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Race Result

Racer: Lynne Layug
Race: IronGirl Columbia
Date: Sunday, August 23, 2009
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Female 45 - 49
Time: 2:28:32
Overall Place: 1028 / 1665
Age Group Place: 117 / 192
Comment: No train, big pain!

Race Report:

I LOVED the efficiency of Dawn's multiple race report so I will roll my season into one report! It will be long! After 4 years of doing 2 sprints a summer, I sucked it up and did Columbia in May. My husband had signed up for this as his first tri ever so I had absolutely no excuse. For the record, this was not a romantic, couples kind of thing going on...I was constantly sneaking peaks at his bike computer and checking up on his training to see where he was at! Despite my 30 minute headstart, he passed me around mile 2 on the run and beat my overall time by about 50 minutes. This will be my motivation for next year as we are both signed up again and want to move up in the married couples division!

Columbia swim: 43:29 the most gentle swim EVER, as I was in with the 45+ gals and 50+ guys. I'm talking, not a single physical contact with another swimmer! Of course, that might be because my strategy of swimming the shore line caused me to swim way off course and I found myself swimming further than I should have. I had feared the length of this swim and convinced myself it was just a workout which showed in my time as this is my normal time to swim a mile in the pool.

Columbia bike/T1: 1:47:38 for those of you in later waves who had clear skies, there was frickin' HAIL on the bike ride (I was coming down Homewood) as well as constant rain. I had done this portion as a relay two years ago and wanted to beat that time but instead was about 10 minutes slower. I was trying to avoid killing myself and actually braked on most of the downhills. Bummer.

Columbia run: 1:10:01 I had a FULL as in ready to explode bladder for most of the run and spent a lot of time looking at bushes going, "I could go back there" and watching the guys run in and out like it was no big deal! No way was I going to wait in line for a port-a-pot but I think next year I will just have to commune with nature! My time was what I had been doing in practice runs, with an empty bladder AND I had walked on two of the uphills so I was pleased with it.

My only goals for this race were to get some times to beat for next year and not get beat too bad by the husband. So, I have my work cut out for me this winter!

Vermont Sun Tri in early July is my "fun" race that I've done 5 times and was my first tri back in 2005. Last year I had my 13 yr old son do the swim portion as he is an awesome swimmer and was thinking about getting into tris! It was truly a blast to relay with my boy! Plus he was 2nd out of the water so there were actually other bikes in the transition area when I started! :) This year, he spiked a fever 2 days before the race. I hadn't swam (swum?) a lap since Columbia so, good mother that I am, I was working hard on convincing him to swim, with a fever! That didn't work so I resigned myself to do the swim but was ticked that I hadn't practiced as we were at the lake the entire week prior to the race (camping). Mind you, this is the EASIEST swim that you will ever do in the triathlon world as it is only 1/3 of a mile in a warm clear lake and you can see the bottom most of the way! But still, I was ecstatic to bump into Mark who was looking to do the swim but couldn't bike or run because of his knee. Didn't want to ruin his streak of doing this race for the last 20 years so I HAD to oblige! His swim time was 13:10. And he stuck around to cheer me on the bike and run! What a great team mate!

Vermont Bike: 50:05 for a 14 mile, rolling hill course with one hill that is a steady uphill climb (think Greenbridge or Mt.Albert) for 0.7 miles-ugh! My same time as last year so, OK, I'll take it.

Vermont Run: 33:09 for 3.1 miles. Expected better since I hadn't done the swim and felt good after the bike (and didn't have to pee like a racehorse!). I lost a little time posing for pictures with my sister...she was passing me a beer on the run out so had to capture that Kodak moment! Otherwise, I need to work on my run.

Vermont Overall: 1:38:52 even though I was facing what ended up being a 12 hr ride home (with kids) I hung out to til the end of the award ceremony as my buddy and I thought we were going to win the Masters' relay. Seems we were the only ones registered for it! We were giddy with excitement at the prospect of a new beer glass but darn, some other team (with 3 members)either signed up that day or switched divisions. Oh well, I've never had a second place finish before!! This is a great race to do if you feel like heading to Vermont! They run a series of 4 each summer, 2 sprints, 1 Olympic and 1 half.

Iron Girl: I've done all 4 Iron Girls so I knew I could finish it and figured I could beat my times since I had trained for Columbia. Right. Somewhere along the summer with vacations and fun with the kids I lost my groove with training. As in basically none, other than flat runs while the kids were in swim team. The week before the race I was vacationing at a lake and did get in some OWS and a run or two. However, I think the beers and vacation food negated all that so going into the race I knew I was facing the ultimate embarrassment of finishing slower than last year.

IG Swim: 33:59 I had the best swim I have ever had in that I was able to sight mid-stroke (practiced that on vacation)instead of STOPPING and treading water or breast stroking like my previous swims. I didn't grab any buoys, which I used to do to catch my breath. And I actually got into "normal" swimming, breathing both sides instead of gasping on one side every stroke like most of my races. Imagine my surprise when I checked my time as I got out of the water! Not happy, hope it was a longer course because that swim could have made my day but instead it ticked me off!

IG Bike: 1:07:59 same time as last year so I guess I should be happy since I didn't really train. Had numerous friends along the bike route cheering me on which was awesome! They of course didn't know there had been a delay in the start of the race so the times I gave them were way off and they were worrying for me. They also didn't realize the start order of the race so one of my friends was thinking, "Man. Lynne's going to be p*ssed all these old ladies are beating her!" Plenty of those "old" ladies did beat me but they are my heroines so it's all good (and I passed enough to make me feel OK).

IG Run: 40:13 OMG what happened here? I got off the bike and felt that familiar pain of shin splints. I thought I'd walk a little to stretch them out and then noticed the 1 mile marker. I just walked a whole mile in a 3 mile run???? Not happy, but was still in so much pain that I plodded along and had to walk on the way back on Gatorade Hill. But I started running again when I saw our cheerleaders! Thank you! This was the hardest lesson to learn that day that no matter how much you trained over the winter, you can't substitute recreational workouts for training before a race at the end of the summer! Duh!

IG Overall: 2:28:32, slower than last year by 8 minutes. Guess I need to start doing 5ks and 10ks as the run was the biggest disappointment and I will get lazy if I don't have something to train for.

The rest of my family was busy with tris too as my 8yr old daughter and now 14 yr old son both competed in the Tri-Atholton kids Tri and Columbia Kidz tri. My daughter won her age group at Atholton and placed 4th in Columbia (she was NOT happy about her 4th place finish!). My son was just thankful not to puke at the Columbia race as he inhaled a donut prior to his swim at the Atholton tri and saw it again after the bike! Yes, I have my work cut out for me with that one!

My husband did Columbia and then Cranky Monkey mountain bike race. He is also doing the Osprey Tri in October but you'll never see a RR from him! You barely got one from me until Dawn showed me how to roll them all together! Now I have a clear conscience!