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Race Result

Racer: Michele Keeler
Race: IronGirl Columbia
Date: Sunday, August 23, 2009
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Female 50 - 54
Time: 2:55:01
Overall Place: 1515 / 1722
Age Group Place: 92 / 110
Comment: I've learned so much, met new friends, and so thankful that I made it w/o injuries

Race Report:

Division: Age: 50-54

Race Report:

This is my first triathlon and I talked my 29 year old daughter into doing this with me. It was nice having her there, but I sure was worried about whether I could complete the swim portion. I took a 6 beginner swim lesson in March, but had difficulty getting the breathing right and was about to pull out of the race but a friend talked me into using the backstroke. I went to the Aquatic Center and practiced until I knew I could accomplish the distance, however, I knew I was at a disadvantage as far as sighting.

Iíd like to thank my husband for being there for me Ė riding his bike slowly while I ran, eating dinner alone without complaining, and also for supporting my new bike and gear purchases. I also couldnít have done this race without MMTCís support Ė Michele, Dawn, Sara and Sadj. THANKS! I also met some women from work who were training for the race and we were able to work out together during the evenings. It meant a lot and now Iíve got some new friends.

Swim 41:40
This was the scary part. I did the trial run on 7/31, so I knew I could do it. I tried to start on my back but was getting splashed from every direction and I started panicking. I calmed myself down, did some floating and then managed to do the backstroke the entire time. I got off course two times and one time when I got so far off course, I cursed out loud at myself and then I had to laugh. Never done that one before (at least in the water)! Goal: Learn the Freestyle!

T1: 6:54
Not sure what the heck I was doing, although I must say I was just so happy to get out of the water. It felt like I had thrown a ton of weight off my back, but I was pretty tired so maybe I needed this time to regroup. Will definitely need to be more aware next time.

Bike 1:18:34
I bought my bike Memorial weekend and started biking in June, and after several falls with the clip-in shoes, I think Iíve finally got it!! Iíve done indoor spinning for several years, but no outdoor biking, so this was new to me. I think the ride went smoothly and I felt good after I got going. The Princeton Sunday rides with MMTC surely helped to build my confidence. I do need more practice shifting with my new bike, so Iím hoping to keep it up.

T2: 3:22
Felt great. I knew I had it at this point. I changed into my running shoes and my MMTC visor and started running.

Run 44:33
I ran most of the course, but walked up the hills. I was tired, but it was nice seeing my husband and sister n law (another Iron Girl finisher) yelling and clapping during the last part of the race.

Iím signed up for a couple of 5Ks this Fall and have just joined the Howard County Striders GIRL program and will hope this helps to get me a little faster and proficient on the hills. Maybe another TRI --- but I gotta get that freestyle. Itís a good feeling to try something new and to work hard at it. I went back to the gym early this morning before work --- will miss the evening workouts with friends.

I havenít met many members from MMTC, but Iíd like to say THANKS to everyone for the great information and support. I hope I can give back now by volunteering.