2009
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 40 - 44
Time: 2:51:55
Overall Place: 599 / 2100
Age Group Place: 110 / 222
Comment: My first outdoor tri!!!

Race Report:

Racer: David Anderson
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 17, 2009
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 40 - 44
Time: 2:51:55
Swim: 24:46 / T1 & Bike: 1:32:47 / T2: 1:52 / Run: 52:32
Overall Place: 599
Age Group Place: 110/222
Teaser/Summary: First year as a triathlete and first outdoor triathlon (did one indoor this year).

Race Report:

Went to bed at 9 pm, woke at 10 pm - thought it was morning. But then finally got back and had a good night. Had a good breakfast, some coffee and off to the park I went. Me, I was cranking a little Audioslave to get me going. A little harder than what Brian needs :)

So, like Brian, said we ran into each other as we parked and headed down to get body-marked and set up transition. It was amazing to see how bustling it was at 4:50 am. Being my first transition set up, I took my time and was a little unsure, but covered everything with a plastic bag and decided I was as ready as I'll ever be. Headed over to the BEST TENT SETUP at the event - the MMTRI Club tents and started seeing everyone roll in. It was still raining a little, so we all huddled under the tents.

Watched the Pros go off and then decided to get into my wet suit. Right before I headed into the water, my kids showed up and really made it worthwhile cheering on their dad. It was great. I headed in and for some stupid reason ended up in the middle towards the front. Started off, and let me say, the UFC has nothing on a 40-44 age group tri swim start. It was a battle royal out there til the bend. I finally got in a groove halfway to the first turn and on the return was going smoothly, that is until my timing chip almost fell off! Had t roll on my back for what seemed forever to get it off and wrapped around my wrist. Got back in a rhythm and cruised in.

T1 transition went pretty smoothly. Thanks to the racer next to me who brought a green egg crate that I got to use on both transitions. Had to the duck tape on the shoes, headed up the hill and off I went (I did remember to remove the duct tape). The bike ride was good - felt good and ended up in a pack that basically went back and forth for the 2nd half of the course. Since they don't have my splits posted, I can't tell you my split. They must have lost my info because I had to go to the truck to tell them I wasn't posted and they only had my info on a back up. Oh well.

T2 transition went pretty smooth as well, (thanks green egg crate) even though I had to put on 2 knee braces. Out to the run I go. It was pretty tough going mile 2-5, especially that last climb back to Old Annapolis Road, but it was great seeing and getting cheers from all the other MMTRI club members. Made it up Gatorade hill and I was home free.

I was thrilled with finishing my first TRI and a tough one it was. I am really proud to be part of this club - everyone is so supportive and goes out of their way to help you (especially being the newbie). Dawn and the volunteer crew ROCKED! No other Club had a set up like ours.

And the best part - the post race laugh fest at Eggspectations - Dawn (I mean Deb), Dan, Brian (I mean Steven), Trish (or is it Leanne) and Grace who came late. That was a great way to recap.

Cheers to all who finished and can't wait for the next one.