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Race Result

Racer: Brian Pomeroy
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 17, 2009
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Time: 2:14:46
Overall Place: 43 / 1051
Age Group Place: 3 / 66
Comment: Rain again!

Race Report:

Well this was my first Olympic of the season (I sat out Collegiate Nationals this year) and I was not sure what to expect since I was not training much in January and February due to a medical break in training (I ended up being fine in the end) and studying for the Ph.D. qualifying entrance exams in March (which I passed so donít expect to see me full time in MD for a bit).

Anyways, I was excited for the race and did one sprint to shake out the winter hiccups two weeks ago which got me motivated for Columbia.

Swim 20:38
The swim is historically my strongest leg since I was a high school swimmer, but has been the hardest to drop in time. Each year I swim my fastest at Columbia and this year was no exception, dropping time and finally breaking the 21 minute mark. Nothing too interesting except that I finally was able to find people to draft off of. Typically I am in no-mans-land.

T1 ???
I canít imagine it was much slower than last year as I had a spot right on the aisle again. Wetsuit off, and take the bike and go. I had an audience watching this time, so now Chip is a master at the flying mount ;).

Bike (& T1) 1:12:49
I felt horrible and could not get going until 10 miles into the race. At this point I was able to finally get my legs going and off I went in the rain! I hate the rain and am not real comfortable cornering in the rain, so I took some of the down hills that had turns slow and rode the brakes; I figured that was faster than taking a spill. All in all the bike was about the same as last year.

T2 0:49
Drop the bike and grab the shoes; no sense in wasting time.

Run 40:32
I did have time to do some run training since I did Cherry Blossom in April; so I was hoping to improve on my run. I did not expect to drop 3 minutes. I felt great on the run, and canít complain about anything. This year I passed Sadj at mile 3.25 and its always great to see her smiling face on the run (and I know she reads all the race reports).

Overall I pushed myself and had a great race; much better than I thought it was when I crossed. I was surprised at my overall time when I finally saw it posted. As long as I can continue to get the weekend off I will continue to make the trip back east. Congrats to all and thanks to all of the volunteers. They make it a great race.