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Race Result

Racer: Grace Tran
Race: Maryland Half Marathon
Date: Sunday, May 31, 2009
Location: Baltimore, MD
Race Type: Run - Half Marathon
Age Group: Female 30 - 34
Time: 1:54:10
Overall Place: 373 / 1466
Age Group Place: 50 / 316

Race Report:

I learned. Self-doubt before starting, but it was clothes related among all things. I decided to take off my tank top underneath to run in a technical jacket that could fend off potentially more rain and brisk weather that would ensue. Miscalculated and misread the weather forecast.

With my luck, the rain stopped. 4 minutes before race time. No matter. I figure I would turn it into "heat" training and learning to cope with less than ideal clothing conditions. And better to be warm than cold mentality.

Without much feedback regarding time while choosing to just go by perceived effort, the first half of the half marathon was comfortable. Hills were fun. Downhills just as much. Usually the pace is a bit more moderate in the beginning but just went with the flow. and then boom. Post-10K marked hills upon hills, or so it seemed. and more hills. and heating up. Pay no mind. This was part of the process. I asked for this. My muscles are warm at least.

Somehow distraction hit again and now the tracks were in sight. But not the dirt. Tried to think Sea Biscuit. Then finally seeing balloons only meant to pick it up and think homefree. Homefree. It felt good to cross. Drenched. Done.

I had no expectations for time since that would only leave room for disappointment. As long as it was under 2:00:00. Maybe this will motivate me to not just rely on soccer. Especially after a small running hiatus post-Columbia. I pay no mind. And wear my shiny bling.